September 4th, 2008

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[Collection update//]

In the relative lull of my life (I think my schedule would drive anyone else insane, but it's actually designed to keep me sane XD) I come forth with offshoot collection updates!

As you all know, I am a major fan of Eeveelutions, and the Lions, and more recently, Skymin, but I have always loved the dark dogs.
Owing to the fact I seem to have got the majority of big things for my collections before Skymin landed, I gathered a lot of dark doggies :D

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Anyone up for icon commisshes? (don't shoot the messenger prease)

And chat is always in the gutter, come join for lots of lols xD

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YAAAAY! AAPF makes this the week of awesome pokemon toy updates!!

NEW MEGABLOCKS next month!!! including the first diamond and pearl electrics to be made into blocks... shinx and rotom! don't miss leafeon and glaceon! also a darkrai who kats missed on the list.

also new keshipoke listed, including garchomp, and more eeveelutions! its a good season to be a fan of eevees and rotom!

Plush, plush, plush!

I know I shouldn't be... but I am! Damn these well priced lots! *shakes fist* Just today, I won a pokedoll lot of 4! I would like to extend a VERY~~ big thank you to daynipp  for pointing this lot out to me! Once again, you have given me the gift of awesome Pika goodness! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH~!!! <333 I hope to return the favor someday.

Anyway, I have a Plusle and Minun pokedoll for sale from that lot. Details under the cut!

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small card sale

Paypal only please. Shipping depends on where you live. USA 41cents

All cards are in mint condition!


Mamoswine $2

Sneasel EX $3

EX Delta Species Mew Two $10 or best offer

D&P Azelf $5 or best offer

Raikou E-reader card $15 or best offer

Non holo star deoxys $2

legends awakened cards for trade!


(looking for the pikachu from this set)sorry for the bad pic quality,my lighting sux in here
Hey Baby!

Auctions and Sales!

Finally arranged and reorganized my recent Crescent arrival, so sales are now open! All available DX Plush are being sold via auction format (with exception to BIN prices), and a number of various goodies, plus a few leftovers, are under the cut!

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All auctions will end on Sunday evening, September 7th, 2008 @ 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. Please place your bids, or Buy It Now offers, in the provided thread, and in response to the most recent bidder. All bid increments are to be made in dollar amounts.

Current Auction Status:

Chimchar DX Plush: BIN @ $35 | jilduck AUCTION CLOSED!
Pichu DX Plush: Starting Bid @ $15 / BIN @ $25 | No Bidders AUCTION CLOSED!
Turtwig DX Plush: $20 | kefanii AUCTION CLOSED!
Piplup DX Plush: $20 | megguendo AUCTION CLOSED!

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Sales Information and Policies

Payment Method: PayPal only, all forms of PP payment accepted. Please note that there will be a small additional PayPal fee applied to your total. For eCheck payments, I will first wait for said check to clear before shipment.

Shipping: Shipping within the U.S. and international shipping available. Domestic shipping comes at a minimum base of $2 (while supplies last) while international will be a dollar or more. I am not to be held responsible for damaged or lost goods once they leave my hands.

Holds: First come, first serve only! I am willing to hold an item from this sale post for you only up to 24 hours. If I have not received word from you or payment after the time limit expires, it will be back up for grabs! Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. For instance, if you are bidding, or indicate plans to bid on a current auction, I will hold your items for you until the auctions end.

Trades and Haggling: I am currently not open for trades at the moment, many apologies! Haggling is also permitted within reason, but please note that I'm pretty steadfast to stated prices.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥

Pokekids Auction!

 Okay so, I know I'm still a newbie in this community, so this may be frowned upon, but I'd like to attempt a group auction for this community. Recently on Ebay a rather large lot of Pokekids popped up, as seen here,

Notes from the auction - 

They are all used gently. some of them are in a good condition.

Some has the pre-owned name of the back of the figures.

Now I personally, am only diehard for Growlithe, Poochyena, Caterpie, and Mudkip, and Possibly Tododile/Nidoking/one Raichu if interest isn't expressed for them.  

I would love it if I could get one of the Mod's to aide me with this as well, in hopes of keeping everything fair. But the way I was thinking it, is we could either do an auction starting at a couple dollars for each kid, then people could bid on the ones they want, or I could get help from you guys, the members, at figuring out a fair first come first serve price for them.

I personally don't know the rarities of these though, so I'd rather do the auction each kid, and highest bidder gets them, just to be fair to everyone else who might be in my boat and not know what to pay for them.

This lot still has 5 days on it, so I figured we could figure out what to do regarding this lot, have 2-3 days to bid, then I, or if you guys would rather, a more senior member could put in the final bid then figure out shipping.

So what do you guys think?

Link to larger images -

Also, here is my ebay page so you guys can check my feedback -