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22 September 2008 @ 09:26 am
Finally finished Phoenixfoxx's 20" fleece sitting Purugly! There's a wire in the tail, too. Whiskers = pipe cleaners.

Ra-rooowwwwr!Collapse )
22 September 2008 @ 10:10 am
xDD Wow
I hope it okay I'm the third to post a hello thread
Anyways Hi! I'm super excited about being a part of this community now c:
I joined Lj just so I could join xDD *fail*
But I'm a super pokenerd
I have been since I was in the first grade
All the cool kids were doing it 8D
anyway Im a sophomore in Highschool now and still love pokemon to DEATH I pretty much only collect plushies now and I know its a pretty out there thing to do but I love most all the pokemon so I'm hoping to one day have a majority of all the pokemon but in plush form YAY!
I used to collect figures though and I still have a couple of my favorite pokemon scattered around my room, but I really need the money for plushies so maybe in the future I'll see if I can figure out this selling thingy and maybe even trades if we can do that c:
ANYWAY enough about me I'm not THAT interesting xDD

not super image heavy but the images are kind of big!

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22 September 2008 @ 12:21 pm
Ok my post yesterday didnt work out... but well i was exploring the internet and saw this beauty:

Does anyone kno anything about it?? im kinda looking for it!! do you know what size is it?? ^_^

Thanks a lot everyone!!
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22 September 2008 @ 12:34 pm
Hi there~ <3
My name is Iza but I'd like to call me 'Ishy'. I live in Poland so I may make many mistakes so please don't rush on me... ^^" I've been watching this community for a long time and then decided to post the first entry. Nice to meet you all anyway. x3 I've fallen in love with Pokemon since i was 10 years old( -///////-) and i still like them. My favourite ones are:
Shaymin Sky Forme, Chimchar, Shinx, Rotom, Glaceon, Gliscor and Shaymin Land Forme.
I have an account on deviantArt too. You can see there loads of Pokemon pictures so please look in~

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22 September 2008 @ 01:24 pm
I don't really play the TCG, I just pick up cards with beautiful artwork here and there.

So this is the one I'm currently really excited about. Does anyone have one they might be willing to sell? <3

Just thought I'd check here before ebay, because you guys rock :D
Thank you! ^_^
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22 September 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Hehhehe, after watching this community for a while I finnaly found the courage to post something ^^"
First, a little bit about myself ^_^

I'm a pokefan from Slovenia! I love to collect all sorts of things and pokemon are one of my favourite pasttimes, especialy all water type! I just love Squrtle and it's evolutions! My twin sis, the bulba fan, is up here too! XD

I have been a pokefan since I was small and saw a german episode of Ash and Pikachu meating at Oaks. Then I started to collect everything I could get my greedy hands on. It's so hard to find Poke stuff here in Slovenia, except the games, but they come very late too T_T

That's one of the reasons why my colection is so small, to be thruthfull, I'm very sad ower the fact that I can't find more Squirtle merchandice that I could afford or that would ship all the way to me TT_TT

But now to the fun part! My collection!

my collection ^^Collapse )my collection ^^Collapse )
That's all for now. ^^

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22 September 2008 @ 03:47 pm
I just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta last night so I've come back with pictures of my little pokemon haul. :D

New things; plus some other stuff under here!Collapse )
22 September 2008 @ 03:55 pm
99% of packages were mailed today - YAY!

There are only two boxes that haven't been, and they will be mailed later this week. :D

Just figured I'd give you all an update. Apologies for the delay, but they're finally coming your way!
22 September 2008 @ 05:11 pm
So... How often do you guys dust your collections?

...I was checking out my Darkrai figures and they were so dusty. dsfdsgfd Ugh.
So I cleaned them all individually. Do you guys have any tips about dusting collections?

Still got a bunch of things for sale over here :D
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Denali Lobita
22 September 2008 @ 10:04 pm
So... AWA was basically freaking AWESOME. :D
I cosplayed as a gijinka Growlithe and ran around with my friends who were dressed as Flint, Roark, Volkner, a Rocket Grunt, and Cooltrainer male. xD You probably already saw some of wolvenillusion's pictures!

Pictures of things I bought, people I met, and costumes!Collapse )

I'll be making another post in a minute with some auctions. It seems like something that should be separate.

That con was so much fun! I'm very glad to meet you and see so many Pokemon dorks in one place. It was like heaven. ♥
Denali Lobita
22 September 2008 @ 10:20 pm
So at the con, I managed to pick up some kids and a friends plush for you guys! :D
Paypal only!
Shaymin, Skymin, and Palkia goods under the cutCollapse )

I also have a Skymin Friends plush, mint in box, which I'll set up an auction for. The auction will be in the comments section... place a bid by replying to the person who commented before you. There will be a separate thread for bidding, so place all bids there or they won't be counted.

Bidding starts at $6. Shipping is still a flat $3.
Auction will end at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday night!