August 27th, 2008

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Large Plush in US Arcades

S'up guys; long time no post!

I remember there was a post not too long ago about some small pokemon plush starting to show up in claw machines in US arcades. But was there a post about the large ones that have started to show up?

gearpony and I were browsing the mall yesterday and, as we passed the arcade that normally just has the typical Carebear and Shrek fare, an unexpected fire-monkey butt pressed against the glass caught my eye. Huge pokemon plush? In my arcade? Apparently it's more likely that I thought!

After deciding to try my typically horrid luck at chance games, I ended up breaking the claw machine after it ate my quarters and refused to move. Though rather than refunding the two bucks in quarters after sticking an 'out-of-order' sign on the machine, the staff let me pick whatever plush I wanted from the pile. I picked up Croagunk <3.

Here's a size-relation pic comparing it to an average sized house cat.
Large Croagunk

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Hey everyone! ^_^ Haven't been posting around here much lately..I have been reading though, and looking at everyone's awesome collections!

Anyways, my birthday was the 25th, and so now I have a bit of money~
I wondered if anyone happens to be selling fairly cheap bug Pokemon zukan? I'm hoping for them to be around or under $10 shipped, if that's even possible. I especially am looking for the Caterpie-line zukan. ^_^
- no more money left now xD -

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bootleg group auction totals

Hi guys! I forgot to mention that we won the bootleg kids lot. Here are the people who reserved and here's what you owe. We had 13 reserved (including mine), so considering paypal fees that's $1.75 each! They're just kids, so shipping will be another $1.50 for all of you (yes, even internationally). Here are your totals with shipping included!

iammyworld: Spheal, Larvitar: $5
staraptor: Rattata: $3.25
shiny_vulpix: Lugia, Rayquaza: $5
bergunty: Charizard: $3.25
mamoswine: Jigglypuff: $3.25

emurii: Tangela: $3.25
sora_no_kokoro: Minun: $3.25
heenz: Pikachu: $3.25

My paypal is!

Thanks, as soon as I get $20 in payments I'll go ahead and pay for the items. Now I bought them from ectransfer and he can take up to a month to get items to me, so... give it a few weeks. Thanks everyone involved!
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Auction: Reminder!

Reverse World Emporium Auctions are closing soon!

The auction for Shaymin Level X, Charmelon re-print and Charizard re-print ends
tomorrow night (thursday), 21:00 Australian EST.
Remember, I'm 10+ hours ahead of the majority of the community (US based).

Reverse World Emporium

We've got a big update on cards at the RWE. Heaps of Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky cards for cheap. Legends Awakened cards will be up later this week.

Positive feedback

Super Collection Update!




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There's even more.

TWO MORE complete pages full of community-fed collection chaos! It's my biggest collection update yet, and as I always say, there's so much more to come!
kamui x

Pokemon TCG Diamond and Pearl Collection

So, I was wandering around Target today and saw a card set for Pokemon:
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It comes with . . .
- 6 Diamond & Pearl series booster packs, one from each release.  (i.e. one each from Diamond & Pearl, Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, Great Encounters, Majestic Dawn, and Legends Awakened). 
- 6 foil promo cards -- Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Cynthia's Feelings, Bebe's Search, and Professor Rowan
- 3 coins -- same image on each coin of the three starter pokemon, but different colors

I know some people were looking for Cynthia's Feelings and if you collect the cards, too, it's not a bad deal.  Its cost is $24.99 + tax.


Selling/trading regrets

So I was thinking(yes I think sometimes) while looking at all these sales posts.

Has there ever been something you sold/traded, that later you regretted? What was it and what made you sell/trade it?

My example is, when I first joined this community I had a huge amount of pokekids. I traded them all for a eevee hoodie I don't wear much anymore XD

I had no idea how much some of those kids were worth. OH My Raichu and my old school Eeveelutions. :( Umbreom in general*sob cry*

Anyway I thought it would be fun to ask.
Surfing Pika

(no subject)

I think I remember a few people posting this Angry!chu plush and other people coveting it, so I thought I'd let everyone know that there's a cheap one on Ebay right now. :) And the seller accepts offers, too! (She's really super-sweet and fast to ship as well, I highly recommend her!)

AND HE'S SOLD, so no more URL.

Psst, also... I lowered the price on the big lot I'm selling--by a whole $10! I may post again with more stuff on Friday, but we'll see what happens. :)

Also, everyone who has been involved in a group auction with me, I'll be requesting shipping for the zukan lot soon (it's in the US so it shouldn't be long once I request shipping!) and I will be requesting shipping on the big lottery lot in around a week once I get the rest of my invoices for other items I ordered (so I can have everything ship at once). Just thought I'd keep you all updated! Let me know if you have any questions or anything.
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Mod post!

