September 23rd, 2008

I recieved a message from YesAsia and I do not know what to make of it

Remember the Glaceon, Leafeon plushes that everyone pre-ordered from, well today I recieved an email from them and I was wondering if I was the only one to recieve it.

For order 5153138, we are sorry to tell you that the expected ship date for Pokemon : Pokemon Plush Doll SP Glaceon has been extended to Nov/09/2008 due to a change in the manufacturer's production schedule.

As you may know, many Japanese toy and hobby products are produced in small lots, and manufacturer schedules are often uncertain. Because of this, when a retailer has sold out of inventory, it often takes some time before product replenishment is possible. works within this framework to the best of our efforts to provide the widest range of Japanese products possible, but sometimes delays are unavoidable.

We hope that you will keep your order with us, and we will ship the product as soon as it becomes available.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Service Department Ltd.
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Partial Collection Update (including holy grail! ^________^)

I need to make a full collection update at some point, but for now I figured I'd update with the zukan I've received recently! Sorry about the blurriness, my camera didn't want to focus on all of them at once. :( And please excuse them all sitting on my POTC Pirates Dice box, since it was the only flat surface around when I felt like taking the pic. ^_^ So without further ado:

I received the Drifloon/Drifblim set a few weeks ago from latiro, and it's so cute! :D My sister likes the Drif's, so I pick up some of their merch for her every now and then. ^_^ Thanks so much, latiro! Is there somewhere for me to leave you feedback?

Friday was Zukan Day for me because I received my zukan from both giant Zukan auctions at the same time! I received Zigzagoon/Linoone and Prof. Oak from kiraras_lemon and the Slakoth set, Murkrow set, Duskull set, and Scyther from pacificpikachu. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on organizing these auctions! :3

Back in August I received my HOLY GRAIL OMG from 99reddrifloons (to whom I now owe my first born child to), the beautiful Ponyta/Rapidash zukan! :D:D:D:D!!1!!! Being a fire equine collector is tough, what with the lack of merch, so I am ecstatic to obtain such a lovely rendition of their greatness. ^____^

So there's my update for now! I will have a full collection update some day, I promise. The plush portion of my collection is probably the most significantly altered. :D
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Regarding bell keychains

Hey, all-

I thought I'd let everyone know that bell keychains will be sent out tomorrow at the latest. Once more, I apologize for the delay, as I've been having internet problems all week and my transportation is limited, but I'm trying to have everything packed up and shipped out ASAP. As such, I won't be making a sales post anytime soon, meaning the remaining bell keychains will be sold at a later date. I really apologize for the long wait involved in this. ._.

Also, anuvia - I've tried all I could to try to get in touch with you for the Totodile bell keychain payment, but as I haven't received any word from you, I'll have to cancel the transaction. ;_;

A trade?

I was looking at my Raichu TCG collection and realized I only need two more English cards 'till it's completed (then I'll start collecting 1st editions, reverse holos and the Japanese versions... but that's another thing completely xDD). So, does anybody have the Base Set 2 Raichu and/or Skyridge Raichu (holographic version, i.e. H25) in mint condition? I'm willing to do a trade for anything listed here or here.


Group Kids Auction?

Hiya! This is yaoi_queen  using my other account. :)

I recently came across an auction for kids. I'd like to know if anyone is interested in taking part. I will list off the ones I am claiming.

Claimed by me: Manectric, Lucario, clear Raichu, Butterfree, Ditto, and Milotic

It seems like Articuno is damaged. =/ The bottom half is mysteriously missing. The others look just fine, though. All of the kids will be $4 each, except for Abra and Snubbel who are clear versions. They are $5 each. Shipping will be a flat $2 for kids shipped within the US. Please inquire about international shipping as they will vary by location. This auction ends in about 6 hours, but I don't need you guys to rush on decision making. I really want to win this auction for Manectric. :3 So, even after it's over, you guys can pop in and claim something. I won't ask for payments now. I'm well aware of the uncertainty that comes from sniping. Someone may come across it and do so. I can plead all I want to you guys to please avoid bidding if you come across it, but I know that all is fair game. I will extend my hand in defeat to the rightful winner if the time comes.

But, anyway, I will list off what is claimed by whom as they come. :) Thanks for looking!

Ralts/Delcatty: broken_chan
Articuno: chaosoftwighlight
Metagross: miss_fuu_chan
Barboach: mizu_rei
Clear Abra: meowthcollector
Clear Snubbel: dinosaurgomeow

UFO Halloween Plush Group Auction?

I owe SMJ a bunch of money at this point anyhow, why not add to it! I'm interested in the Crogunk in this set. The others would be available for sale. I'm thinking after fees, and shipping, each plush would be around 15 total. if anyone is interested, post here:



The auction ends in 18 hours, so we need to work fast.
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[Jesus christ it's a lion//]

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Now down to buisness;
To everyone still waiting on zukan from the hugeass GA; The majority have already been sent out, they should have already reached you, or be there iminently! I have spoken privately to several people regarding the zukans, but I'd like to say publically: Everyone will get their zukan. I'm not doing a runner with your money. I've just had a rather stressful few weeks ^^;;

From my lists currently, I think there are about of about 5 packages left to go out. Two are from the original reserves list, and the remainder are people who won zukan over both auctions.

