September 9th, 2008


lifesize caterpie sculpture

I wanted to show off something I've been working on for a few days~

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Ah, I also had a question... I asked this on the chat the other day, but does anyone know around how much the Chimchar-line zukan usually run? I've heard they are a bit hard to find, but it's one of my grails, so I just wanted some information. ^^;; Thanks!
Happy Bat

Hey guys

Does anyone have any pokemon TFG's they are willing to part with? I'm looking for Charizard and Lugia in particular, but I would kinda like to start collecting these.

Thank you :)
eevee cute
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Hey guys! I'm not sure this quite counts as a "physical object" rather than straight art, but they'll be going in the mail to lemurkat for her Art Trading Card collection. :3 If it's not in accordance to the rules here, let me know and I can remove this. :3

Anyway, so I traded some ATCs with Lemurkat. :3 (Hers were the art cards that are in all my collection pics XD) They're basically laminated small card-sized pieces of artwork. :3 And terribly addicting. XD
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Apologies to those watching poke_arts for double posting, as I posted this there last night as well. :3

And, so this isn't completely off-topic, I totally forgot to post that I got a SKYMIN. <3 These little buggers are pretty cute. XD

Auction Ending!

Alright! Less than four hours to place final bids! This will be the last update until the auction is over to see if we've won it! Good luck everyone!

-Place Final Bids Here! -Link-

Bidding will end at 6pm Pacific time, no bids will be accepted after 5:59pm

Current Bids!:
Nidoking - $2 - No bids
Raichu 1 - $2 - [info]coatsinthefoyer 
Minun - $2 - No bids
Sneasel - $2 - No bids
Azurill - $2 - goku_the_saru 
Togetic - $2 - No bids
Miltank - $2 - No bids
Totodile - $2 - pacificpikachu 
Illumise - $2 - No bids
Wurmple - $2 - No bids
Pidgeotto - $2 - [info]atateatarin
Azumarill - $2 - pacificpikachu 
Growlithe - $4 - Reserved
Raichu 2 - $2 - pacificpikachu 
Winking 'Chu 1 - $4 - coatsinthefoyer 
Mudkip - $4 - Reserved
Poochyena - $4 - Reserved
Jirachi - $2 - ashketchumgirl 
Jigglypuff - $2 - ashketchumgirl 
Winking 'Chu 2 - $5 - goku_the_saru 
Caterpie - $2 - yaoi_queen 
Machop - $2 - No bids
Drowzee - $2 - No bids
Marill - $4 - [info]killerjaw01 
Blissey - $2 - No bids
Pichu 1 - $2 - [info]goku_the_saru
Pichu 2 - $2 - No bids
Cascoon - $2 - No bids
Whismur - $2 - No bids
Quilfish - $2 - No bids

 </div>Good luck everyone!

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Yesterday I got My Luxray Keshipoke in the mail from a seller on Amazon. Im so afraid Im gonna lose it its so small!

for size refrence there is the shinx marble next to it

All of series 3  Keshipoke are listed on Amazon for only $7.99 ($14.98 for darkrai)
Mine came just a few days after I orderd him.Dont miss out on them you may never see these figures again once there gone! 

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Im still on the hunt for Shinx Luxio and Luxray kids if anyone has them also looking for a Luxray tomy or any other luxrays you can sell XD
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Updated Address!

Hey, if I purchased something from you recently, and you haven't mailed it off yet, I wanted to give you a heads up to let you know my address has changed! I have moved so things MAY be sent back to you!

If you need my new address to ship the items (I know a bought some bulbasaur/pikachu things last month), then send me a message! Thanks :D
Surfing Pika

ATTN: Huge zukan group auction people!


And boy is it a big, ugly number. @___@ But, while it would be horrifying if I had to face it alone, there is great news--most of you will pay a few dollars less than you bid (not including shipping, at least, though quite a few of you are STILL cheaper than what you bid even with shipping)! Hooray!

As I said, these are the final totals. Once you pay these, you're all done and your zukan will be shipped to you as soon as...well, they arrive and I sort them and get a chance to ship them. More info on these things later.

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While I'm here, I added some Pokédolls (Pachirisu and Mime Jr) and a Buneary plush to my sales post here:

Check them out! They're super-adorable! :D

And I have an Ebay lot up now as well! Ends in a little over two days and it's an extremely low price right now:

Thanks everyone! I'm sorry if I sound a bit cranky in this post--I haven't been getting much sleep, my school situation is kind of insane at the moment, among a number of other things. ^^; I really appreciate all of your participation, which is the only reason we were able to win this huge amazing auction. :D

Large figures auction, Stuff being mailed

This is just an update -

All stuff from old orders will be mailed tomorrow, along with some from the large figure auction.

The rest of the large figures should be mailed by the end of the week - it's becoming a mess with them all; I bought the wrong size envelopes, so only some of the figures will fit in them, thus I need to buy the larger size tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay on everything, but I just wanted to let you all know what was going on.

regen, I will try to have your Shaymin mailed by the end of this week as well - worse comes to worse, it'll be early next week. ^_^

Auction Results!

 Congrats guys! We won the Auction!

Here is who won what!
shrines  - $6 - Raichu Kid 1, Winking 'Chu Kid 1
iammyworld  - $5 - Minun Kid, Jigglypuff Kid
goku_the_saru  - $24 - Azurill Kid, Bayleef Kid, Azumarill Kid, Winking 'Chu Kid 2, Marill Kid, Pichu Kid 1, Whismur Kid
pacificpikachu  - $4 - Totodile Kid, Raichu Kid 2
bergunty  - $2 - Clear! Charmeleon Kid
atateatarin  - $2 - Pidgeotto Kid
ashketchumgirl  - $2 - Jirachi Kid
yaoi_queen  - $2 - Caterpie Kid
Shipping will be decided as soon as the package arrives and I pack and weigh everything. I am going to try and give a discount on all shipping as well, since I really couldn't have done this without you guys!
To the winners, you can either elect to pay the current prices now and then pay for shipping when the package arrives, or you can wait to pay the one lump sum of Kids+Shipping. Payments prefered threw paypal. My paypal is rei_briefs [at], if you chose to pay now please include your LJ user name, amount, and the figures you won, as well as the address to ship to!  

Congrats again everyone!

RP Advertisement

Though I am a mod, I asked badgerr_ftw for permission anyway. ^_^

A good friend of mine just opened up an unusual pokemon-themed RP. I play there, and I really enjoy it so I thought I'd pitch the advertisement here to see if anyone else was interested.

The main site is here, and a game-plot summary is below:

The year is 1869. In the frontiers of the west is a vast expanse of territory the Spanish knew as Blanca.

Native tales tell of a legendary pokemon of such power that it could tear open thunderclouds and create tornadoes with a flap of its wings. Proof has been found that the legend is true, and everyone wants a shot at it.
Sean says:
Now the little town of Tin City is at the center of it all. People from all over are flooding the place, and you are one of them. Cowboy, thief, native, bounty hunter, settler – whoever you are, you are all after the same goal; the legendary pokemon, and the power it holds.

If you've got any questions, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer.