September 14th, 2008


Why I like KB Toys

Guess what i found today at the KB Toys in the mall!?

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The second set to the Pokemon TFG! I went in KB Toys to see what pokemon toys they had. i really didn't see anything i wanted until i looked way up on a shelf and saw a bunch of the TFG Next Quest starter sets. i have both sets. but, then i saw one that looked different. i couldn't reach it. ah! so i went to get help from a employee. he reached up and moved the first couple out of the way, and YES! GROUNDBREAKERS starter set! LATIOS! :) i had him look to see if the other starter set was there. sadly, no. but i was VERY happy to get this. i don't know how many people here collect the figures. i have some of the first set and this second set has a lot of pokemon i like in it. but, for some reason someone in charge of releasing these has really screwed up. this set was release but then kind of "taken away". they stopped shipping them out and haven't really done anything since. i hope they go back to releasing them. i really like to collect the figures.

just thought i would share my nice find. have a great day/night everyone! i plan to hopefully post another bigger collection update soon!


The evil looms~

One dark and gloomy night, I found myself wandering further and further into an unfamiliar area. There were mountains... that much I knew as I wandered aimlessly through the pitch black surroundings. Though I could hardly see, my other senses were heightened. I began to suspect that I was not alone. I felt it, like the wind caressing the back of my neck. I froze as the presence came closer. My thoughts ran wild, but one stood out. Would anyone believe me once I returned home? With that burning question deep within the recesses of my mind, I slowly reached for my camera. If I was to die tonight at the hands of whomever or whatever was out there, I was at least going to document it for others to see if they happened upon the camera and my dead carcass. I needed proof.

Suddenly, it appeared! I jumped back and managed to snap a few solitary pictures before it lunged at me, bearing it's razor sharp fangs. I did not know what it was at first. I dodged the beast as best I could, all the while trying to get a better look at it. With the threat of death lurking in the night air, I figured it best to try and make my escape. I had taken enough pictures to prove my sanity. I scrambled to find anything to fend off the beast. Thinking on my feet, I scooped up some fresh dirt within my hand and threw it at the creature in hopes to blind it long enough to make my escape. It worked. The creature squealed in pain and anger. I bolted down the mountain as fast as my feet could carry me. Once I saw the welcoming lights of the town below, I knew I was safe.

So, ladies and gentleman, I give you my proof of the creature I encountered that night. Not knowing it's true given name, I have decided to dub it...

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Auction ends today!~ (plus, a question!)

Our kids auctions end tonight at midnight! (British time - check to see what that is where you are ^-^).  I'll announce the totals including shipping tomorrow :) Most of the kids in the above pictures have no bids ^_^ Good Luck to everyone bidding!

The auctions can be found here~

Also - I'm hopefully going to be posting a sales post tomorrow as I need to raise some money - does anyone know if there is there a big wants list posted anywhere in the community? I'd like to try to help people out if I can ^-^

Groupbuy maybe? 8D

You guys, I've found one of my grails- the only catch is it comes in a group set, and I only want the one....

Mewtwo would be the one I'm having a heart attack over right now. XD I'm not sure how to go about doing this- or even if I need permission. But I'd like to know if anyone would like to go in on this with me for some to the other Zukan in the set? I mean, if I don't get any takers, I'll probably just get it with my next paycheck (BIN $55 with shipping), buuut.... if I can get any help on this and possibly help someone else get a zukan they're after- all the better!

Thanks to superdweed, (omg thankyou) who told me where to find this set for so much friggin' cheaper- The Zukan will now only be $5 each including shipping! :D

A home as been found for each Zukan set, and they should be shipped out from the store to my house very soon! Keep an eye out for an new post when I get these in the mail- that's when I'll be collecting payments and sending them out to everybody who helped- thanks so much you guys! :D

Mewtwo - Me
Celebi - superdweed
Latios & Latias - chatsy
Deoxys - chatsy
Manaphy - ashketchumgirl
Dialga - bugbyte
Ash & Pikachu - pacificpikachu

(Mods, if I'm going about this wrong- please correct me, I've never done this before)

Mail Call!

 Well well I had quite the surprise for me yesterday when I went to the post! Three packages arrived, and on a saturday!

And the Auctioned Kids were one of them! You know what that means! 

Note: I need the Full Post Address of everyone who won from this auction in order to calculate the shipping! So just as soon as you private message me them I can give you your totals! I'm sorry but the program I use to print postage will not allow me to calculate it from the Zip Code alone.

This is also somewhat of a Collection post, and pre-sales post! That's right I got permission to sell things so expect a sales post from me soon!

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Yep! My first Zukan came in the mail as well as several packages from the community! The totodile is SO tiny <3! I was amazed by just how much detail they can put into these tiny figures!

More pokelove baught from the community! As well as a few of my own kids that I dug up to weigh for shipping in case it didn't come soon! The poor Poochyena kid from the auction honestly looks like something tried to bite it's nose off xD; 

Okay so this isn't all my poke-plush but I figured I'd take a photo while moving them. Many of my plush WILL probably be put up for sale since sadly, my collection needs weeding 8c
Note that the Larvitar plush will NOT be sold... ever 8[ thats probably one of if not the favorite pokemon item I own <3 Infact... I'm looking to buy more of them, create an army as it were... 
But the plush like the Pikachu, Azurill, Polliwhirl  and some others not pictured will be up for sale/possible trade, along with much of the Naruto/Bleach/Fruit Basket Plush
I also have a friggin ton of neopets plush I just want to get rid of xD;

And finaly -

My other still packaged Zukan! All of these WILL be going up for sale! I still have 4 packaged Palkia Zukan, a packaged Lucario Zukan, 2 Packaged Crogunk line Zukans, and one Starly line Zukan. I also have a sealed box Skymin Pokekid, and an opened shinx among other things c:

This post is now OVER! You can take a deep breath, you've had a  long journey to the bottom here!</div>

Collection update & small sales post- Image heavy

I received my parcel from Sunyshore yesterday- thanks denkimouse for offering me the doujinshi as well- it is really lovely, and also thanks for the freebies! Photostory features customs & bootleg Raichu:

Bootiful: "I wonder what she's ordered now?"

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And today I went to the carboot sale (as usual)- and to find a stall which is completely covered in Pokemon in the UK is something you could only dream of right? Collapse )

I also bought a few things from the stall that you guys may be interested in- Collapse )

Also I found some cool things on eBay yesterday:
Eeveelution Moneybox Tin -no explanation really
Pokemon Rice Seasoning- I wonder what Pokemon flavoured rice tastes like?
Pokemon Applause Plushes- I know g-manluver found a rare Likitung in these series- maybe there's one you were after in this lot?

WoW - Khadgar

Long Time No Sales Post...

I was wanting to get my collection pages completely updated before I did this, but time is just not on my side and my poor shop is over flowing with "goodies!"

My shop has gotten so big now that I have 3 levels!! To make things easier, everything has been reorganized and categorized!!

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Many Thanks, and I will have a massive collection update coming soon!!!

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photo meme time!

take two pokemon from two different zukan and put them together in a pose!

and be original! or show off how big a certain pokemon is compared to others... or how small!


theme of my photo is "comparing paws" :D
Pokemon: Shinx &amp; Luxray

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LUXRAY. I and probably Gin, among others have been waiting for a photo of this kid for what seems like eons. And it's what, the same damn pose. Dammit Bandai, show some originality!
SO unhappy about this ;o; why do a really cool new pose for the DP sprite then give us this shit?
I don't care much about the rest ;.;

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