I'm truly sorry for the delay, but life happens. Thankyou for your continued patience and I should have a line drawn under this very soon X3

Note and a question.

To all Americans who ship directly from the post office (i.e. not online or anything), in case you were not aware, post office employees were ordered to stop offering first class shipping to customers ( They still have it, however, they will not mention it and you have to ask for it yourself. Just a note to those of you used to them using first class automatically. You may miss them slapping a priority mail price tag on your package. Some post office employees may not be aware of this ~new rule~, though. Just keep an eye out.

Does anyone have any good methods for getting permanent marker off of kids figures without damaging them? I am having a temporary lapse and can't remember if I have asked this here or not, but, um, I'm askin' again. :B Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser seems to be the #1 suggestion on Google, but I am curious if anyone has any different ideas? I have tried nail polish remover and the dry erase marker trick, but neither of them worked. Thank you!

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 Alright so the plush auction is ending in 2 and a half hours!

So now is the time to get those last bids in!

Also, Most all prices have been lowered in my shop! Still many Plush/Figures/Zukan for sale there!

Edit: Also! My feedback place is now up! For those who have bought from me/I have bought from, I'd really appreciate the feedback!


Bah I just tried to win A leafeon plush on ebay but someone wanted it a LOT more than I did 61$
Too much for me
Of course If I had that money I'd have gotten it but It's my dads money so I'd feel bad for going any higher than that :cc
I'm a tad bit bummed D:

On another note I got my ho-oh pokedoll in the mail yesterday I'll try to get some pictures of it soon
Maybe when I get some more cc:

And I was wondering even though I'm kind of new if it'd be okay If I put up some stuff for trade maybe? I'm pretty sure I have to ask about selling (which I also wanna do but I'm a little nervous I've never sold stuff on the internet before)
But If it's okay I'd love to put some of my stuff up for trade c:
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This Pokedoll from happyjolteon actually got to me about a week ago, but I've been lazy about uploading its picture. However, this item is the closest thing I've ever had to a grail and I'm still super excited that I own it ;A; I never ever thought I'd find it at a reasonable price. I see it every day and it gives me the warm fuzzies.

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Kids Collection and Shop Update!~

It's finally time to show the community our Pokekids collection! Follow Ash and his Gira-steed!~ (Gira: One wrong move boy and you're toast! )

Warning! Very image heavy under the cut!

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Also today, I've updated Safari Zone with some new things! There are new items in the Kids, TCG, BK toys and 'Other' sections, and two new sections with items: Zukan and Japanese Promo items! Highlights from the update include a Skymin purse and Leafeon kid - Click on the image below to visit the store! ^-^

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This weekend was fantastic for flea market finds. I got the 5 plush and the Pikachu dogtag, pictured above, for $12. No shipping, no handling, no tax, and no waiting for the mailman.

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Also, I was wondering about this Venusaur plush. I'd love to get my hands on one, but is it really worth that much? Is there someplace else to get for less than that? I've searched and used all of my google-fu but have come up empty.

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Hi pkmncollectors!

I just wanted to give an update on the huge zukan auction from a while back. I had to order more packaging materials so I'm waiting for those, and aside from that my life is in utter chaos at the moment. D: As a result, it might be a while before I'm able to send out the zukan that I haven't sent yet. I sincerely apologize to all of you, and I'll probably be doing more mailing around a week or a week and a half from today if all goes well. Thanks to all of you for being patient with me--life is kind of swallowing me whole right now and I'm extremely stressed out. D:

Just be assured that you will get your zukan, even if it takes me another week or two (or three if things get really chaotic) to get them sent. It takes much longer to package and send them than one would expect and I have so many things I need to focus on and not a lot of time to do so. I may have to have a sales post next week as well, and those who haven't received your zukan yet would be getting combined shipping if you spot anything you like. :)

Anyway, I'm sorry again for the delay and I hope you understand. Thanks again for participating and I assure you you'll be getting your zukan sometime within the next month at most.
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So I'm looking to finally get off my duff and complete my ex Team Rocket Returns reverse holo set.

Here's what I need:

#2 Dark Ampharos
#5 Dark Houndoom (I actually have this one, but it's really scuffed)
#15 Dark Dragonite
#80 Voltorb

And the ex and bonus cards I still need:

#96 Rocket's Articuno ex
#99 Rocket's Mewtwo ex
#103 Rocket's Sneasel ex
#106 Rocket's Zapdos ex
#107 Mudkip Star
#108 Torchic Star
#109 Treecko Star

And does this edition of Here Comes Team Rocket! come in reverse holo? If so I'd like that too.

In return, I can trade cards, but I've got a whole bunch from the beginning to the start of Holon. I've also got misc figures I could trade:
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I could also pay, but we'd have to work out a fair price.