October 2nd, 2008

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My first Official Wanted list!

Hey everyone, I have decided after seeing many people do this that I will do my own official want list instead of always asking for items in separate posts. Now for starters if you have an item I want I can only pay by Money Order or Ban wiring HOWEVER if it is one of the items I am desperate for then I will pay in some other ways. Also I am willing to trade someone of my stuff away which arent all Pokemon. So enjoy,

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New Collection Post coming soon and question!

Hey all,

It's been a while since my last collection post which was probably a couple months ago and I'm due for a HUGE collection post soon. I have so many new stuff to show but need some time to organize them first.  Anyhoo, I received the Large Tomy figures from the awesome lineaalba today but most of them came in pretty bad conditions.(shakes first at ebay seller) There were paint smudges all over most of them.  The only one which came in satisfactory condition was Scizor which I really didn't care for. 

Any experts here have any experience they want to share on how to safely remove these paint smudges/rubs?  I desperately want to clean up the Latias/Latios figures I received because they are sort of "grails" for me as they're hardly any decent figures of the two.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :D


Poke kids for sale/trade maybe?

Well I bought these for a member on here quite a wile ago,but they never paid for them,and it's been a really long time,so if they still want them just PM me,other wise...

I have 2 kids,1 minun and 1 plusle for sale still in box,never opened. I'm thinking $3 each? I might even trade for kids I don't have,like raichu,mew etc... Just show me what you have :D

ps: If the person decides they still want them,they're theirs,but I'm just getting offers in case.
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Small sales!

As a kid it's pretty safe to say I was enthralled with these vending machine stickers. As a bigger child young adult I still am to a certain extent, but I'm also a little more aware of my financial situation. ^^;

Thus! After weeding through and keeping a few of my favorites (like Ho-oh <3 never did manage to find a Lugia one ;_;) ...

Also a custom sculpture that I keep forgetting to post. n_n;

More under the cut 8D

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Fantastic Four: Reed

(no subject)

So thanks to you guys my collection has expanded. Thanks to all the wonderful sellers: if I haven't given you feedback, let me know and I will happily do so! I have unfortunately misplaced some of your usernames. :o

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I do have a request shoutout (if this is allowed) I am looking for some specific Poke Kids, namely a Manetric, Aerodactyl and a Kingdra. If anyone has some they'd like to sell, let me know! I'd love to have my Elite Team Kid-if-ed. :D

I also do have a parting gift: a full-size wallpaper of a painting of Suicune I did!
*click to download* all I ask if that you don't pass this around outside this community.

Fruity Poke popsicle and gum

As I went to my local supermarket and expected to find nothing for my colleting heart, I was pleasantly suprised to see these!
Pokemon DP gum with changing pics on top and a really big box of popsicles!

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To find some poke items in Slovenia...it's like a dream! *happy tears*
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Package updates!

Good news pkmncollectors--ALL of the packages from the gigantic zukan auction (and the zukan auction I ran before that as well) except one were sent out today! My printer went on the fritz so I actually had to bring all 30+ packages to the post office in a giant box and send them out that way. But yes, expect them fairly soon! Let me know if there are any problems or if you have questions, and I hope they all get there quickly and safely!

The one package that wasn't sent out (either zukan or the last sales post, I'm not sure) was for a Rebecca O_____d (last name censored for privacy reasons)--and that was because I spaced during my packageathon yesterday and wrote everything except your country. Are you in the UK or Canada? Anyway, once we get that squared away your package will be going out with sales post packages sometime between tomorrow and Monday. :D
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