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18 September 2008 @ 03:04 am

Hooray group auction!
These are cute little Pokeblocks! They are ONLY available in this set and are quite rare!
The auction right now is pretty cheap but it also ends very soon... so the (group/this) auction ends at 12 AM MST September 19th. (To clarify, a bid placed at 11:59 PM would be accepted, and one placed at 12 AM would not)

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU BID: I can only take PayPal for payments, and I will calculate fees and what not into final price because I am using a deputy. So like for example, if you win a block at $6, it might be a little bit more because of fees (or it's possible it'll stay the same or go lower if auction goes cheap!). I will either make a post or message winners when payment is due. Payment won't include shipping from my house to your's btw. I'll bother you again about that. :D
Also, unless you reply to the bid before yours, I WON'T accept or acknowledge your bid (except maybe replying to remind you).
Minimum bid increment be one dollah.


Here we gooo!
Roark block- MINE :D Sorry. (Paying $7 towards him)
Cranidos block- Starts at $4
Roserade block- Starts at $4
Gardenia block- Starts at $5
Maylene block- Starts at $5
Lucario block- Starts at $4
Ash block- Starts at $5
Pikachu block- Starts at $4

Um... if you want the uh... scenery blocks whatever... just... ask or something.

18 September 2008 @ 12:03 pm
small but awesome raichu updates! :D

18 September 2008 @ 02:11 pm
I should be making a postal run relatively soon, but this is just a notice that nothing else has been mailed yet.

Under the cut is a tiny sales thread as well - I won't be shy about this, but due to the hurricane I'm really lacking in some funds - (getting gas around here is atrocious.)


Read more...Collapse )

Also, some recent additions to my collection.


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18 September 2008 @ 03:20 pm
I'm currently making room for some BIG plush, so I'm cleaning out my current collection of great quality items I just don't have any room for. Check it out~

18 September 2008 @ 03:45 pm

I feel like I make one too many of these posts. D: I just want to apologize for my absence and for neglecting my duties as a mod and member. I have been pretty sick recently, not to mention stressed and mentally unwell. blahblahblah my needs, I don't want to get too personal here.

I had to pay for a SURPRISE DOCTOR BILL, causing me to drain my PayPal for the monies so to anyone I have stuff on hold with and have not told yet - I am REALLY sorry for this. ._. I did not expect this to happen when I ordered the items and if you would like to put those things back on sale, feel free! I will definitely be able to pay within the week or next, when all of this gets settled.
In addition, all packages have been sent and I apologize for taking long with that as well.

While I am an avid follower of the 'no shout-out posts' rule, I decided this would be a lot easier. :B

That's that. 8D I am going to do a bit of cleaning up now - checking the Member Feedback and Contact Page and whatnot.

Thanks for understand and everything~ <3

~ Sam
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Lati Queen
18 September 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Everyone who bought from me your items have been shipped! except


small delay in shipping due to packaging, your plushes should be shipped no later than saturday or monday :> sorry for the delay ^^;;
18 September 2008 @ 04:48 pm
1. I saw an item for my collection that's a pretty decent price at amazon.com. But I've never shop there before. So I ask is it a safe site to buy from?  seems to be safe xD thanks for the info

2. It be very hard for me to make a Yahoo auction Japan account diddledad *read the tutorial* so is it permissible to ask a member with one to buy the item for me and in exchange I could give them a couple extra $ for their time?

3. How in the heck do you search Y.auction Japan to start with? I don't get japanese O.o  I see :o
Rythen Eugea
18 September 2008 @ 04:56 pm
So I decided I needed a Darkrai Lv X so I went to Target and bought me a tin.
And two Legends Awaken packs.

ALSO, as someone had said before, Target has these little cheapy boxes of old packs of cards. I found a VS pack of about 30 cards (a half deck in a booster like pack). For A DOLLAR. Definitely worth checking out if you have Targets nearby. (the ones near me had lots of DBZ and Naruto cards).

BUT I have some cards to sell off~
CardsCollapse )

Normal rules apply, etc. I don't want to hold for very long, maybe a day at the most.
PLEASE no eChecks x.x

I also have some more items left here if'n your interested

AND ALSO (scatterbrained today lol) they have Mewtwo LvX tins. I may be very dumb/slow to have not noticed this before. THey had none, or I would have just flat out gotten that for the hell of it instead of a Darkrai xD

On a collection note, nothing interesting has happened D:
I keep spending my money on non-collection items >_>
I'm kinda bad at that.
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18 September 2008 @ 05:23 pm
This was suppost to be up a while ago o.o
Anyway I recieved a couple of packages off killerjaw01 and pheonixxfoxx thankyou very much!! ^V^ ^V^

Click to see what I got! + small collection updatesCollapse )

Next is my small collection update which include: Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, Munchlax/Snorlax, Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile, Latios/Latias and Lugia lines ^^

Collections ^^Collapse )
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Sui Kune / スイ ・ クン
First off, I uncovered more about the mystery 80+ days in the making, of my missing Shaymin straps from SMJ. When asking for a refund, they said the straps were combined with a pair of Skymin straps I never ordered, from the same seller. Since chances are good they belong to a user here, did the owner of these straps ever receive them, and if so, did they come with these Landmin straps? Chances are if they did, they might've already been sold off or sent back or whatever, but it's worth a shot.

