September 26th, 2008


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I know a lot of you have expressed interest in my Blastoise plush, and I just found another one just like it on Ebay :D
However, the shipping is sort of high, but for a plush this big, I guess it's understandable.

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Due to computer issues and then not being able to borrow a camera I haven't updated my collection in a long time. but tonight I hijacked my Mom's camera so here's some stuff for y'all.

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Oh, I finally found card sleeves the other day! Yay! I just went to a different Target than usual and found some. So my TCG/Vs. cards have a home now. I guess I could put other flat stuff in them too, I'll experiment with that a bit.

UK Collectors!~

andyboyh  and I have just won some tickets to go and see Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai in Glasgow on Sunday! We get to see the film, and then get goodie bags and download Darkrai :D *so exciting!*

We've got 2 spare tickets - would anyone like to go? ^-^ Comment if you can get to Glasgow this Sunday and you're interested! 


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Wooo man, I haven't made a collection update for a long while.

This isn't a complete update since it's way too time consuming for me to take proper photos of everything I have. My Eeveelution cards in particular. Hmm, maybe I should count them sometime at least?

Anywho, I just recently got some of my holy grails. Or rather, three of the items weren't holy grails per say, but I've wanted them for a long while and managed to snag them at the low price of $16.99 with free shipping.

BUT there's a card I've been desperate to get for a long time and HOLY SHIZ I GOT IT, I GOT IT :D

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And EEEEEEEEEEEE New-Pose!'Eons! Now I only need Glaceon and Leafeon plus the New-Pose!Eevee and I'll have all the TOMY figures of them. All in due time.

I've pre-ordered the lie-down Glaceon and Leafeon and I've nagged my parents to give me the two TOMY plushies for Christmas. ANYTHING's better than getting underwear!
So I'll probably make an epic collection update after Christmas when I get back home to my own place. With less than three months till that time I'll have more than enough chances to buy a lot of other stuff in the meantime. Plus I have a lot of stuff from I've bought from here on the way. X)

This place is heaven!

Oh, and if anyone else is interested in the Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon Tomy's, you can still buy the set here:

Auction items shipped and payment reminders

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to update in here on the whereabouts on kids and zukans from my auction.

I just shipped yesterday. I had a big falling out with my buisiness partner and I had a lot of crap I needed to sort out and it was a big mess!!! *sigh*

So, here is a run down of sent kids -


zachary_sparkle - I will ship yours out tomorrow. I can't send yours from home.

I am still waiting for payment from:

eknock - Articuno $10
heenz - Entei, Dialga Zukan - $14
blackjackrocket - Chatot Zukan - $6
dorkemon - Yanma/Yanmega - $9

I know some of you are sending cash or check. Please just remind me here. :)

Thanks everyone!

introduction post (:

hey everyone :D i've been stalking (hehe!) this community for pretty long, and sometimes even checking it 2-3 times an hour. oops! haha. been waiting till after my exams (which ended todayyy wooohooo!) so i can finally do a proper introductory post hehe. i was initially pretty scared of joining this but after seeing many new people joining (like i think on one day there was 2-3 new people :D) and posting their introductory posts i wa kinda encouraged (:

oops i forgot to tell ya'll my name! my name's chelsia. but i'm usually called chels for short. and i'm from the sunny but really tiny island of Singapore! D: i've loved pokemon since i was 7, and i'm 17 now. my favourite pokemon since i was little was pikachu, and still is! i still remember on my 9th birthday everyone knew i loved pokemon so much i got a pikachu cake (i have a photo of this somewhere hehe), pikachu bag, pokemon puzzles and clothing and plush as gifts! and i still kept the plush until now (shown in teh cut). i used to play the TCG too! (used to own all the boys at the TCG club heheeee :D) stumbling across this community rekindled my love for pokemanzzzzz, and now i love them more than ever :D

oh no i'm so long winded ): sorry if all this is boring you guys.. i'm quite a talkative girl >< and i'm not really sure what i should write in this post.
on to my collection! :DDD which is super small because i threw away alot of my TCG, toys and plush when i was 13 and mistakenly thought that i had out-grown pokemon. so only a few things were left! mainly the pikaplush :D

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