September 6th, 2008

Multi-purpose re-arrange and sale and zukan auction!

We re-arranged our collection~! Everything looks a lot nicer now :3
we haven't bought anything really recently, with the exception of a T-shirt.
Have a lookie in the cut!
warning~ Image heavy. O.o
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Also, I'm in a bit of a bind! I'm moving soon, and I've got to get rid of this stuff. I need some money for when we move, every little bit counts. Everything's at a great price, and I wanted to present it to you guys first!

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Soo... about a month ago, I saw a bunch of new Jakk's plushies in KB Toys I had never seen before. I snapped two pictures on my phone for you guys, but like the distracted crazy kid I am, I forgot to post them till now.
So it's probably all old news for you guys, but if you haven't seen them yet, I have pictures of Chingling, Combee, Shinx, Glameow, Psyduck, Meditite, and Cricktot.

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Just thought it might be of general interest to ya'll. :) I want the Combee, lol.
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Intro time.

Hello everyone ~ I'm "chaosoftwilight" or just "Twilight". OR just "Twi".

I'm 18, an artist, a college student, and hopefully a future computer animator / video game designer. I've been a fan and collector of Pokemon (and other anime) since I was about 9.  Can't say I'm a truly obsessive collector, but I do buy a figurine here and there whenever I have the money. :D I live in Florida where hurricanes ominously threaten to blow away my house and all my stuff every year. D[ Hahaha.

I've been fascinated by this community so far - SO MANY CUTE LITTLE POKEMON! So, here's my go at it. Hopefully I dont rant too much. XD

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Team Aqua

An awesome find!

I visited JapanTown (San Francisco) today, specifically Nijiya Market, a Japanese grocer with a good variety of things. I found this here inside their toys section, and thought "Whoa, bobbleheads, cool!" and took a look for what they had. I bought one on mostly a whim, expecting it to be kinda small. If you look at the box, I thought the image was the life size of the bobblehead. Man, was I wrong:

Look at the size of that Lucario! It's not the size of your standard full-sized Bobblehead, but it's more than I expected! I love it! (Pictured with my GBA SP for size comparison)

This is the side of the box with the other images. MAN! I want that Shinx! It's just way too CUTE! It's got this :D!! kind of face, y'know?

Anyways, I think it's awesome and am still keeping my eyes open for the Shinx. The store only had the other three. I'm under the impression this Lucario's a girl, too, because it has a hole in its frontside for mounting it on the base, and it's right between its legs. Too far from the backside to be the OTHER kind of hole, too... XP
But yeah, I still love the bobblehead! It's cute!

Also, I have a couple of extra Gachapon charms that are now doubles. One of these that's now doubled is Drifblim. I plan to repaint it as a shiny. The other is a pair of Lugia charms I got. I'm either going to paint one shiny and the other Shadow, or both of them one of each. What do you guys think? I'll post the finished results when it's done.
Pokemon - Buds

Sales plz


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(Dude though I have like 8 separate feedback pages it's kinda nuts)

NOTE: I sweep up the comments below now and then to keep out clutter. Comments are usually deleted once I know the items arrive or once a month passes (by then I assume everything arrived safely)
Please don't post anything too off-topic in this post, as it'll also get swept up asap.

Collection post

Intro intro intro!
I'm Dani, you can call me that, or whatever really.
I've been popping in on this community for a while and always procrastinated joining. Till today.

I'm 16. I aspire to be a writer of fiction, but my more solid career choice is undecided as of yet. I've been collecting Pokemon stuff ever since I got Pokemon Red and Blue for my birthday in '98 [I was six].
My collection has grown ever since.

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deadfromcon--by me

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So last week was Kumoricon and I loaded myself down with Pokémon goodies!

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Also, can someone invite me to the chat? Trillian is a pain and won't let me invite myself (it opens a window *called* pkmncollectors, but it's empty).

Oh yes, and the really funny line that booklet has is when it's talking about sexual jokes in anime, and it says "Watch some subtitled Pokémon, and the content suddenly gets a lot more adult." So I told her that the absolute filthiest line I've ever heard in this series was a dub addition (when Brock is coming on to Domino. If you've heard it, you can never UN-hear it).

