September 25th, 2008

Shipped Notice!

 This is just to let you know that if you have bought something from me, and paid by 5pm Pacific time yesterday, your items have been shipped!  To those who paid either later yesterday or today, your items should be shipped out  by friday! Thanks again everyone!

Also again, my feedback post has finally been put up ^^ I'd appreciate the feedback here when you have the time! Thanks again <3


Guh by Ghostmeast

Shaymins and a Palkia for Auction!

Heya all, I've put those kids figures and friends plush up on eBay :)
Really low prices considering how hard it is to get Shaymin stuff! I tend to see opened kids go for at least $3-4 here, so getting one mint in box for $2 is a real steal. :3

On that same note... has anyone else stopped recieving Saved Searches emails from eBay? :( I haven't gotten any for about a week. The subscription hasn't run out, I'm just not getting them! It's weird.

Oh, and one more thing! Would anyone be interested in art commissions from me? :3
I love drawing Pokémon in my own style. Here are examples:

Drop me a line if interested :)
oval head 2

Yey! New Things!

Some really fab packages arrived yesterday and today! What do they contain?....

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Aside from new things, I'm in the process of adding a few more item s to the Safari Zone, so feel free to take a look if you have a spare minute! - I'm open to haggling if anyone ses anything they really want ^_^ I'm thinking of letting some more of our ex and lv.x cards go too ^_^

I have also set up a feedback thread on Safari Zone for people who have bought thigns from us :) I'm happy for people to use the member feedback for me here instead though - either is fine, I just like too know when items arrive safely ^-^

A question and a update

It's two things this time, an update to mah colly (one item but it rocks) and a question I think ya guys can help me with:

All right the Q&A first, so if
it's not okay to post this here, please tell me ...

It's like this, I am saving cash to commision a plush( maybe even the next month if I get that credit card for myself that the bank has yet to give me ... they're so slow)
a Denji (Volkner) and Ooba (Flint) plush. ( ya know, like a pair?)
And a Bulba Squirtle one that's also like a pair.

I know Juumou makes excelent Poke plushes and man, I sure will commy her (sorry if it's him T.T)
as soon as I get the cash for it and she opens the slots >: D! *stalker sasquach*

But I was also wondering about human plushes. Where do ya guys get your commy human plushes?

Okay, now to the other thing;  the update!

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