October 3rd, 2008

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My Figure Collection

Hi everyone!

So it's been a little while since I've last been here. I said that I would upload pictures of my collection. The truth of the matter is I have all kinds of Pokemon crapola floating around, but I have most of it put away in storage (lack of space, plus I'm moving out for college soon). :'( !!!!!

ANYWAYS, I'm only showing off my TOMY figure collection for right now. In comparison to some other people's collections, mine may not be the most *impressive*.. but I don't care! I've been collecting on and off since I was about 10, and I'm proud of it! I'm strongly biased toward the first generation of Pokemon, since they're the ones who started it all. I'm trying to get all 151! I actually was closer to reaching my goal than I am now. Unfortunately, I lost Tangela, Pidgey, Geodude, Graveler, Gengar, Butterfree, Poliwrath and Ekans... SIIIIIIIIIGH. What a bummer. Hopefully I can find them on eBay again.

...Which reminds me! I finally found Ponyta!!! I just hope I can get my hands on it. Blah blah


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Long needed update/Mini Shining/Star card sale

Hi guys Im still around, just incredibly busy with school work and life u__u I got a few updates for you though, and a small shining/star card sale for you guys to browse.

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Also many of you know I work where they sell the Jakks plush. I know last time shinx came out I sent one to kiraras_lemon. After that we have not gotten in anymore of that series. Im not sure why...but I expect the same for these.

If any of you want a shinx/eevee plush from the upcomming pokeball throw plush set that heerosferret recently posted please let me know. Im NOT doing a pre-order as thats against the rules, but I will get a list and try to get as many as I can for the community. I expect about 4 of each in a shipment.

Thats all :3 Have a great weekend.
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leafeon lot group auction

Leafeon lot group auction!!  I know a lot of people want the legitimate Pokedoll.  Personally, I just want the charm!  This auction is already high (3,188) and probably going to get higher in the next 2 days, so I'm taking bids on the Pokedoll to cover that part of the auction.  I will be putting in at least $10 dollars for the charm and probably more by the time the shipping and fees are in, for those wondering what my part will be.

Pokedoll bids start at: $30
High bid and bidder: shemii, $39

Payment is paypal only.
  Bid increments of a dollar!

The kid is not in such high demand so he's offered for $7.50 shipping included.

Auction ends in about 48 hours, 11 AM, CST, October 5.
Dewott - Happy
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(no subject)

Ever since I joined this comm, I've been collecting Pokedolls, but not really any specific Pokemon. I hadn't really thought of it. But I had someone ask me once, "Are you a Gyarados collector?" and my first instinct was to say yes, though I definitely was not ^^;

It struck a chord in me, though. Gyarados is easily my favorite (along with Magikarp, lol), he's the only Poke I've had consistently in almost every game file I've ever played, and I really would like to collect it. I don't have a lot of money, but so far as I can tell, they don't have a whole lot of merch anyways.

So I have a couple of questions for you lovely folk.

1) What sort of gyara/karp stuff is out there? So far I've seen a KFC (or some other fast food place) gyarados plush, the Zukan figure that I want like burning, and of course the Tomy figures. I am particularly interested in plush, but I'd love to know what else is around!

2) Sort of a follow-up, if anyone else happens to have any Gyarados/Magikarp stuff for sale? I can't guarantee I'll buy anything of course, but I am curious :D

Thanks guys!

Edit: Unrelated, but has anyone else noticed the prices of Pokedolls on eBay SKYROCKETING lately? Seriously... $50 for Mew, $50 for not just the rarer, but ANY Eeveelution? A couple of $70 Skitty?! These plush were all in the $30 range as little as a month ago x_X My wallet hurts just thinking of it.
Editx2:I should have mentioned this, but I'm not really into cards. Sometimes I'll pick up the odd card, but not really frequently enough to say I collect them n_n;

Stuff Mailed (attn: Meowthcollector), Group Buy, Auction, Update, etc.

All packages were mailed except meowthcollector's and anyone that I did not receive payment from until today/late yesterday. Meowth, I must have written the zipcode on your package incorrectly, since when I took it to the post office they were telling me the city was different. Could you just comment with your city and zipcode (or LJ message, if you prefer it), and I'll have it out again? Sorry about that. =/

SMJ has received the plush from the group-buy I did about a week ago, so I should be invoiced shortly! ^_^

I'm also auctioning off a very rare item in my collection.


Yep, that's right - Shiny Charizard kid.

As much as I love this figure - it's so unique and nice - *_*, I'm not a true Char fan, and I'm sure it'd have a better home with someone else.

Auction details are under the cut.

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I've updated my sales thread with some more things: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1780138.html

Thank You's!/Pokemon Battle Revolution

Hello Everyone!

i am here again to post pretty much what i posted last time......thank you to people who i traded with/bought from and i forgot who they where...... this should be the last time i do this, because now i am keeping track of who i buy from/trade with in a notebook.

yesterday i received my Growlithe kid and my Mantyke BK plush toy. THANK YOU so much to both people i got them from. they arrived safe and sound. if you let me know who you are, i will leave feedback. and if you want, you can leave feedback for me: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/30997.html?page=5#comments

also, on another topic, i have been playing Battle Revolution lately and actually have battled people online! i was shocked to find some people on there wanting to battle. most don't seem to use legendaries, but i have come across a few that use ALL legendaries.....yeah....when they come up, i am like, "you already won, why should we battle!?" i don't use legendaries when i go online. i would rather use pokemon i have raised. that is just me. anyway, i remember a few people posing here they wanted friends for their friend roster. so i thought i would post my FC. reply if you want exchange FC.

