October 6th, 2008

Pink Leopard Print

Possible group buy?

I saw these padlocks on Yahoo!Japan: http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k109409041

They're so cute and practical so thought I'd ask here if anyone was interested in doing a group buy on them. I don't have an account on there or anything so I think someone with an SMJ account would have to buy them and then of course, the people who want in would pay their share.

I think now they're at $4, I don't know if it says shipping anywhere on there (or what it would be through SMJ - if someone could tell me what it'd be that'd be great!) as I'm using an online translator to find out most of it XD

Anyway, if some people want to take part the only one I want is Bellossom so the rest are up for grabs!

Also, if this isn't allowed, I'm really sorry, just let me know and I'll delete it =]

shiny_vulpix has very kindly offered to help us out with this so a big thank you goes to her :D It ends in 6 days I believe so we'll know then if it's been won or not, cross your fingers guys :D

Bellossom: cy4nide
Hoothoot: rentorar
Pikachu: chibichimp
Snubbull: friskavk

used revive!

I've been very dormant for a while. Finally I had time to make a post! I really would've done this sooner but I had not much to say~

Why I'm posting is just to mention a few things -- firstly that my laptop (which I use for image uploading since this desktop is Linux and won't allow such activities) has started being weird lately, and so it's not detecting the USB cord for my camera or allowing any access to the internet for reasons unknown. I've got mound of Legends Awakened rares to sell and the only way for me to upload the photos is if my sister lets me use her computer, but she won't because... well, she's just mean like that... and so I was wondering, is it okay for me to get the images of cards from another site and use them to show which ones I have to sell? It's a big 40+ mess of them and I don't want to get them all saved and then have to delete the post, so I figured it'd be safer to ask.
Thanks for your help guys!
( here are the Legends Awakened cards! )

The second thing is that, like others, I've found collecting Skymin to be a bit difficult with all the expensive new merch and the fact that it's quite a popular Pokemon -- so I'm also gonna be selling off a few of the things I don't see as "special" to me as some of the others. Again, I'll have to find some way to fix my camera issue before I can get images posted, but this is just a heads up. I'm more focused on getting my hands on some of the general larger-scale plush, and looking for some pillows / accessories featuring cute Pokemon. As for Pachirisu, he's still my favourite and I'll continue to collect him as much as I can~ and maybe, maybe pick up some cute Skymins along the way. Maybe.

The last thing I wanna say is that rentorar, I've shipped out the Monferno~ and thanks for being so patient. Also, Kids make great game pieces for playing the ever popular Chutes & Ladders :D

you all = have good week!

Candy figures number 2 and a mistery package?!

As I came from school I had to go to our local supermarket to buy some stuff for our little sick sister.
I was ready to pay and already standing in line when I saw them: DP Candy figures! A whole box of  'em!
You can imagine what I did next! Let's just say that, when I came back in line I had 3 different candy figures in my hands ^^

Collapse )
And when I came home....huh, what is this? A mistery package for me?!

Collapse )
Hopefully we'll be getting more and more merch here from now on! ^^

That's it for now XD

Dewott - Happy

Group Auction?

Pokedoll alert!

All I want is Umbreon <333 The rest are up for grabs!

Right now the auction is quite low, hopefully it won't go unreasonably high but I have seen this comm do awesome stuff before :3

Comment with the highest you'd be willing to pay for any plush (keeping shipping for your plush in mind, $5 for one plush from me to the US, $7 to the UK), so I can determine our max bid. I'll be pitching up to $30 for Umbreon, and I'll pick up the extra cash for whatever is not sold at the end.

Edit: Paypal only! Payment is due as soon as possible after the auction is over.

If someone else is willing to pay more than you, they get dibs. ^^; Sorry!

Highest Offers:

Umbreon - Claimed! ($30, me)
Latias Pokedoll - $25, zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - $15, kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - $14, ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - $35, resilientspider
Tentacool - $15, zachary_sparkle
Oddish - $15, chrissii
Turtwig - $5, zachary_sparkle

Unfortunately I can't guarantee the condition of any of them, but the picture looks alright :)

Ends on October 12, 8:43 EDT
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Surfing Pika

Take it, take it aaaallllll!

There are prices listed on these, but I will take all offers on absolutely EVERYTHING. I really want to get this stuff outta here so I'll be easy to barter with here. If you have your eye on something, let me know what you'd like to pay for it and we'll try to work something out!

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That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions or want additional photos.
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GROUP BUY - Please pay now!

I got the invoice for the Group Buy on these today:


Unfortunately, the internal shipping and fees wound up to as much as the cost of buying the plush themselves. ._.

I really apologize for this - sometimes internal shipping is just unpredictable.

