August 26th, 2008


My complete collection

We have seen a number of impressive collection posts lately, and in the spirit of these recent posts and by popular request, I have photographed my entire collection all at once.

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How do you keep your collection? Many of us have beautiful shelves, bookcases, even curio cabinets displaying our goods, as well as hammocks, wall mounts, or simply a bed covered in plush. What do you do? Do you have display ideass or tips for the rest of us? How would/do you deal with a collection that grows larger than your space to display it?
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I don't believe this has been posted yet (and I'm pretty sure most won't see this until morning), but for us in the UK....

We finally have the Burger King toys! (SHINXCARD<3) You can buy 'em separately for £1.

Question regarding them: What toys did you have in your area? I'm curious to see if they're all the same right now, or different at different parts of the country (Like McDonalds -_-).
For those interested, we have Pachirisu and Dialga right now.
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First post to this community! **waves** ^^ I've been a fan of the Pokemon games since the beginning (got Blue shortly after it came out), but I've been pretty in and out since then. I was an avid card collector back in the day, and thats kind of why I'm making this post.
Can anyone tell me roughly what the TCG cards are worth (nothing that's come out within the last five years or so, mine are all older)? I'm not selling my cards yet, just asking about what they're worth. I see prices online ranging anywhere from a few cents per card all the way up to $30 or so. Is there like a reliable price guide online or anything?

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FIRST OF ALL AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: PUMPKIN. PIKACHU. yes there will be preorders, holy crapitsamazing.

now... back in japan!! and i will have a collection update very soon! but...

thanks to toz helping me out while i was stuck in the airport, i won an item i've wanted for a long time: a raichu bell plush mint in its box!

but that's not what this is about (although im very happy).

the lot seems to come with .... a diglett plush!!!!

has anyone ever seen this item before or have any info on it? i will post better photos this weekend :D

Just won my holy grail

OMG, I just won my holy of holy grails today, a plush I've wanted for nearly a decade and started to think it was my imagination. :) I can't wait til it arrives (which will be a while since I only payed for it a moment ago)!

Btw, I can't for all my memory remember who message me telling me about it (Juumou told me but another user told me before her). I wanted to thank you, if it hadn't been for you two user I would have never seen this plush for sale since it didn't appear on (which is usually where I head to for all my licki needs... other than pkmn collectors of course).
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Small Sales Post

As my collection grows, hard choices have to be made. I have been "battling" with myself about selling a few of these items for quite awhile, but I realize they will go to really good homes where they can be appreciated more. So, please take a look and consider these little lovelies. :)

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a few card sales, and an auction...

Well it's been a long few weeks. As I'm sure you know by now, all orders were posted on the 15th, so 2 weeks ago just about. The only one waiting to be sent is the Monferno plush (rentorar as the buyer) and I'll get that one out ASAP~ in the meantime, I have some card sales with cards from the Intense Battle in the Destroyed Sky card set~ please take a look!

And here's something you might not see for a while...

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Cute Mini Puzzle on eBay & Small Sales Post

 Well I just received my Raichu Gacha Figure (1998) from an eBay seller- the shipping was very quick- it only took a week- and I was browsing through their other items and came across an adorable mini puzzle which I thought would interest a few- it shows Burmy, Piplup, Pikachu, Shinx, & Bonsly having an afternoon nap:
They also have a few nice figures in their shop as well.

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Team Aqua

Okay, intro post.

I've been only intensively watching this group for a short while, really. Still an active member at pokemon, but I feel like I ought to post what little I have. At the moment, though, I've got one thing on my mind: Gachapon charms! I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for these things. I've got a decently sized collection of them (But by no means huge). ANYWAYS, I'm interested in Gachapon trades. The oh-so-awesome ashketchumgirl gave me one of the Pokemon lunch boxes today because my local Target didn't have them. (I got the Pokeball design, yay!). Anyways, the gachapon toys they gave me with it? Two Lugia. I'm cool with one, but really don't think I need two.

Moving on toward the point, I'm specifically interested in making a sort of a Gachapon Trade type thing. People post the ones they have and the ones they want, and vice versa, arranging trades! Anybody interested?

Right, HM01 will hide a photo of some I've accumulated, as well as their status. Most of these are up for trades, too. :3 I'd be looking forward to that!
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So.. That's what I have. I'd be happy to find more Buizel or Jirachi charms. What Gachapon charms do you guys have? :3
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Twlight Sparkle

Collection Update, Including Canada Spoils and Aipom Items!

It's been a while, huh? With moving to a new apartment and transfering to a new University, I've been to busy to post regarding my new collection additions until now. So, here it is:

Note: I apologize in advance for the blurry pics. I no longer have access to my mom's good digital camera, and have to make due with my crappy one for now.

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Okay, currently STILL in the process of moving to a new apartment. About 99% of my collection still resides at my parents' house. Also, my room in the apartment is quite small, so I'm trying to come up with a creative way to display my collection while taking up as little space as possible.

Until next time!


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Auction lost/Kid seaching

Unfortunately, the group auction I was hosting is lost - it already had a bid on it when I posted the auction, but I didn't realize until later that it's a Japanese bidder that's pretty adamant about winning plush lots.

Thanks for all of your interest though. Perhaps another time, since this community is great a pooling together. :D

And on a completely unrelated note, does anyone have a Lopunny kid in good condition for sale? I'm not sure if any of you Pacific-coasters still have 'em in stores or not, but they're expensive on ebay ($6 shipping alone, and coming from the Philipines, it seems. o_o)