FC: 4253-0565-7386

have a great day/night everyone! :D

Custom Pikachu Plush

My sister's boyfriend only recently realized he's pretty good at sewing. He has made quite a few plush so far. One of which was a request by me. It's adorable and quite unique. Check it out!

Cute, eh? ^__^ Just wanted to share him. I love his little thunderbolts. :3

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Notices and Want To Buy

Hey! As I've sent out bell keychains last week, everyone should be getting or have received them by now. If you'd like to leave me feedback, my thread is right here, and if you do (or have previously left me feedback and I missed it) please let me know and I'll return the gesture. Also, if anyone has tried to get in contact with me through the community, I apologize- I've been sick as well as feeling a bit detached from the community and collecting in general as of late, and as such I believe I may have missed anything due to simply not paying a whole lot of attention. (Also, if anyone's tried to get in contact with me via my paypal address, zaku_no_da, I don't actually check the mail going to that address at all so please get in touch with me via methods shown on the community contact list.)

I'm still expecting a few incoming packages, but once everything gets here I'll finally make a collection update, starting with my Quilavas and my bird army. ♥

Also, despite my slowdown on collecting, there's still a few things I'm actively looking for: Anyone got SKARMORY ZUKAN (the only non-Lugia/Ho-oh bird zukan I need to complete my collection for now ;-;), the Burger King Quilava GBC toy, or Pokekids of Togetic, Togekiss, or Raikou up for sale or trade? (Additionally, the Toge-birds are the only kids I need to have one of each bird in kids form~) I won't be able to buy much at this very moment, but soon I should be able to and I still have plenty of bell keychains left over from the huge group auction (including Mew, Lapras, Charizard, and several starters in general). I told myself if I ever completely cease buying Pokemon stuff, I at least want to complete my goal of having as much of the birds in zukan and kids form as humanly possible (Unfortunately, huge Lugia and Ho-oh zukan do not fall under "humanly possible" ;A;).

And so this post isn't completely boring...
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sales post sales post yummy yummy sales post

Sales post, get your sales post here!

I'm trying to clear out this stuff. Everything is lower priced or discounted. Nothing over $8 dollars but some cool stuff in here, I promise!

Rules are simple as usual:
- Payment is either Paypal or money order
- Items will be held for no more than 3 days
- Shipping will include a small Paypal fee
- Considering I want to get rid of these items, haggling is a-okay!

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Sales update, shipping notices, etc!

I've added a couple things to my sales post and dropped the prices on some other items, so if you didn't catch it the first time, please check it out! :3 (Click here for ShinyV's sales!)

To anyone who bought from me last week - I have everything packed up and ready to go! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get things out early this week as I'd hoped :/ The post office closes at 5 and my primary mode of transportation doesn't get off work until 4:30, sooo. xD Everything will be going out tomorrow morning! I hope the items get to you all quickly :D

And finally - scarsofsunlight and friskavk , are either of you still interested in the items I have on hold for you? I haven't heard from you guys in a while x3

Thanks! :D Collection update coming sooon~

whatareyouwearing--by me

Blackjack's Evil Trio--now in easy-to-handle plush size! (CONTEST ENTRY!)

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See all my pictures here, including construction and extra details (Kyogre has the chain necklace underneath, for instance) and the full shot of Mewtwo.
-The pictures that've been retouched have "retouch" in the file name, and were all for erasing pin marks (and Mewtwo's ear tag in one shot). You can see the originals in the full album.
-I had assistance on all of them, but I did the bulk of the work. It was mainly things like holding things still and cutting things.

Pokemon: Eeveelutions

[New babies//]

I was going to put off taking this picture until I received my latest package from lineaalba but I've been feeling ill and sniffly and I have more work to do than I'd like, so I wanted to do something cheery :3
Those eevee's, omgg. First of all, I'm not a huge fan of eevee itself, I'll only really pick out cute things xD I refused to buy the pokedoll in the first instance, because I just didn't like it as a plush. These two though. Waaaah! They're so adorable. They're like Mr and Mrs Eevee XD Totally worth the insane bid-war with a Japanese bidder X3
Batchu! Is all ready for halloween, and is now up with golbat-bagchu. I'm probably going to be taking them out with me on the day itself xD (Thankyou Gin!!)

Luxray, oh dear dear luxray. This plush, is perfect in almost every way. Pattern, construction, fabric, details. Everything is amazing, except one thing. Which has kind of made me feel really upset about the plush. The black felt (and to be honest most of the rest of the plush) has been sewn together with white thread. It's the little details that make or break a plush to me, and the white is really obvious up close. I have to resist the urge to unpick the stitching and restitch it all with black thread. I personally, have 'made do' on colours before, but used the closest match.
Very unhappy about that :c

ProTip for anyone making plush in the future: Thread colour is really important!!! XD

Also; Anyone who has paid for anything within the last week, all items have been mailed out. And all packages from the Group Auction have also been mailed out, so if any of you have any queries, or if you don't receive your packages in about a week and a half, PM me asap and I can sort it out.

Thanks guyss :33

:edit: I did not make the Luxray XDD; Made by Yukata Yumi of DeviantArt :3