August 25th, 2008


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lying! it's all packed now, my fiancee let me stick some in his suitcase. (fred is buried under that pile in the photo).

going back to japan in one more hour. will have a MASSIVE, and i mean possibly biggest ever, collection update when i get back. hope you enjoy?! :D

also sunyshore update this weekend ! XD
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Site Link?

Awhile ago, someone posted a link to one of the sites that allow you to look up a Pokemon Card Artist, and it would list the cards they did, unfortunately I forgot to save the link, does anyone have a link to that site or one similar?

Also, am I the only one who collects specific cards by specific artists? Do you keep these seperate from other cards in your collection? Who are your favorite artists and who do you collect?

I collect Yuka Morii & I'm just getting into Atsuko Nishida, I love the artwork in Nishida's (It's so colorful) and I love the cuteness factor of Morii's ^_^! Oh, and I love Daisuke Ito ♥ (I love his Raichu card)

Is there a card that just makes you go wtf? (I'm thinking of the Grimer card where it looks like Grimer is looking up a girls skirt from a manhole)

Question about custom plush making - faces

For a while now, I've been mentally blueprinting out my plan to make a custom Sunflora. (Omigosh!)

I have two sizes theorized: One that's about a foot tall, and one that's more like a foot and a half tall. (Maybe if I'm pressed for it, I might make a life-size 2'07" one!) I'll likely hold commissions too, it would be fun, plus it would be money that I could definately use. You'll just have to tell me if the prices I pitch later on are too outlandish. (I want to make as much as I can off them, but I don't want to overprice.) But that's for later.

There is one aspect of the design that I'm having a lot of trouble planning: Sunflora's face.


The only thing I could think of would be cutting out the shapes for her eyes and mouth and sewing them together.... but it would look really ugly and sketchy, especially if the head portion has already been completed. I know a lot of official Pokeplushes have facial features embroidered, or in some cases some kind of smooth iron-on thing, like with that Flygon plush... but I know firsthand that if you do it the Flygon way, they will eventually come off. (Years of love directed toward my flygon doll has resulted in one of his eyes peeled away, and the other one not too far off.

What is the best way to put facial features on? And one that will last?
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Saaales thread!

All items have been mailed as of today except for ladylegsdarkrai - yours will be mailed soon - I've been having a hard time finding a good box to put the whistle in that is the right size and isn't huge. Sorry for the delay!


Please read my policies below the cut. ^_^

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EDIT: Also, don't forget the group auction for the plushies ends tonight!
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Hey y'all. I just wanted to announce that my auctions have finally ended~.

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Winners, please reply with your location so I can give you your totals!

And if you previously ordered something from me, your stuff should be in the mail soon! There wasn't anything I could do with Tropical Storm Fay around, I'm sorry. D:
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2 Small items for sale

Feedback here (still pretty new so not much) 
Feedback on ebay
Paypal only (please tell me if you plan to use a E-check) and US only 
Will trade for Shinx Luxray or Skymin Items
Shaymin mini notebook and eraser

$11 total thats including shipping and PP fees to anywhere in the US shipped in a envlope
Diffrent views: Back cover Inside pages 
The art on this is very cute You cant realy tell by the flash but meowth is warming his hands with chimchars butt flame LOL If no one is interested Im just gonna use It at School I figured I would see if anyone wanted it first


BK Cards Swap Post

So the post about BK toys reminded me that I haven't seen a BK card swap post yet! As for me, I wanted to get at least one of each card, but as one would have to be very lucky for that, I only got 2/3 of the 12 cards. Maybe you just wanted that one card but were unlucky enough to not get it, or perhaps you had the same goal as I did. Either way, this post is for hopefully helping us!

So make a comment with the following format~

Cards for trade:

Cards needed:

Then if you see someone who has cards you need, reply to their comment and see what you can work out! Ready... GO! ^_^

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