And onto some more major collection news from me. This time, I got in the groove and finally finished my Beast Trio and Absol collection site! It is the sister site to Glacidea no Hana, and I present you:

I hope you guys like it. ^^;; Sorry in advance for many blurry photos, my camera was being a bitch last night. I'll retake the really bad ones sometime.
Because ponies...
Hey guys! As the title implies, I have stuff to report. Most of which has to do with a collection update.

First off, I'd like to show you a psycho ebay seller selling that large Pika plush from TRU at an outrageous price. Seriously, that plush isn't rare yet, so there is no need to spike the price. Make an offer, my ass! ^^;

Next, I have a question for you all. The Suncoast store in my mall is selling random cards. For $3.99, you get a holo promo and 15 useless random cards. Well, I saw a promo I had never seen before except on ebay. This promo is quite rare so I've heard. The one I happen to have is, what seems to be, an error version of the card. Here is a pic of it in it's error glory. As you can see, the bottom attack says BikaBika. I've looked on the net and found the corrected one which clearly says PikaPika as the attack. Being that mine is an error, does that mean it's worth more? Stupid question, I know. ^^; Usually error cards are worth more than their corrected counterparts. Just thought I'd ask. This card is selling for over $30 right now all over the net, so I guess I was lucky to nab it at $3.99? :) If anyone here is close to a Suncoast store, I highly recommend stopping by to see if they have this card.

I received some items in the mail over the past couple of days from comm members. ^_^ I will thank those people under the cut, along with a couple of pics.

Pika Pika shtuff and zukanCollapse )

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Hi yesterday was like christmas in september!! xDD I got three packages yesterday... it was a very great day:

What is in the boxes???

Find out clicking here!! ((Clickie))Collapse )
18 September 2008 @ 09:02 pm

Hey all!

Group auction for above Pokeblocks ends in 3 hours! Only two blocks have bids, so many are up for grab still! :D Go go go!
18 September 2008 @ 09:06 pm
Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to remind everyone of the kids/zukan auction going off tomorrow at midnight.

You have about 27 hours left... so jump on over and put in your bids!

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18 September 2008 @ 10:59 pm
Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I'm back at University now, term hasn't started yet but I moved up to get used to my new house! Ani (aka kiraras_lemon ) is here, staying for a week, and we're having general fun relaxing, watching anime and dorking out. We haven't got internet in the house but luckily my Uni has a 24/7 computer room that has net access. So I thought on one of our late-night visits I'd update here!

befoere I get onto all the Pokemon-related news, etc. I have something important to say ;-; I know it's off topic, but to me it's important so~ Please bear with it ^^;;

To all the people who were in Pkmncollectors chat on Sep. 5th around 2am GMT~ Thank you. For those of you who were there, you already know what happened, for those of you who weren't, kiraras_lemon</lj>  and I got engaged, in chat. We've been dating for around 4 years now, and as a same-sex couple we've been subjected to a lot of harrassment of varied kinds, mostly from our parents who simply do not support us at all. We have support from our friends which, I simply cannot be more grateful for. But in all honesty, in my entire life, I have never, never felt more touched. A collective group of people who I barely know, gave well wishes and good luck, and support and care in a way that I, frankly, did not expect or anticipate. Such earnest, sincere, heartfelt condolences, such a wide-spread collective, sincere well-wish was... heart melting. It was truly beautiful and I can't even begin to describe how much that meant to me, to us. Because of our friends, and the strength they give us, we've been able to get this far, we're that little bit stronger and we can make it so much easier. So truly. Thank you all.

Enough mush! xD On with the Pokemon!

Before I moved out I received soemthing green, pointy and cute in the mail...What was it?!

PHOTOSTORY UNDER, Photo heavy warning xDD
The arrival of NeaCollapse )
And now some other things....

Collecting update/Re-arrangementCollapse )
And something else! I have a few things  for sale. As well as on my Pokemon and Sailor Moon sales page (Go onto my main LJ: the sales post is stickied near the top ^^), I have Some Mystery Dongeon Diorama gashapon for sale, aaand a copy of Pokemon Ranger. More details:

Read more...Collapse )
And that's all from me! I leave you with one final image! It's not Pokemon related but...what the heck it's cute x33

SmoochumsCollapse )
Take care everyone!

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