Hello pkmncollectors!

Today I updated the Member Feedback page to include an overview of which users have feedback threads and what page they're located on. Someone recently commented about how annoying it is to search through every page looking for a particular user, and I hope this will make things a little easier. I also removed feedback threads of deleted LJs or users who have been banned to free up some space. Let me know if I made any mistakes!

In addition, I FINALLY updated the Contact Page. I.. I apologize for how long it took me to update this. I will be more on top of this page from now on. That being said, I am sure some of the information is outdated. Feel free to comment and I will update it ASAP!

~ Sam
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Sorry and Cards

My University started back up and with new classes, moving into my dorm, and arranging meetings for my exchange to Poland next year, I've been too busy to keep in touch with you guys :( I want to let you know that all of your packages have been sent except norkia because I'm an idiot and I forgot to bring the beedrill magnet from home >.< norkia, if you want, I can mail it to you sans the magnet and then mail you the magnet when I get back home for a break. I'll throw in some extras for being such an idiot >.<

I don't like making a post without some kind of update, so have my holo card collection, which is OLD OLD OLD :)

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Giant Tomy Figures GROUP AUCTION!

After conferring with rentorar, it has been decided that I will be the one bidding and running the group auction for the figure she posted earlier.


The figures are noted to be in good used condition, so there shouldn't be any worries about this. ^_^

This group buy will be done in a group auction fashion, since I strongly feel that a sure-fire way for us to win this is to have the most money to pool into the auction as possible. There are some extremely rare figures in this lot, and I'm sure a lot of people may fight for it.

As a group though, (and man, has this community done amazing things before!), I have little doubt in my mind that we can win this!

Bids will be accepted until 10 AM August 30th CST.

Please remember that by bidding you are consenting to buy, and will be expected to paypal me very quickly (within 24-48 hours) of the auction close since I will need to pay the seller. Shipping for these figures will be added on after the auction closes, since I will not figure that out until later.

Please bid to the according thread, and do not bid until I have put the thread up for the figure you want!

All are available except for: Articuno, Vulpix, Squirtle and Totodile.

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Sorry for two posts in one day....

But I was wondering, does anyone know just how many electronic talking Pokemon figures(plastic ones) they have? The ones made by Tomy?

I just decided I want to collect them all! How wonderful would that be! So I need a list, or like a page that lists the ones available! Or if anyone knows of someone getting rid of any? Here is a list of the ones I have already.

Meowth(got him in the USA the same time as my friend got hers, but oddly mine speaks Japanese haha guess they messed up there)
Pikachu(old and yes no one)
minun and plusle

I think that's it...Anyway if anyone can help THANK YOU! IN ADVANCE.

My Plushie Project

Hey gais, long time no see. :D (Or at least it feels like it, I don't know. xD)

What I am posting here is what I call my plushie project. I'm sure you all know plushies are my favorite things because I talk about them all the time. xD

This is a showcase of some very ... specific or focused collections. They feature my five favorite Pokemon as you can see in my avatar. :3

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So that's how far along I am. :D
Wartortle, Blastoise, Squirtle

(no subject)

I'm really sorry but we didn't win the money banks. Why? The seller had blocked all deputy services from bidding. I hate that :/

Although it's not the banks, I came across an auction for these guys:

This one's in the US, on eBay and with a low starting bid. The only catch is we'd need someone in the US with a confirmed address to make the bid, as they won't ship outside the US or to an unconfirmed address.

Out of them all, I'd want Articuno, Totodile & Squirtle. Anyone up for helping out? And if so, what would you guys prefer? First come or auction?

(no subject)

yes, it's that time!! time to auction off some of my raichu doubles!!! *bawwwwwl*
ALSO: i will have a (mint but not in box) mew bell plush in my possession soon, and i recall a member of the comm was very sad when they missed the last one i had, but i do not remember who you are. please contact me if interested in this bell plush!

both items are MINT CONDITION and UNUSED!! from my personal collection of doubles.

raichu/pikachu/pichu zukan, one of the hardest zukans to find!! a lovely addition to your zukan collection... :D ALSO! POKEMON POP RAICHU! i've only ever seen three of these in my ten years collecting raichu! the item is mint but does NOT have the red string as pictured.


ZUKAN: 35.00$ (CURRENT HIGH BID: scarsofsunlight)
POKE POP: 21.00$ (CURRENT HIGH BID: devi_white)

auctions will end SUNDAY at midnight eastern time! increase all bids by 1$.