September 7th, 2008


Group Auction Stuff Update and Mini Sales

I will be buying a magic eraser in hopes of being able to get some of the marks off of the figures. None of them are really bad, but they're just an eye-sore, at least to me (I am meticulous about this sort of thing.) It will probably take me at least a week to get through them all, since I'm in school. ^_^;

Thank you for your patience and support on this, guys. I'll let you know how they clean up.

All other orders that have not been mailed yet will be posted this week.

And in the meantime, a mini sales post.


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Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie


PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE someone go in on this with me! I have been going nuts looking for an Eevee set, and that's all I want from this!

I am willing to pay a total of $70 American dollars towards this. And even if we go halves THE REST OF THE FIGURES ARE YOURS. I don't care if that's a rip off for me! *salivates over it* And also, it'd be great if you were good at/had an account at SMJ or Crescent Shop as I cannot figure it out for the life of me!

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*crosses fingers ever so tightly* Also, if anyone here is willing to sell their similar set, I will pay $80 including shipping and handling if you have it. :D

EDIT: Was able to get an Eevee evolution set! If you all want to continue planning a group buy on this amongst yourselves, please do! Also, there are a bunch of these on the Phillipines eBay. Search using the term Pokemon 1/40 selten.
gengar wave

Photostory: Access to Club Pokekid!

More kids! I got 5 more from.... somebody but I can't find who it was? *freaks out* Sorry! If you see this and know it was you, please let me know so I can properly reference you, haha! Anyhow, this photo story is for the new arrivals, trying to get into the "club." See the whole story under the cut!

And speaking of new arrivals, I got my long-wished-for Lucario Tomy plush the other week! Thanks so much to pacificpikachu for him! I didn't know how SOFT he is! :3

(Warning! This is IMAGE HEAVY)

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Hey Baby!

Last-Minute Reminder!

Hello, beautiful people! I just wanted to toss in a brief reminder that all auctions (save for those that have ended early at BIN prices) for the DX Plush I featured earlier end tonight at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. If any of you were interested, now's a good time to get those bids in. ;3

Current Auction Status:

Chimchar DX Plush: BIN @ $35 | jilduck AUCTION CLOSED!
Pichu DX Plush: Starting Bid @ $15 / BIN @ $25 | No Bidders!
Turtwig DX Plush: $20 | kefanii
Piplup DX Plush: $20 | megguendo

I've also still got a ton of items still left over from my sales post still seeking new homes. Next shipment day for everyone who's kindly paid already is tomorrow's Monday, and I'll be revisiting the post office on Tuesday for anyone who's interested and pays tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥
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Electivire amada sticker and two new plushes!

Hi everyone,

I was wanting to know if anyone had the electivire amada sticker which is posted below!. If you do please tell me!

Also on Friday I got two new plushes. The Shaymin land forme UFO catcher(DX) and the electivire banpresto! I just wanted to say thanks to Yaoi_Queen for electivire and sonicelectronic for Shaymin. They are very cute and cuddly!

I am really exicted about posting my collection. I have three whole sheleves to show you so keep an eye out for that!




mini sales <3

Hii guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I do have a few new additions to my collection but I'm still expecting a couple more so I'll post when they're here too =3

But for now, I have a few things that I need to sell so here they are ^^


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And as I said, I am looking for a Pikachu pokedoll or a cute UFO catcher, so if you have one that you want to sell/trade, do let me know! =3

Deluxe Tomy Figure Auction!

I just won this lot of Figures off Ebay, and wanted to auction off a few of them! I'm keeping Bulba, and Lapras, but Jigglypuff, the Jigglybuff BK card, Squirtle, and Marril are all available for auction! The Deluxe tomys will start at 10.00 each, and the BK card at 5.00 to start!

Squirtle-10.00-high bidder
Marril-10.00-high bidder
Jigglypuff-10.00-high bidder
Jigglypuff BK card-5.00-high bidder

Shipping will be determined based on the country these are being sent to! Thanks for looking, and happy bidding! Auction will end next Sunday at 10:00PM EST

Ebay auctions, shipping info!

I've got some ebay auctions soon - please check them out! :D

Included are the huge 33cm Shayming UFO plush, a one-of-a-kind YY jointed Espeon, and the DX Skymin UFO!

A big chunk of stuff is getting mailed this week. Also, whoever requested the Poliwag freebee, could you comment here, please? I accidentally deleted your paypal email, and can't remember who it's supposed to go to.

As for the big figures, the seller isn't going to refund for any of the marks on them. :/ I'll be leaving the appropriate feedback, so don't worry about that.

Most of the marks aren't horrible, but honestly I'm not sure if I have the time to try and remove them all myself. ._.;

Would you guys be okay if I just mailed them to you the way they are? I don't want it to seem like a cop-out or anything, since originally I said I might try to remove them myself, but in all seriousness, it would be a huge project for me. ^_^;;

Feel free to comment if you've got an opinion on the matter.

Group auction! Tonight only!!

Up for right now is a bunch of these cubed figures. They're really neat miniature dioramas; you may have seen the winter-themed line on my Pokémonagerie recently. The figures here come in four flavors--winter, summer, cooking and... fun? There are a few that I want (they've been blacked out), but it's a pricey auction, so I could use some help!

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Random collection post

Me and my boyfriend went to an auction house yesterday- and we ended up with a lot of cheap furniture! One of the items  we came across a tall, large display cabinet. we have no idea how old it is etc, but we bid on it and won it, for £12!
And this is what it is being used for (please mind the messy room!):Collapse )
Another thing I bought was a box of plush toys, most were really horrible but I picked out an old dilapilated teddy with a dislocated arm which I will work on fixing and a red scarf with bells on for RejectBoi- but I only found it thanks to these two:

Gengar Tomy Plush & Pikachu Gameboy Bag- I bid on the box for the bear but don't want these- does anyone else?
$3 for Gengar (good condition) with $3.60 $5 shipping ($8 total) & $1 for Pikachu (poor condition, pen on one cheek) ($4.40 $6 shipping so $7 total)- or a trade's fine. Will accept offers. (crossed out prev s/h prices as I worked them out wrong-sorry!)
Shipping will be cheaper to UK.
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BK Toys [Wanted]

I've been in massive search for the Pokemon toys from BK,
old and new. My dad decided to throw them all out about a year ago. When I asked about them, he was all, "Oh, that junk?" ><

I have not been able to find all of them, mostly the older ones.

If anyone has some they are willing to sell, or know an ebay auction/site that sells them, it would be much appreciated.

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