September 5th, 2008

Surfing Pika

Shipping info for the HUGE ZUKAN AUCTION

Okay everyone who participated in the huge group auction--we don't have our invoice yet, but I'm expecting it within 1-2 days, and the lot is in storage in Japan already! I want to give everyone your totals with shipping from me to you when the invoice arrives for the sake of not having to collect payment from 30+ people twice (which would be a nightmare).

As a result, I need to know which country you're in so I can figure out how much shipping will be and therefore figure out your total. I don't need zip codes or anything, just countries. :)

Please post your country in the comments on this entry if you won anything in the huge group auction. It'll make both of our lives easier if you do!

Custom Leafeon

I made this not too long ago and realized I never showed it off to the community! XD; Some of you may remember the Umbreon backpack I did not too long ago. Well, I revamped and made a completely different pattern for this Leafeon backpack. Allow me to state that I know the head/face is shaped slightly differently than how it's suppose to be if I was making it directly from reference pics. I actually like it a lot better this way (bit of creative license) and it is just for me. ^^

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I was walking around Target today, looking for some work clothes, when I made my usual walk over to the Pokemon card section. I browsed the usual stuff they had with no intention of buying, but out of nowhere, something that was very out of place caught my eye. Right there, at the very bottom row in a small box of "POWER PACKS" boosters, sitting with the crappy things nobody ever wants, I found this!

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