September 29th, 2008

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A few sales!

Need to clear some space/feed my bank account (it's hungry. Very hungry), so a small sales post. Paypal only, shipping from Australia, ask for quotes, all prices in US$. NO TRADES.

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There's also still stuff in shoppip, you can make offers on it if you want, I'd like to move it. CLUTTER CLUTTER CLUTTER.

Also: CARDS, LOTS OF THEM. I'm not playing at the moment, but I still have thousands of cards cluttering up my room. If there's anything in particular you're after, ask and I'll see if I have it.

pheonixxfoxx, I haven't forgotten, I just need to transfer cash from savings into transaction and will have it over on Tuesday my time (Monday yours). :)
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Please explain?

Hi everyone, for starters I would like to say thanks for everyone who enjoyed my collection(it was much appreciated)! My next collection update should be in October and include my first lickilicky stuff!

Now when I was on google I found this.....

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Wild Totodile has appeared!

Some of you may remember this shady auction image.... 

Well much to my surprise, only a week after the auction he arrived in my mail!  All of his teeth were split, there were splotches of what looked like blue paint on one of his teeth, and Wood Glue on him, either from the original glueing of the teeth/eyes or attemptive repair, and whoooo-boy did this guy smell like he had a smoking problem.  

But... after some good old TLC from the Caterquil Quadruplets....
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Eeveelution Zukan Auction and Zukan/Ex/Lv.x Sales! (... and Darkrai Day! :D)

Yesterday was the Darkrai event that I mentioned in my previous post ^-^ It was great fun! We got to see the movie on a big screen, got goodie bags (which had little plush/figures, a poster and a pack of POP cards), and we downloaded Darkrai :) After the film they were selling the DVD a day early, so we picked up a copy with the promo card (which turned out to be a non-holo version of the US promo) - all in all, a fab day! ^-^

Also mentoined in a previous post, we've decided to part with some of our zukan and Lv.x/Ex cards. Most of the Zukan and all of the cards are now up in safari zone - you can see what is for sae under the cut, and if you see something you like, click on the picture and it'll take you to the shop ^-^ I don't mind haggling, so feel free to if you see somethign you like!

I've decided to auction one of the Zukan after having interest beforehand from a couple of people - my Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon set. They are in beautiful condition , and have been well looked after - auction details can be found under the cut ^-^

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Beware! Image Heavy!~

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Oh! One last thing - our other auction, for a Shining/Gold Star Mew card ends in a couple of days! If youre interested - You can find it here!

Collection update soon! We're expecting some nice things through the post from people here at the community ^-^

Fofinho Flowers


Aaaaaaand quite some time ago I asked a bunch of questions about sculpey, probably annoyed a bunch of you, and never showed you what I did. I was going to, I swear. I just... forgot. xDDD (Same goes for my 'package received' posts... now it's not even fun anymore xD)

So! Since it's better late than never...

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Sorry to make a pointless post, but has anyone's stores started carrying the newer (series 4/5) Jakks plush yet? I've looked pretty much everywhere here (Target, TRS, meijer, walmart) and they are all only up to Series 2!

Just wondered if they were having some kind of a shortage or something, lol, and if anyone else was having the same problem. ^^;;


Collection Update and Possible Group Buy?

Okay, I haven't posted anything here in a LONG TIME, so there has been a build up of new collection items since my last post.  I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because I know that no one wants to actually read about a collection, they just want to look at it.  So, on that note, here are the pictures!

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Group Buy?:

Enough with my collection! Onto the BIG QUESTION!
How many people would be interested in a group buy of 10 of these bandanas?

This item is indeed on Yahoo!Japan. The current bid is 1,280 JP Y ($12), and The BIN price is 1,980 JP Y($20).  It ends in about 3 days.
I do have a SMJ account, but am scared to death to use it because I have no idea how shipping and what not turns out, so if there is someone who wants to actually buy these to help out with the group buy, I'd love you forever. XP Also if there are any extra bandanas, I'll offer to buy them so that everyone elses prices arn't jacked up due to a lack of interest.  So, who's up for a group buy? If so, please comment here or IM me on AIM at Devi White and we can work things out. 
I know there are other Raichu collectors out there, so why not pitch in? ;D


1. Devi_White $
2. Bugbyte $
3. Phaethon $
4. iridescentfox $
5. _nofuturenohope $
6. grrrowly $
7. mizu_rei $
8. A friend of mine
9. goku_the_saru $
10. ann_chovi  $
11. wolvenillusion
12. broadwaystar12
13. mommymoose
14. Jedi_amara
15. raifreak
16. friskavk

$ = Paid!

I will put those who are interested on this list in order of first come first serve.  If a person backs out or does not want the bandanna anymore, the next person will be offered the spot.

I am now taking payments! The cost is $5 for each bandanna, and if SMJ shipping isn't insane, I might very well take a dollar or two out of shipping costs.  All payments should be sent to my paypal with your LJ screen name put in the payment note, that way I know who to mark down as paid.  If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for looking!

Attention all Raichu Lovers!!

Umm hi everyone, i made a phone call to Toys N' Joys because of my Ambipom plush xDD and i asked if they had any Raichu plushes...
They said they where getting the UFO DX version of the Evolution Chain!!! I asked when and he said next week!!

Gosh im finally gonna get my Raichu!! And well i hope you are Toys N' Joys trusters... (can anyone explain why you hate them?) and if youre not you should be cuz the plushes are gonna be.... (DRUMS...)

$24.00!! Thats cheap for a UFO plush!!!

So lets cross fingers so they arrive soon!! i will order mine very soon!! (I hope they are not lying...)


Good news! :D I got lucky with my schedule today so if you ordered and paid for anything from my sales post your items have been shipped! Domestic/US people should expect theirs at the beginning of next week at the latest and internationals should expect theirs in about two weeks. Thanks again, everyone! <3

Zukan Group Buy?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has any interest in these Zukan? I must have a Dragonite zukan and am now prepared to put this whole deal together if there is enough interest. If you are interested, can you please reply with how much you are willing to pay (highest bid please) for your select Zukan? This bid does not mean you are locked in, or that we will get them, I just want to get an initial idea of numbers and I think the highest bid thing will work best in case there are a few people who want the same one. Shipping should only be a couple dollars within the U.S. and a bit more internationally depending on where you are. Hope you are all having a lovely evening (/day depending on your location:)!

Edit: Cut off time for bids/highest offers is now Tomorrow, October 1st at 9pm PST.  Thanks!

Edit #3: It's back on, with a vengence- get your super bidding gloves on guys!  And a super thank you to Kiraras Lemon for the help!  :-)


Available Zukan:

(1) Beedrill / Kakuna / Weedle : Teenbulma ($5-10)
(2) Diglett / Dugtrio :
(3) Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed : _nofuturenohope (10.00)
(4) Shellder / Cloyster : _nofuturenohope ($5.00)
(5) Drowzee / Hypno : Trainer Irene ($5.00)
(6) Krabby / Kingler : _nofuturenohope ($5.00)
(7) Elekid / Electabuzz : olesvenson ($5.00)
8) Mewtwo : ann chovi ($10)
(9) Unown :
(10) Swinub / Pilsowine :
(11) Delibird : Eggsterminatus ($10)
(12) Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite : iammyworld ($20.00)