September 1st, 2008


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Starting off - Received packages from:
flag - Thank you so much, and for the freebies! Sora & Squirtle <333
candycafe - Thank you so much as well! Blastoise looks even more awesome close up, and the keychains are wonderful :D
pheonixxfoxx - Thank you so much too! I've been after the Espy friends plush, Sandshrew Zukan and Glaceon Battrio for a while now! <3

I've left you feedback (candycafe, do you have a thread anywhere?), mind doing the same for me here please? :3

And just for fun. Dexter VS Hiei in Guess that Pokemon!

I'm not feeling very witty at the moment sadly XD

BK toys - I managed to get both Pikas, Happiny, Turtwig and Darkrai! Whoever wanted Darkrai - I can still pick one up for you if you'd like! Lmk!

Also, final note - Packages went out Thursday, not Monday as originally planned. I forgot it was a bank holiday last week, sorry! ._.;
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Well guys--guess what we just won?

YES, HUGE EPIC ZUKAN LOT! Yayyy, go us! If you're on the winners list, consider that zukan yours!

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the invoice. When I get it, I'll be doing all kinds of crazy math on it to determine what everybody actually has to pay (I can almost guarantee it'll be lower than what you bid) and you'll each have a few days to pay. Expect that post in the next three days to a week depending on when SMJ sends out the invoice. :D

Please let me know right away if you're going to have any trouble paying for your winnings when the bill comes--I'll want everyone to be able to pay within as few days of receiving the invoice as possible, so be sure to budget appropriately and keep an eye out for the post that asks for the moolah.

I want to thank every one of you for participating, because without each and every one of you this auction wouldn't have been possible. This was a difficult auction to organize (sending all of these out is going to be...interesting) and there were definitely little bits of drama and hurt feelings, but I hope everyone realizes that's just part of the game when it comes to something this big and filled with rarities. I apologize if I unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings or made anyone feel that things were unjustified, and I hope you're okay with how it all turned out. ♥

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Clear Out Sales - Eeveelution Zukans and Skymin Merch

Hi guys its been awhile. No computer access sucks, but its finally been fixed for the most part ;3 My camera is still MIA though, I think one of my family members forgot to replace it when they were finished..ANYWHO..

Im selling off parts of my collection for more room, and money. Books/tuition really set me back more than I knew. I have eeveelution zukans I may be willing to part with...

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I fail at being a member because I've noticed that I have never made a collection post (well.. I think I made one a long time ago, but w/e), just sale posts. 8D;;

These are my three of my main collections. My other main is Pikachu/Raichu but they are situated high on my book shelves and I don't feel like bringing them all down and putting them all up again. >:0 One day I will have an epic collection post with alllll of my collections, but for now I will just post these three.

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Some Cards and and other things for sale

I got a Pack of cards today just to get the Luxray wrapper I have no desire to do anything with the cards as im not a big fan of the cards.I will probably end up throwing them all over the Floor if no one buys them so I figured I would try to see if anyone wants them first XD

I got both a reverse holo Skitty and a normal Skitty if anyone wants them just make a offer Im not sure how much the reverse holo Skitty goes for since I couldnt find one on ebay.

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Beedrill! <3

I thought I'd take a quick photo of my up-and-coming Beedrill collection. :D

Zukan, in-case figure, dice tab, 151 can badge, TOMY figure, Kids figure and clear Full Color Stadium. The last two are the newest additions with many thanks to papersnow! :3 (I also got a Battle Museum Quilava with a STICKERED BASE, which makes my collector's OCD happy, but that's for another post~ <3)

Also, the following people still owe me payments for the bell keychain auction!

torakaka - $7.50 total for Wartortle
glacidea - $7.50 total for Pichu
anuvia - $8.50 total for Totodile

Please send payments to zaku_no_da at and include your name and what you won in the memo field.

Additionally, the keychains haven't arrived at SMJ's US office yet (according to the site at least), but I'll let everyone know when I request shipping for the lot! =3 Thanks for your patience~

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Hey guys!

For AWA I'm dressing up as Flint, blah blah, but I need one of his Pokemon to carry around or whatever. SO! I'm looking for Rapidash/Infernape/Steelix/Lopunny/Driftblim items that I could CARRY AROUND, like a plush or something of the sort. I would make a plushie but I'm kind of out of time and money D:

So if you have any HOLDABLE MERCH (ie I could carry it around) of these Pokemon (for a reasonable price), let me know! OR if you have any suggestions on what I could do, I'm all ears! Perhaps I could make a cardboard figure to hold?

Thanks guys!