September 16th, 2008

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New Around Here

Hi everyone. I'm new to the pkmncollectors community, but I'm definitely not new to Pokemon! I've been an obsessed fan since I was about 9 (and now I'm 20).. :P

I've been collecting the TOMY Monster Collection figures for a while, now. I've also just found out that the vast majority of Pokemon figures offered on eBay are bootlegs.. bummer. D: I guess that would explain why finding either a Magnemite, Magneton or Ponyta (*Ponyta especially!) has been so difficult as of late. All I've been able to find are their ugly, bootleg counterparts.

To make a long story short, I'm a Ponyta collector! If anyone is selling or has come across any of the above mentioned figures, please message me! It would be most appreciated. ^_^

Thanks!!!!! I'll have to get some pictures of my collection soon.. hopefully after class today!

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Contest Entry: The Definition of LuGARio

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Also, regarding the bell keychain auction: My SMJ box should arrive any day now, and I'll put the remaining keychains up for sale (I will combine shipping~) before shipping everything. Thank you for your patience; next time I do a group buy, I'll use Crescent instead of ridiculously slow SMJ. x_x

anuvia and friskavk! I still haven't received payment from either of you~ D:
Vegeta Hrmph

Sorry for confusion

I just wanted to let everyone know that in my auction... the "mini" figures are INDEED ZUKANS! I was unaware of this and called them minis. I have updated the pics, and captions.

So, go and check it out! There is a Cresselia and Dialga Zukan over there! :)

Thanks for the help for those of you who gave me info!
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Big long post o.o

First off, thanks majoradrakken, I got the Turtwig plush yesterday, and OMG freebies <3 You are awesome. :D

Soooo, this last weekend I went back home to pick up some things I'd left there when I moved down here in a hurry. :3 Among these were my computer, my guitar, my lightsaber, my yukata, and this:

BIG BAG OF POKEMON. (And this wasn't even all of it XD) I don't even know how I've managed to acquire all this, but acquire it I have. o.o However, my apartment is small and I need to free up some space, so the biggest plushes, along with some that don't really get any lovin's from me, will have to go. :/

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And, now for the sales. o.o

Policies are here:
My feedback thread is here:

As always, haggling is 100% acceptable. :)

[edit] For some reason, the lj-cuts aren't working properly. :( Just scroll around till you find what you're looking for, or ctrl-F for it. o.o
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Now, some auctions for the bigger stuff. :3

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*whew* I commend you if you got through all that. :) Thanks for looking, and for helping me clear up space!! My collection has outgrown my room. :X
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Another question, because I'm clueless ^_^;;

I've found my Pokemon cards from about 10 years ago and I'm thinking about selling some of them here, certainly the duplicate ones I've got and I think I might go through them and see which ones I don't want anymore. Obviously I'll ask for permission to make a sales post.

My question is essentially how do I know which cards are worth what? They're all the ones from 10 years ago as I've not bought any of the newer ones since then, and I understand the little symbols in the bottom right hand corner, circle being common, diamond being uncommon and star being rare (correct me if I'm wrong please!)

But at the bottom right of the image, just under it, on some of my cards there are little flowers, a footprint of some sort, some don't have any, some have a little Pokeball with a big 2 behind it and one appears to have Team Rockets R (but without the name being "Team Rockets insertpokemonname") my problem is that back then when I was into cards I didn't bother to find out what it all meant so I've absolutely no idea now lol!

Also, on the other side of them little logos some cards have 'edition 1' on them.

If anyone could tell me anything or even direct me to somewhere where I could find this out I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you!

help? :>

I know this may be going out on a limb but I happened to browse Y! Japan for the first time and saw this

I really want them<3

the problem is I'm not allowed to open a SMJ account D: If anyone could possibly try to get them for me I'd BE SO GRATEFUL;-;(And I'd pay for all fees!) I'm more interested in the latios, so I'd be willing to split the cost if whoever helped wanted the latias. I'd also be willing to throw in a free plush commission :] thanks to anyone in advanced!

OH btw everyone who bought from me, I'll be sending the first half of shipments out tomorrow<3

This is an introduction!

Hello thar, I'm Ivyon and this is the third time I've typed up an intro post! Hopefully this time I post it! If I don't....well....hopefully I do! SOOO! I should probably introduce myself....or else this intro post would probably not be an intro post, would it? As you already know, I am Ivyon, I am probably of the human species, and, obviously, I'm a pokemon fan! Well...more of an addict. But eh, fact is, I like pokemon a very very lot! I'm currently into collecting zukans....cause dude....they're awesome!! At the moment, I have......a very lot of them. Name a zukan, I probably have it. If not, I'm all "RAWRAWRAWRMUSTGETNAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" about it! : D In addition to zukans, I also collect the occasional pokedoll, shiny pokemon (gotta love doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over in a game until a sparkley pokemon appears), cards, know...the ones that are all about the same size and used to come in three packs with the little GBC that shot out a little red ball on a string painted like a masterball. ....Anyways. Yep, thas it collections wise. Um....oh. Some more info about me! I'm 18, I've stalked this place for a while cause its fun looking at people's collections, and I have very little idea how to use livejournal correctly! And thas it! I'm done! No more for now! Dun beat me with shovels please!