September 13th, 2008


cheap clearance lot for sale!

Okay, well, I'm really at the end of my rope trying to sell this stuff, so I figured I'd combine it all into one VERY cheap lot. ^_^;

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Whole lot would be $20 shipped to the U.S. If you are located elsewhere, just tell me and I'll let you know the correct shipping cost.

This is quite a good price for this stuff, especially considering it includes custom items that you'll never find anywhere else! ^__^

Thanks for looking~


sunyshore gym got some new additions today :D!

as you can see, i now own THREE of the bell plushies from the contest a few months ago! as a rabid bell plush and custom plush collector, the fact that the winner was a sunyshore pokemon drove me insane and i finally asked to buy it. almiraswolf and i did a trade and now he is living with me! i feel like i own a piece of pkmncollectors history with this.

my other contest plushies are of course raikou by suikune (joined by chinchou from norkia, not a contest bell plush but still pefect <3) and zap plate arceus by ambertdd!!


hope everyone who pre-ordered platinum enjoys it! i will be getting it in t-minus five hours when the store opens. then, raichu, lions, rotoms, and also jolteon's official update tomorrow! :D
Surfing Pika


I just won a grail of mine! I've been waiting well over a year for this to pop up on Ebay again, after it sold for some big ugly number on Buy It Now, and for years before that it was nowhere to be seen as well. My searches for it kept proving fruitless (though I did nab the life-sized Cyndaquil as well!) and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever show up--and if it did, if I'd be able to afford it.

Photobucket (It's the huge Chikorita!)

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck! It ended over $100 below my max bid (yeah, I aimed a bit high just in case) so I'm thrilled. She'll be the crown jewel of my Chikorita collection. :D Expect everything else in the lot to be for sale in a week or two when I have my sales extravaganza!

*Waits for someone to inevitably say "I was bidding against you on that!"*

Also, the following packages were sent out yesterday:

- resilientspider
- girlunoriginal
- ambertdd
- chronidu
- andyboyh

I hope they get there safely and quickly! Everything else will be shipped when zukan arrive or when eChecks clear. :)

Holy Grails plus my collection almost ready!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say my collection will be up on September 28th on this site, I am just waiting for the last couple of stuff I ordered to come in so watch out for that!

Secondly I am wondering if anyone has my current holy grails. As you can tell I am a massive electivire fan and I have two items I am desperate for. If you have them please contact me!

.Electivire Zukan,
.Electivire Amada sticker where he is crossing his arms(I posted a picture of it in a earlier thread)!

I know they may seem small and stupid but I like them!

Have a great day,

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Auction Time!!

On today's auction block we have:

A Rare Clear Skymin Kids Figure!

Bidding Starts At - $15.00
Buy It Now - $30.00

Shipping is not included, but will run $3.00 in the US, outside the US will vary! 
My next shipping day is Wednesday the 17th!

Auction will end...Monday Afternoon, Eastern Standard Time!

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