September 20th, 2008


Auction Results and Payment needed

Hey guys! Thanks so much for bidding on my auctions.

I have a list here of who got what and who owes what.

eknock - Articuno $10
deadfishie - PAID Thanks!
chaosoftwilight - PAID Thanks!
heenz - Entei, Dialga Zukan - $14
zachary_sparkle - PAID Thanks!
blackjackrocket - Chatot Zukan - $6
ashketchumgirl - PAID Thanks!
chronidu - PAID Thanks!
phaethon - PAID Thanks!
dorkemon - Yanma/Yanmega - $9

All payments can be made to me at lor[at] Make sure to put your username in the notes and what you got. And please don't be alarmed when paying. My paypal is registered under my business name... so it will say L.Beard Photography. You are in the right account! haha

Thanks guys!
For those who pay over the weekend, I will be shipping out Monday or Tuesday... If you wish to pay anyway other than paypal, shoot me a message and we will work it out!

Also Mods, could I get a section for feedback? I want to start building mine up! Thanks!!!!

I came in peace


Even though i've been watching this place for AGES, this is the first time i dare to post something...HECK, i allways tried to write something but i got nervous and cried in the corner. This is mostly thanks to ShinyVulpix from Deviantart who sent me the tutorials for this place ( how to make cuts and all )~ <3
So please excuse me for being a lil confused about this place and how things work ( sells, Yahoo!Japan, HTML codes and other stuff ). I will catch up somehow ;w;


Vap is the name, Vaporotem for long~
I've been a Pokemon fan ever since it came to my place in 1999 when i was 13 and i dont see an end to it ( im 22 now..daaamnnn )c:
I noticed that many people in here focus on some kind of pokemon and collect anything they can find about that poke, but i mostly just collect what ever i think looks cool/rare/ or i just love xD

My main collectings are Plushies and Pokemon Kids and after seen so many auctions of Kids lots in Yahho!J, i must learn how to use it >:[

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...They should srsly make a Mawile plush.

Zukan Collection Post Huzzah!! Now with my entire collection! hours of working with a crappy camera, I managed to get pictures of my zukan collection! However, since there's so many pictures, and they're all kinda big....I'm only posting my favorite sets out of my collection. I'll probably post an entry in my journalpagethingymajig with all the pics later if anyone wants to see all of them. But anyways....onto the collection! I apologize for the crappyness of the pics as well as the crappy setup of the figures for the picture. My camera sucks batteries like crazy, even when its off, and due to my zukan expenses....I really don't have the cash to buy more batteries so yeah! These are the best I could get. Hope they don't make your eyes bleed~

...Oh...and if I did something wrong in this post, somebody please mention it so I can fix.

EDIT: ....Yanno what? I'm gonna post all my zukan pics here....because....well...why the heck not? I spent forever takin them pics man!

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150 TOMYs~ Almost.

Firstly -

flag! Received Squirtle! Thanks so much, and for the extra pan sticker :D I'll let you know as soon as I ship Beedrill (Which will be early next week). Thank you for being patient and awesome!
taycs - Have you shipped Monferny out yet? It's been over a month but I haven't gotten him yet ;___;

Also, Paypal have told me my account should be back tomorrow. This applies to shiny_vulpix and happyjolteon :3

Aaaand, the main post.

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So, you've probably noticed 3 empty gaps in here. I am frantically searching for them to complete the collection (I am aware of the others - Eg. Zangoose and Giratina both being #111, but I just want 1-150 of the buggers in order for now).
The ones I need are #48 (Regirock), #110 (Flygon) and #67 (Carnivine). Before I go looking on eBay, does anyone here have these for sale?

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Firstly I just wanted to say thank you to prguitarman for holding onto some merch until I could get the funds to pay for them. I got the cards yesterday, thanks for the freebies too! <3

I also received the Skarmory and Blaziken zukan, but I was a little confused; the base for blaziken has peg holes, but blaziken himself has none, so he's just standing on it. ^^; Is it supposed to be that way?

Secondly, I've realized I'm a whore for Skarmory too. XD I'm going to make an all-bird team one day, I swear.

So if anyone has a Skarmory kid or other goods available, please let me know! X3 I'm still expecting the big Skarmory tomy in the mail~ <33