September 3rd, 2008

Hey Baby!

Fished Out Quite A Few Whoppers!

A fantastic box from Crescent arrived at my doorstep just a few hours before I left for work earlier yesterday! I felt incredibly sorry for the postman for having had to lug this massive box up several flights of stairs just to deliver and accomplish his mighty duty; if only he knew of the glorious items in store inside! So sorry, Mr. Postman!

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EDIT: Shots of both Mew and Pikachu DX Pillow Plush have been added!

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Unfortunately, I did not get around to picturing everything that came in this huge lot, but most of what was off-screen (and including some pictured here) will be featured in an upcoming sales post in just a day or two! Just to give you glorious people a prior heads-up.

Thanks for looking everyone! ♥
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Collection photo, package update - and big kids lot!~

Firstly, when I did my big post-japan update the other day, I forgot my favourite photo! ^^; Under the cut is a picture of the Ufo catcher plush we got having a tea party!~

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Also! Package update! happyjolteon , xinliyoushu  and ilios - your packages have been sent! ravestars85 - yours is ready to go when I get your address ^-^

There are still some items left unsold at including a Shymin purse ^-^ I'll be posting a big kids sales post soon after buying this lot:

I'm so excited about the Pikachu/Pichu/Raichu kids! Apart from those, there are only a couple that I want for my collection in the entire lot, so there will definately be a sales post as soon as they arrive (I can see quite a few clears, and an eevee that I'll be selling among other things) ^-^

Intro and Zukan get

 Howdy all! I'm Rei and I joined this community a little while back, just sort of sitting back in the community, popping in every now and then and grabbing up various things from sales as I saw them, figured it was about time I introduced myself!

Well I'm 21, an Art student, and a long time oldschool pokemon fan. I got into pokemon in the 5th grade, so back when I was about 11, and it's always held a special place for me because drawing pokemon is what made me was to take drawing seriously so many ages ago.  I honestly have a lot of favorites when it comes to pokemon, Sandshrew and Growlithe always being big ones from when I would horde them on Red and Blue version. I've always been a big plush/figure collector, I useed to have literately hundreds upon hundreds of figures, majority official.

Unfortunately when I moved to college my mother gave pretty much everything I didn't take with me away 8C thats literately hundreds of dollars in these figures. I'm just glad I took my favorite plushes with me.  I will post pictures of my recovering collection as soon as I get unpacked [I recently moved out of my apartment].  I also would like to at some point open a store here since I have many japanese markets available to me around where I live, thus I could help people get newer products, but that will come later depending on what mod's decide when I ask.

I'm also making this entry to share a recent Get from Ebay, that will be my first Zukan's <3

I bid on this for the Feraligator and Palkia Zukans and was surprised I actually won <3  If I'm allowed to ask, I may be willing to take trades on the others. But yes, I'm very giddy since I also have a serious irl love for alligators having worked with them before <3 

So yeah, happy to meet you all c:! Look for a collection post from me in the future!

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It's that time again! This will be the last large sales update from me for a while. I might have some more items in a week or two, but this is the bulk of new items I'll be adding. I'll be going on hiatus sometime in the not-too-distant future and will close the sales post during that time, so be sure to take a look while it's here!

As always, the post is image-heavy and the terms for payment and shipping are at the top for your convenience. ;D
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That time has come again, for me to raep your internets with lots and lots of pictures! 8D  Thankfully I am not an evildoer and will use a cut.  A lot of the pokemon I am posting pics of here are older ones, so they may have some paint damage on them, or generally not be AS good as some I've posted before.  Just FYI.

So, here again are more pokemon I've made!


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I hope everybody likes these as much as they've liked the others.  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful and enthusiastic comments they've been leaving me. :)

I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to do photo-stories this time, but I will soon!

I can't officially do commisions in the community, but if anyone is interested in a commision outside of it, please e-mail me at cuchonchuir at gmail dot com, or contact me on MSN or AIM.  My e-mail for MSN is comradepikachu at hotmail dot com and my AIM name is musketwombat.  I am usually on MSN.