September 28th, 2008


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I have updated my sales post with quite a few new items, and have also lowered prices on almost all of the current items in my shop! This will probably be my last sales post for a while, so check it out before it's all gone~

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Whoops sorry about putting that lj-cut in the wrong spot D:

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So, the haul of Tomys that you guys wanted was small, as I thought it would be--I was only able to find 6. I was only able to find one Flaaffy and one Houndoom, so those are going to whoever asked for them first. Sorry to everyone else that asked for stuff, but there's not much to expect at a Comic con. XD

Unfortunately, the Houndoom was separated from its packaging. With my limited knowledge of Japanese characters, I was able to pick out his packaging, however.

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glacidia/rukarioh will not have net access for an undetermined time period - just relaying a message for any outstanding transactions, trades, etc, that may have been going to take place. ^_^;

shaymin custom charm for sale

Since the person that commission me for it has failed to pay for it within a good time (yeah yeah "don't make stuff unless you're payed first" I know, its alright). I'm selling this little shaymin charm

more images and info on my DA page

She measures a little more than an inch in height and is hand painted with very tiny but largely accurate detail.

Anyway I'm selling her for 6$ (maybe a bit less if that's all you got or can afford), this includes shipping cost to anywheres in the world.

-Paypal only (payed in fund type USD)
-sale will be only for this week
-will hold for 72 hours (3 days).
-extra 50 cent paypal fee for people that are using a debit/credit card paypal
-I also accept e-checks if that's the only possible online way of paying
-I usually ship items out on Monday, Wednesday or Friday (weather and health permitting).

Also I do commissions for this kinda thing (tiny charms) aswell as other stuff, come to my DA journal for more info if you're interested.
Pink Leopard Print
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I've seen quite a few people lately saying things along the lines of "I only need 1 item left to complete my collection". Being a collector myself, and somewhat OCD about it and other things I'd love to know that I had every (legitimate) available item released of my favourite Pokemon!

So my question is, how do you know what items are available? Is there a list somewhere I don't know about? Or is there a list of items (e.g zukan, banpresto plush, tomy figure) and you just have to buy each one of the specific Pokemon? But even then how do you know if there's any larger sized ones!? It's all so confusing XD