October 4th, 2008

Pixel Pair

Sales Post Update!

Hey all, I've put up a new sales post on my site! There are LOTS of kids and other figures, and a few other items too! Come check it out here:


If you want to go directly to the page itself, it's here.

Here's a quick teaser (just a part of the post):

Enjoy! ^_^

Edit: Please don't comment on this post, but use the shop post instead. I will check here, but if an item is claimed on the other post before I see it here, that post gets priority, as I can't monitor both at once. Thanks!

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Hey Baby!

Sacrifices Can Be Good?

As some of you may know, I moved into the college dormitories late this past September, and I've finally finished setting up as much as I could of my collection last night... which actually ended up not being much. Thus, quite a number of sacrifices at my end. D;

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I'm still trying to figure out how I can manage my main collections into this set-up, but little to no progress has been made in that direction. BAWL! D;

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥

An Exciting Delivery!~ (plus more!)

Today an exciting parcel arrived! It contained something which I regretted not buying when I saw it in shops many years ago, and now andyboyh  and I finally have them! *squees*
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andyboyh made something this week which cheered me up lots - a Pixelblock Pikachu!~ Here is a photo he took with it taking over the city we live in Godzilla-style XD I think he should make some more pixel Pokemon - I'd just love to see a Pachirisu!


Just a quick reminder too - our Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon zukan auction ends tomorrow (community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1773274.html) - I know this is on a few grail lists, so good luck to anyone bidding! ^-^


I dunno if I can do this, but...

Someone's been holding a bunch of items for me and I've been meaning to pay, only... I can't figure out who it was and my computer crashed and I lost all the emails with the info on them.

I remember one of the items was a Lucario Clipping Figure, though I am fuzzy on what else was ordered.

If this sounds like you, please comment me and I cna pay you.
Sorry about all of the delay.
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Sales Post - cards, etc.

Sales post time!
Today I'm selling cards, a pair of earrings, and I'm doing a last chance offer for some Shaymin kids that amazingly enough, haven't sold(?!?!)

-Shipping from the USA
-Prices do not include shipping
-Paypal only
-No holding of items
-No price haggling, but trades okay. Here's what I'm looking for:Wishlist 1 Wishlist 2
I will also trade for Fire-type Pokemon cards I don't already own!
-When ordering, please state your location, and post the image link to the item(s) you want.

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Card Trades

I know a card post was just made but I am only seeking trades. :3

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I also have tons of commons/uncommons so ask for what you are looking for! :D 

My wishlist is here

I will not want to trade with you if I do not trust you. :3

My email is amandabuns@gmail.com for address sharing! :D

Thank you! :D

AH YES- I forgot, I have a Latias ex that I would trade for the Rocket's Snorlax ex. :D

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