September 24th, 2008

Pokemon Woodsies

I've been making these things for quite some time now and even taught classes how to make them at one of the many kids classes I teach at Michaels as well as bringing them to kids parties for the kids to do as a craft.I made a whole bunch up and decided to see if I could sell them at Anime Weekend Atlanta at there Super Happy Fun Sell event and to my surprise I sold quite a few..What they are,are Pokemon made out of Woodsies, little wooden shapes that I place and glue together to make a certain Pokemon, I then paint them up and then spray them with a clear varnish to seal and give a nice gloss to them.I then either make them into a pin you can wear or place a magnet on the back so you can put it on your fridge or any metal surface.I sold them at different prices since some can take up to 20 wooden pices to put together while some are only 2 pieces. Some are alot bigger then others as well too.They range between 2 to 5 bucks with $1.00 for shipping.So if anyone would like one let me know,I can make pretty much any pokemon there is out there, Here is just a sample of ones I have done so far.

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Yay! First Post!

Hi everyone! I have to apologize in advance because I need to center my entries, and I think it just looks weird if they're not. O_o Also, three days ago I was RebelSong88, but I changed my name because I NEEDED to. I've had that name for AGES, and needed a new one. Saku Teiki is the first book ever written about gardening. XD Yeah, me = dork.

I just realized this takes up soooo much space, so my intro is getting a cut too.

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So, I thought I'd "finally" post my introduction post and my "collection" (well, it's more than two items of the same Pokemon, so I suppose it's a collection) as well as my two cross-stitched Pokemon. ^__~

Here's my cross-stitched Mudkip. I'll let you guess what my other one might be. ^_~

Image heavy, but they're all pretty tiny, so... your choice. ^__^ <3

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Both cross-stitches are currently hanging out on the bulletin board of my dorm room's door. :) Along with some print-outs of Hikari and Shaymin. <3 <3 <3

Um... wants? I want more Jirachi figurines. If anyone has any they'd like to pass over to me, I'm open. I also love SHEEP and I'm totally sad that I don't have any Mareep or Flaffy stuffs yet. T__T I also have some Jirachi TCG cards, but I haven't photographed those yet; they're hanging out in my desk drawer. I also don't have a good place to organize my collection; my fishtank and printer take up a lot of the space on my desk... -_-;;

I love you all!

[edit] I was just searching on eBay and I realized I laugh inside whenever I see a listing for "all 386 Pokemon!!!!" because there's more now. I'm a simple creature. Sometimes.

Not good, but not bad either

So.. Bad news first.
Juumou! I got your figure cases, but the smaller one came like this..

TT^TT Baawww.. Stupid mail brokes my stuff! Mah precious little case..

Good news is~!
Bigger case didn't broke, it only got a crack there.

and I got the Suicune pin from Phoenixxfoxx! Yay!

I should do a new collection post since I have got so much new Poké stuff.


A tradigal school shooting happened yesterday in country where I live, Finland. I'm devastating how something like that could happend here and this is the second time, first one happened last year.
More information:

Yes, that didn't had anything to do with Pokémon, but I still wanted to tell about it.
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Any Electivire items?

Hi everyone, ,

For starters I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out with the lickilicky questions. I am excited to start collecting him soon!

Next up, does anyone have any items of electivire they may want to sell. I practically accept everything legit(except banpresto plush, electronic figure, glittery amada sticker)because I have those. So anything would be appreciated!

Thanks again,


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Late night Wal Mart trips at my school have always been an amusement, because, no joke, we have pretty much nothing else in the city to do at night unless you drink. Well, our claw machines there never have anything good, ever. Recently I saw the Toy Factory Pikachu in the machine and thought it was ugly as sin. Last night when I walked in, I saw the plush that I wanted, and of course, it was pretty much impossible to grab because it was wedged between the back of the glass and another plush. I spend 3.00 with no luck. I walk down to the other end of the store to see if there is one at this machine.....THERE IS! And it looks a lot easier to get. So we shop, and I get some ones back in my change to play. 3.00 more later, still nothing. Damn these machines. Seems when there's something I don't want for the hell of it, I can win it. When I really want something, fate laughs at me. So I put in one more dollar, and don't win the first time. The second time, however.....I finally get it. What is it? The cut has the answer Collapse )


So, Paypal are still being weird. I can only send money out if I have it in my pp account. Which means... I'll be having a sales post later today, at 10:35pm GMT time (Or whenever Fonejacker finishes).

Also, thanks to all those for the good luck wishes and comments on my Tomy MC collection! Here's hoping I can get hold of the last ones :D

Meanwhile, I don't believe I ever posted my last SMJ order, or my Shaymin haul from Japan (though I did show you the Tomy side of it). So let's fix that.

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Now, the Shaymin & Skymin haul :D Along with bonus! Halloween haul! I'll have a proper Shaymin collection photo soon.

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And that's all from me until later then!

I Know It's Been Awhile ^^;;; has been awhile...and this post is to say that, yes, I am still alive and that I am sorry that I have (almost) completely vanished from this community. Which I am terribly sorry for...though, I check on it everyday, despite my lack of posts....

Which was due to the fact that I was extremely busy with school. I had (finally) switching my major and found out what classes I needed to take (after much confusion and aggravation) So, in order to "catch up" I had to take classes over the summer. And I am now a month or so into my fall semester.

I actually had a collection update to do (back) then too...Except another thing happened. My desktop computer finally decided to die -_-; So for a few weeks I was without a computer (granted, I had my laptop, but I was unable to upload pictures and even if I could, I had no program to resize them with =\)... Anyway...I now have a new computer (yay), but it is not 100% set up yet. (took the leap to Vista from XP xD) Either way, I love it. (Even though it has its issues xD...rather, I'm still getting used to Vista xD)

The only thing I can really update about is that during my absence, I FINALLY got my booster box of Majestic Dawn! I had SUCH a fun time opening all the packs...which is something I've wanted to do ever since I started collecting the TCG ^_^ And if I get the chance again, I will definitely be up to buying another box sometime!

From this one box I got all of the common, uncommon, rare, trainer and energy cards! And I believe on my 10th pack I pulled the Leafeon LvX! Which was quite exciting ^_^ (it's the second LvX I have ever pulled ^^) All I am missing from this set is the other 3 Lv X cards and 3 other holos ^_^ So, needless to say I am quite happy!

I actually have a couple of pictures of my holos and Lv X cards ^_^ (That I, thankfully, uploaded for some random reason) So I actually do have a slight collection post.

I also have a ton of doubles and whenever I get around to it and when my computer is finally 100% I suppose I can make a sales/trade post.

A for my other collections, they are all doing good...The collection post I had set up before my computer died was a huge update for my Jumbo Card collection. Other than that though, I have gotten a new Zukan! The Dialga one that HAS a stand. I also got a Mewtwo Mini cot, which I find incredible cute! So yeah, hopefully at some point in the near future, I will be able to make a huge collection update ^_^

Again, sorry for my absence ._. But I wanted to just post this and say that I am still here, just sadly not as active as I was due to my computer issues and school. =\ Either way, I always enjoy seeing all of your collections!! :D

And before I forget, here are the only two recent "collection" pictures that I have...Collapse )

Fun question

Just interested in people's responses:
Do you still own and/or remember what was the first item you ever owned of Pokemon?

I do! Way back in good ol 1999 the first flat item I ever owned was the Jungle set Lickitung card (oddly enough the only lickitung item I owned right until this year when I started to collect lickis) and the first 3D item I ever owned was the Pikachu/Raichu set of TOMY figures. I have since sold the TOMY figures but still own the lickitung card. Also... I can't remember which I owned first ;^;
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