October 1st, 2008


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i have rare and cute doujinshi and stationary for sale! in a sales post! :D not on sunyshore! how amazing is that.

have a look under the cut! only two items are shounenai, and none of it adult in nature, so you're totally safe (or maybe disappointed?).

the stationary is emerald themed!

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PokePlushProject - We need you!

Hey all!
The time has come - I need some help running the PokePlushProject. It's the largest Pokemon plush database on the net. It's an asset to the Pokemon collecting world, and is a great record of Pokemon plush history. The goal is to have documented as many plush as possible, and to find Pokemon plush that were previously thought inexistant. There is a homepage, and the database is run through Flickr.


Deadline for applications is closed

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Packages shipped!

 Hey all this is just a notice to let all you guys know all packages have been shipped!  Also, as of today My shop will be closing until December due to the fact that I am moving into a dorm tomorrow and am unable to take most of my sales stuff with me. Thanks to all who bought something from my shop! I may still put up a sales thread every now and then if I find stuff up around my new home though so keep a look out!

Take care everyone!

Group auction update

Happy fall, everyone!

For those of you who participated in my group auction for the cubed figures a while back, first of all, thank you all for your payments! Secondly, I'm happy to report that a shipping confirmation has finally been received and I should have your figures in a week or so! I also have boxes and labels already prepared, so once they're in-hand, they'll go right back out to you!

This also means a sales update is imminent! I'll have a great assortment of oddities, so look out for a sales post around that time as well! (I won't be too quick to seal up your boxes, auctioneers, just in case you want to buy other things and combine shipment).

To add a bit of color to this entry, here we have a cute little Meowth plush...

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Group Buy bidding ends tonight at 9pm

Reminder: Group Buy bidding ends tonight at 9pm PST!

Still unclaimed: Diglett / Dugtrio, Elekid / Electabuzz, Unown, Swinub / Piloswine
and most others still have pretty reasonable bids- so get in there!

Available Zukan:

(1) Beedrill / Kakuna / Weedle : teenbulma ($5-10)
(2) Diglett / Dugtrio :
(3) Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed : _nofuturenohope ($10)
(4) Shellder / Cloyster : _nofuturenohope ($5)
(5) Drowzee / Hypno : trainer_irene ($5.00 - 10)
(6) Krabby / Kingler : _nofuturenohope ($5)
(7) Elekid / Electabuzz :
(8) Mewtwo : ann_chovi ($10)
(9) Unown :
(10) Swinub / Pilsowine :
(11) Delibird : eggsterminatus ($10)
(12) Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite : iammyworld ($20.00)

And so this isn't totally boring.. Dragonite! <3


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Auction Reminder, Shipping Update, and New Pretties!~ (oh! and a request! :D)

Firstly - my Shining/Gold Star Mew auction ends tonight at midnight GMT (that's about 8 hours from now!) community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1765610.html  - Good Luck to anyone bidding, it's a beautiful card!~

Next - Safari Zone parcels were shipped today!:
megguendo , deadfishie , phaethon , zachary_sparkle , yaoi_queen  anddigimon_fan01  - expect goodies to arrive soon! ^-^

Now - the main part of my post - a collection update! This morning my Shining Raichu, SNap Pikachu and cute Pichu promo arrived (thanks so much seouldew and prguitarman ! ^-^ ) - I'm so pleased with them! It's now in my Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu folder with its friends - follow the cut to see them! ^-^

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ooh - a request too! If you have any PIchu, Pikachu or Raichu cards which I don't have under the cut, and you're willing to sell/trade them, please let me know! I dont mind if they are English or Japanese - I'm just trying to collect one of each artwork!~ I'm a little short a the moment, so trades are preferable, but I'd definately be interested! ^-^

Last thing this post (I promise!) - int he next couple of days I'm going to be moving most of the Ex and Lv.X cards from safari-zone.livejournal.com onto ebay - so if you've had your eye on any, please let me know - I'm happy to haggle :D


Shipping Update, Updated Sales Thread, and Hindsight

Everything will be mailed on Friday - sorry for the delay. ^_^; I'm not able to leave the house since I've got something important coming that I need to sign for, and Jer's got meetings until Friday, so I can't get him to do it for me.

After some more thought, I've also updated my sales thread. You may haggle, but I probably won't accept much less than I am asking. ^_^;


(Here's a teaser - LOTS of Shaymin.)


I've decided just because I may like a particular pokemon a lot, I don't need to get everything of it. I can't afford it, and being a college student isn't really conducive to such obsessive collecting. I will get what I really like, but not feel 'required' (of myself), to have it all. It's not really possible for some pokemon, anyway unless you live in Japan and have LOTS of monies. Either way, a poor pre-vet/med student can't afford such a lifestyle at the moment. XD;

I found I was getting merchandise just to have it, since it had a pokemon I liked on it, regardless if I actually liked said merchandise or not. The OCD part of me says 'MUST HAVE IT ALL,' but it's just gotten to be too much financially and don't call me lame, but emotionally?

Having said this, have you guys ever changed 'what level' to collect things on after some thought? I'm really putting my foot down for me about this one, and I think it's for the good. I've also got other hobbies I enjoy, and if I want to keep up with those too, I can't spend it all on pokeymanz. ;_;

If you have changed how you collect, why did you change? (I know I'm not alone in this, or at least I hope I'm not. XD;)

This isn't to say I'll be any less of a devoted collector, or have any less enthusiasm for Pokemon - I just need to be realistic. D: