September 11th, 2008


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Everyone keeps asking silly questions like "What type?", "How do you get them?", "What were they thinking making a washing machine forme? I thought that was a funny joke?", but here at PKMNCOLLECTORS with our leading-edge reporting techniques we are asking the HARD HITTING QUESTION OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll #1257431 Which are YOU going to collect?

Which new Rotom Forme are YOU going to collect?

The Washing Machine
The Fan
The Lawnmower
The Toaster Oven
The Fridge
Meh :(
EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! :D

images are from serebii.

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Kids Auction

Hey everyone!!!

So, I would like to do a small auction. I found some kids I wanted on ebay, and I don't need all of them. The ones I want have the red marks on them. The rest are up for grabs.

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Plush Collection!~ (and auction reminder!)

I've been here for a while, and I realised today that I haven't posted my plush collection yet! It's currently taking over our spare room! ^-^

Check under the cut for close-ups and more!~
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oh! Also, a reminder - our kids auctions end in a few days, and there are swtill some without bids (like Charizard~ ^-^) so take a look if you fancy picking up some cheap cuties! There are quite a few old and rare kids, so please check it out!~ - Good luck to everyone bidding! ^0^

Next post - the Poke-cake!


Group Buy?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a group buy on this:

(Click to enlarge)

There is a buy it now on it of 6000 yen, which is just short of $60 American. The Crescent Shop fee would be less than $10, and I don't know what shipping is so if someone could help me out there, that'd be great! ^^ All I want is the Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon, and I am willing to pay a total of the going price for this set I've noticed around here of $25.

Let me know if you're interested, especially if you have a Crescent Shop account as I have no idea how the fees and shipping work.

So, basically I'm putting the idea out there, but need a bit of help organizing it ^^

OH NO, my card collection really isn't complete ;^;

I thought after finally getting my infamous vending sheet lickitung that I had all the current cards that feature the licki family. But today while looking at the bulbapedia image archieves I notice I'm missing one. and a very cute one it is:

I could have sweared I had seen a trainer card featuring him before but I could never figure out which ;.;.

So in short I may only have 75 cents on my paypal right now but I may as well ask if anyone has this card hiding away somewheres and would be willing to part with it?

EDIT: got it, thanks ya'll :>



Seeing as Houston is very close to that little inlet that is in the path of the storm, I may not be on for awhile, nor will I be able to mail anything until it all calms down. I might not have power for a good number of days, and we don't have a generator.

I will have net access until early Saturday morning, but I'm not sure after that.

This is just an update for anyone that participated in the group auction or bought anything from me. ^_^;