September 15th, 2008


Brief Update

(Posting from my cellphone.) Hi guys! This is just a note to members to say that I'm 'okay,' though have been without power (and real internet) for 3 days (and you've got me as to when it is coming back.) I hope the rest of you in my neck of the woods are okay. Furthermore, stuff won't be mailed for probably another week. I don't even know when the post will start running again. (Any stuff I was meant to mail stayed dry, though, and my collection survived, too. XD, though I did move it away from the window.) Anyway, just an update. You may not see me for awhile.
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Kids Auction Results!

Congratulations to everyone who won something in our kids auctions! The winners are listed below - if you are on one of the lucky ones, please comment letting me know where you live and I'll give you your total with shipping! ^-^


chronidu  - Lying Down Pikachu ($2), Non-clear Nidorino ($2), Growlithe ($2), Clear Tauros ($2), Clear Sandshrew ($2) = $10
bergunty  - Surfing Pikachu ($4), Charizard ($2) = $6
phaethon  - Dragonite ($2), Clear Spearow ($2) = $4
devi_white  - Psyduck ($2) = $2
meowthcollector  - Magikarp ($4), Clear Kadabra ($2) = $6
faiarrow  - Porygon ($3) = $3
kiohl  - Eevee ($2) = $2
deadfishie - Clear Poliwag ($2) = $2
regen  - Clear Jynx ($2) = $2
yaoi_queen  - Clear Slowpoke ($2) = $2
yamadahachi  - Clear Weedle ($2) = $2
scarsofsunlight - Clear Metapod ($2) = $2
vulpixlover  - Clear Ninetales ($5), Clear Vulpix ($4) = $9

Suicune Stained Glass

Landmin Collection Site: Official Unveiling!

After getting back into the groove of working on it, I finally got down to photographing each piece of Landmin merchandise I own (minus the ones that are en-route to me), which was the last thing I needed to do before I could open the site. (I still need to make some of the other pages, but they aren't too important. I'll work on the Links page next.)

This is also kinda a collection update, since I've gotten a lot of new additions since my last one. I'm still expecting two items, and SMJed three more, but I'm way too excited to wait. So, without further ado:

I hope you guys like it. ^^;;

I'm also working on a Beast Trio and Absol collection site, but I'm putting off taking pictures of those items since, well, I'm lazy. (Also, in case you get confused, the Network link currently leads to my Saturn collection site, but that will eventually be moved so the url will be a splash page to all three sites.)
Pink Leopard Print


A little girl came into work with her Mum today and she was holding a Pokemon toy of some sort. It was clearly a Happiny, about the size of a kid (I think so anyway, hard to tell when it's in the hands of a 4year old!) but it was on this pink plinth and had a pink background on it too.

As far as I can remember the Mother was from the UK so I'm assuming these toys can be bought here but I've no idea what it is. Maybe a McDonalds toy of some sort? I can't find a picture anywhere so I'm wondering if someone could help me please :)

EDIT: Burger King toys! Trust me not to live anywhere near a Burger King XD Thanks rentorar and stargirlshine </a>

wondering about an item

Long ago, when my licki swarm was but a tiny spec to its size of today. Someone had link me to this particular item.

The particular auction that is was from has long since ended and I haven't seen this figure since. So out of curiousity does anyone know of its origins? Like is it a bootleg? official merch? what company made it? etc... something that would make finding in the future a bit easier.

Also if you happen to own this figure I can't buy it from you right now cuz I'm poor and waiting for too many other packages ;^;. Come back to me in October and will talk lol.

(no subject)

I just want to tell everybody that's ordered from me that your orders were sent out on Friday.

Ironically enough, I was cleaning out my room yesterday and found a small binder full of cards I don't want anymore, so I'm afraid to say I've updated my sales post with a lot of new cards :x

I'd rather re-direct everybody to the main shop instead of juggling two threads at once.

The .50 cents clearance sale is still going on, and I've organized the entire mess I had in my last post, so hopefully browsing and purchasing will be a lot easier for you and me :D

Tomy Deluxe Figures for sale!

Got a few things today actually. First off, I got my Gliscor Zukan from Miss Fuu Chan! Thanks for all the great extras! I got my lot of Deluxe tomy figures in the mail today also, and have a few of them available for sale! After having to fix my car windshield over the weekend from a mishap with a rock on the way home from school, I'm looking to recoup a little bit of lost funds. Under the cut are the figs for sale! Note: these prices aren't set in stone. I know these figures aren't common anymore though.

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It's time for an Auction!!!

THE AUCTION IS NOW OVER! Thanks to all of the bidders! :)

So, I come home today from a job and see my post man... his car in front of my house.

He has a big box in hands and I knew instantly what it was. He explained that the other post woman on our route had left for her route and this box showed up. He figured it was important and hand delivered it to me on his way home from his shift!!! I LOVE HIM! He has been my mailman since I was 13 years old... so for 16 years! lol

Anyways, I signed it for it, made small talk and as soon as he left, I ran into my house squee-ing like a little kid!!! I ripped the box open and I swear I heard Angels sing! *insert heavenly choir music here*

So... This is what I saw when I opened the box:

and that means, I bring you.... Collapse )


Sorry for disappearing for a short while! I'm back as most of you probably worked out. I have some people to pay with paypal, but that's the main reason I'm posting - I have a minor problem with paypal right now. It should only take a few days to fix, but I still wanted to let you all know. I'll eventually get around to a big collection update, as well as a sales post! In the meantime though.

Shaymin Ice Lolly, anyone?
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