August 30th, 2008

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Pokemon Amada Stickers?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how to get Amada sticekers? I was told to go on Yahoo Japan and I did but still couldnt find them. If anyone could help me more or give me a link I will much appreciate it!

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mizupita seal sale! and auction reminder

haaayyy there.
I took a trip to Newbury Comics yesterday and picked up some of the new Mizupita Seal packets -- aka tattoes~ they do include a lot of Movie 11 Pokemon (though I have yet to pull Skymin, if there even is one) like Shaymin and Giratina, so they're all for sale Collapse )

In other news, the Sky-Talkmin auction is still going on here, with a current high bid of $57! Auction ends today at 3:00pm EST! Hurry~
HAS ENDED! Congrats to the winner -- kaisaface! Please take care of her!
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Does anyone have a full list of all the V-trainers/ThinkChip figures anywhere? I got several in an eBay lot recently (keep an eye out for them :3) but now I'm really curious about which others were made. Thanks!
holy grail

THIS is the definition of a holy grail.

yes. your mods are posting a lot today. just. forgive us. <3


well, i bid on a lot of 77 random items last week, and with happyjolteon's help won it while i was stuck in an airport. lineaalba showed it to me a few days prior and i'd been excited ever since. i bid on it for two things: a diglett plush for my beloved ex-girlfriend smoochiepie aftertheheaven and a mint in box raichu bell plush for myself. in the photo in the auction, everything was very clearly shown. what i didn't notice was the corner of another bell plush box that had been cropped away.

usually when i see a seller with bell plush i ask them if they've ever seen my holy grail, jolteon bell plush, but after almost a dozen times being disappointed (including one time i incredulously found flareon, vaporeon AND eevee but no jolteon), i decided it was silly.

so the box just arrived, and i opened it up hoping everything would been in good condition!

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Sales, Collection Update, Etc.


SMJ boxes arrived today before the holiday weekend/potential hurricane weather! Anything bought here will go out next week, likely. ^_^


Also, a small collection update is at the bottom of the post.

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Aaaand... something that'll make callyfin excited.


Expect a photo story before I post him off to Oz. XD Poor Sophie is worried she will have the same fate as Dr. Raikou (being the guest room!)

Stuff below this part of the cut is not for sale.

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WE WON!!! :D :D :D


And for quite a bit less than the max bid, to boot, thus, your costs will be lower than your bid! ^_^

Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for part of the shipping cost of the figures, but it will still be less than your max bids. :D So it all works out brilliantly!

I will be posting how much people owe in a short while, so please keep your eye on the community as I need to pay the seller soon.

Thanks guys - you make this community awesome! ^_^

Large Tomy Group Auction - Please pay now!

Okay, I figured out how much everyone owes me for the large Tomy figure auction.

Everyone is paying the same base amount per figure, since I thought this was the fairest way to do things as a group effort. ^_^ You will notice that this is considerably less than what most of you bid - if you only bid on one of the cheaper figures, you might find it is a few dollars more than you bid. If you have a problem with this please contact me.

Also, I'm not sure where some of you live. ^_^; Please comment here with what country you live in or your US zipcode and do not pay me until I give you your total.

The total amount you are paying includes a small paypal figure (so I won't lose out when I go to pay the seller as middle man), shipping from my house to yours, and and a slight bit extra for packing materials, because I am going to have to buy a box of bubble wrap and larger envelopes for these guys - this is not about me making a profit, here. ^_^;

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Also, as a note, I noticed some people bid after the end time. ^_^; Sorry, if you bid after 10 AM CST of August 30th, your bid was not accepted. Just putting this out there since a few people did this, and so there isn't any confusion.

Small sales post

Just a small sales post. I am reconstructing my shop ~piece by piece~ otherwise I would post it there. Just trying to get rid of a few small things.

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PayPal only. Shipping not included in price.
When you post, please let me know your country. I do not need your zip code or anything.
Please allow me some time to ship. D: It has been proving difficult to get to the post office lately.