Another group buy ^^;

I'm doing this a lot lately, aren't I? ^^;;; It's a 3D magnet set from Poke Park. I marked over the ones I want, so there will be no confusion. Each magnet will be $2 each.

If you'd like a bigger pic, here's the link to it in my photobucket. ^_^

Torchic, Meowth/Mew, Jirachi, all Mudkip: meowthcollector 
Pichu w/ train: glacidea 
Plusle/Minun: _nofuturenohope 

EDIT: I just purchased this set, so you can pay me now if you like. Shipping will be a flat $2 for anywhere in the US. International shipping will vary by location. Please inquire.


Good news and bad news.

Just as a note, international packages have not been mailed yet, but will be this week.

Most domestic packages were mailed already, so you should be getting them soon. ^_^

I received the figures from the huge auction today, however, some of them are not in the condition I was expecting. My Vulpix has some marks on it, as well as some of the others.

I haven't completely gone through the box yet, since there are so many, but the biggest problem I have is the seller packed the figures so carelessly, that at least two of them were broken in transit (since they were fine in the auction photo.)

I purchased insurance on the package, so I'm not really sure what is going to happen next. I've never filed a claim before.

Either way, I'm just letting you guys know what is going on. I think most of them are in 'good' condition, but it's going to take me awhile to go through them and have them mailed off. It gets more complicated, if I've got to file an insurance claim, so I don't know.

Please just be patient with me on this. I've already contacted the seller with the notice of some of the figures being broken, but with each further detail I sort out, I may be sending them several notices.
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Hey all.  I've been a member here for a month or two, but haven't been able to get any pics of my collection up.
There's nothing too special - nothing really old or rare - and it's all pretty much American bought.  Lots of Jakks and such.  :p  Although this post sadly does not include my figures - They're still locked up in my boyfriend's house because I forgot to get them before he left for the semester.  X3 oopth.

Anyway!  Pics!  (this too way too long.  LJ ATE MY LAST VERSION OF THIS)
Should be all fixed now.  Before too much notice... >:)
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Pokekids Group Buy Auction!

 Alright, since interest was expressed, I'll be hosting this group buy auction for the lot of Pokekids I mentioned a day prior. Since the auction states that a few of them have the previous owner's names written on the back, but doesn't state or show which, I will be starting off ALL pokekids at $2.
Also, since I don't know the values of each one, I will be making this an auction so that everyone has a fair shot, and I don't end up over/under pricing any.

Nidoking - $2 - No bids
Raichu 1 - $2 - pacificpikachu 
Minun - $2 - No bids
Sneasel - $2 - No bids

Azurill - $2 - goku_the_saru 
Togetic - $2 - No bids
Miltank - $2 - No bids
Totodile - $2 - pacificpikachu 

Bayleef - $4 - [info]atateatarin
Clear! Charmeleon - $2 - killerjaw01 
Illumise - $2 - No bids
Wurmple - $2 - No bids

Pidgeotto - $2 - [info]atateatarin
Azumarill - $2 - pacificpikachu 
Growlithe - $4 - Reserved
Raichu 2 - $2 - pacificpikachu 

Winking 'Chu 1 - $4 - coatsinthefoyer 
Mudkip - $4 - Reserved
Poochyena - $4 - Reserved
Jirachi - $2 - ashketchumgirl 

Jigglypuff - $2 - ashketchumgirl 
Winking 'Chu 2 - $5 - goku_the_saru 
Caterpie - $2 - yaoi_queen 
Machop - $2 - No bids

Drowzee - $2 - No bids
Marill - $4 - </a></b></a>bergunty  
Blissey - $2 - No bids
Pichu 1 - $2 - [info]goku_the_saru

Pichu 2 - $2 - No bids
Cascoon - $2 - No bids
Whismur - $2 - No bids
Quilfish - $2 - No bids

I will update this several times daily!

Please Remember! By bidding you are agreeing to pay should the auction be won!

Shipping will be determined at the auction end assuming the auction is won.  Shipping will be from the US, CA.

Again, please remember to reply to the previous bidder with your new bid, so they know they've been outbid!

Bidding will end at 6pm Pacific time Tuesday the 9th! No bids will be accepted after this time! 
Good luck!