Here are the final costs, including shipping from my house to yours.

Giratina, Regiggas - mizu_rei $35 - PAID!
Mamoswine - mamoswine $20 - PAID!

The plush wind up costing about $15.50 a piece, plus paypal fees, + internal shipping/SMJ fees.

My paypal address is: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com; just put your LJ name/what you are buying in the group auction in the memo, please.

Hello Hello! An Introductory Post!

Hey! My name is Helipop, and I'm new to the community! I've been lurking this place for about half a year, and I finally had the guts to join. I'm definitely excited about the prospect of talking to people who love Pokemon like me!

My boyfriend, brother and I are all huge Pokemon fans, and right now we are currently digging the Pokemon TCG. I just learned how to play and I developed a deck that I think is pretty good. I live in the USA, and I have a LOT of favorite Pokemon. I can never say what's my favorite, because I like new ones all the time! But right now, I really like Giratina, Shaymin (even though I really didn't think I would), the Pikachu line, the Totodile line, the Mudkip line, and Eeveelutions (especially Jolteon, Glaceon, and Leafeon). Though there isn't really a Pokemon I hate, so there you go.

Right now I am interested in collecting Pichu, though I currently have more Pikachu than anything. ^^; I have a question about surfing Yahoo! Japan, because I know what kind of Pokemon I want to look for, I just don't know exactly how to word it... Can you just enter the English name of the Pokemon, or do I have to search for something specifically? I'll try and explain this more clearly if you try and catch my drift.

Hopefully I'll get my collection up ASAP! It's small, but I plan on expanding! Thanks for reading!

[gaga | monster]


Hi everyone!

I'm a new member here and as much as I hate to admit it, I still love Pokemon as much as I did when I was younger!
Though I don't need every single thing that comes out anymore, I still have my all time favorite few Pokemon who I know many people still collect. All together now: the eeveelutions.

I have some of the 2" Tomy figures from when I was younger and I know the missing/new ones are easy and cheap to find on eBay, but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of finding larger figures or plushes of these guys. I know of this set but I definitely can't afford those guys any time soon. So, are there any out there that are both affordable and potentially easy to locate?

Thanks a bunch for any help, guys!

group buy?

Hey guys :] I bring to you an auction!
I'm not sure if new members are allowed to do this, I read the guidelines a couple of times, and I don't think I missed anything, so...
BUT if this isn't allowed, please tell me what I can do to remedy that~ Or delete this, I guess...

But anyway.

All I want is Bulbasaur~
I wanted to know if anyone was interested in ANY of the other plushies.
The lot is really cheap at the moment, with most of the cost from stuffing all these things in a box :]

I don't really need a person for every item or whatever, but if someone wants something (beside Bulby of course) , it's up for grabs~ You don't need to commit to much money either for the auction...shipping to your place of course would cost extra. All of them are gently used according to the seller, with not visible tears or holes. Some might be a BIT dirty, but can be washed I guess...I can't really tell in the photo xD;

Even if no one wants anything, I'm cool :] Just wanted to ask the community in case people are looking for old american made pokemon~

annd...I guess we'll go by auction system, so person with highest offer gets it (not like it's going to get very high, if at all xD)

Auction Ends Oct 10 5:21 PM (just kidding, AGAIN D: I just found out I have a football game I have to go to...uggg)

chibichimp - Bulbasaur - $15 (Claimed)
pacificpikachu - Lapras, Seel - $30 MAX
alvagc122 - big Poliwhirl, Gengar, Marill - $15
kiohl - Butterfree - $3
heenz - HootHoot, Talking Pikachu, Pika behind bulba :] - $9

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but I need the money right after the auction ends (I'll post an entry about it) for those of you who are using paypal~ If you're using M.O, send it to me ASAP after I tell you the amount :]


An intro post! Omg

Hello all! I'm Citrus_Vision, but you can just call me Citrus for short. ;) I am 21 and a college student, but I loves my pokemon. <3

I actually just found this place recently searching for pokemon plushies on google, and I'm glad I did! :D

I've been interested in pokemon since I was 11. I played the games, collected the cards and even a few figures. I've lost some of my things over the years, But I hope to expand my collection! I'm not into buying the cards anymore, but I am looking for plushies and figures! Which looks like I am in the right place for! X3

My favorite pokemon is RAICHU. I've loved Raichu ever since I first saw the little guy on tv. So I'll be on the lookout for Raichu things. I am also a fan of Furret, Azumarill and Flygon. ATM I am on a hunt for a Flygon plush. I just recently lost an auction on ebay for it. But I am still looking out! Erm, but anyway I hope to meet some new and awesome people here! Hopefully you guys will put up with me. ;)