October 8th, 2008

Yay!, Cubone

Packages & small sales

Starting off - Do I owe anyone feedback? If so, post here and I'll leave it right away :D On that note - If you have a spare moment, it would be great if you could leave me some feedback here :D

I have received 4 new packages - Yay! One is pretty random from me, and was purchased through eBay. All others from comm members!

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Thanks guys. If there's anywhere I can leave you feedback, please let me know!

And also, I've recently gone through my collections and picked out some of the duplicates, which are under the cut!

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Is there........?

Hi everyone, I was just thinking about lickilicky mechandise this morning and wondered if there was a lickilicky amada sticker. I dont think there is one I have ever seen but does anyone have or seen a lickilicky amada sticker?
Please reply,



Long time no see! I keep up with the community, but lost my camera for a while, so I haven't updated my collections or anything. I hope to post some update pictures soon, and a possible sales post with some of my extra Mew items and kids stuff. Anyways...

My brother just found these plush that I got back when I was younger. They are in pristine condition. I tried to look them up on Ebay [I know where they come from] just to see how they run, but they are scarce. Is this just my luck right now, or are these actually rare? I can't imagine that they are. I half want to keep them, since they are made SO well, but I'm not partial to either Pokemon. Makes me wish that they still made fast food toys of this quality.

So, any info on rarity or price range in case I do want to sell them? I honestly figure they aren't worth much, but you never know. TIA!

[on his way to his japanese market to lurk around for pokemon merch to add to his collection] <---- recently got a clear Azleaf out of a box. :D!!!
pokemon: mamo!


I went and checked the mail today and got a 'Your accountable mail/parcel was too large for your mail receptacle' (SO SERIOUS) slip. I went into the apartment office where I was greeted with one lil' package, that was actually for my dad but anywho, it was perched on a LARGE box that astounded me. So I signed my dad's package out, and picked it up, and saw my apartment number scrawled across the huge ass box.
At first I thought, "My dad ordered a lot of stuff!" but then I looked at the sender's address...


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That's all!
NOW I need to get rid of some stuff um. So some small sales under the cut.

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Hop On the sales wagon...

Yep, that's right. I'm joining in with the rest of you guys. Seems like there have been A LOT of sales posts recently and I guess that's to be expected. School is in, money is needed for "expenses," and of course new Poke merch arrivals. In with the new and out with the old. So, here I am joining that band wagon. Yee-haw! xD

Sale items are under the cut. Anything can be combined with items from my shop! Enjoy! ^_^

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I can't decide, help please and commissions?

I figure this would be the right place to post this. First I want to make a new preview image for sale posts/collection updates but can't decide on the version.

So here's mailtung:
colored with black lines
colored with pink lines
black and white
pink and white
Which you like?

Also as you can see I can draw... kinda good =/ and I want to make a bit of cash so I wonder if anyone would like to commission me for something small like this?
-For something simple (one Pokemon with simple solid shading, no background) I would charge... 2 bucks? Sound fair?
-Also to avoid overwelming I can't open more than 5 positions at a time. So first come first serve!
-Furthermore, because this is such a small form of payment I only accept paypal (fund type USD) or trades (more info underneath)
-I have to charge a 50 cent fee for debit/credit card paypal. Also e-checks are ok if that's the only way you can pay.
-I'm willing to send you the sketch (being without the digital coloring) but you have to pay for shipping/price of envelope.
-I also do trades... though I doubt anyone is going to send me a lickitung/lickilicky item for a 2 dollar drawing.

Any takers?

EDIT: Also since apparently digital art alone isn't enough for a post here. I also do commission on small charms. such as these or or this which are made of magic model clay and are usually and inch or two in height/length. Same paypal info but they're 8 dollars flat (meaning that includes shipping costs internationally which often cost me 3-5 dollars).
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What Is This Item?

I was browsing around on Yahoo! Japan (thanks to the help from everyone!) and I found this auction. And I don't really care who looks at it, as I have 0 monies right naow. ^^;


I've never seen that figure before, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what company made it, what it does, etc. Any leads would be appreciated!

P.S. Actually, most of the Pichu auctions don't make much sense. Is it all collectors books? @w@ Very confusing!
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Massive post tiem? BE AFRAID.

Got a nice big SMJ box today, and now I'm about to drown in plush again. Some of them are really rare/old/NICE plush, too, so I hope you guys find something you're looking for! :D Please make offers if you're not sure about the price I'm asking. I'm pretty flexible with prices~

Also, if you have an order pending with me you'll get reduced or free shipping if something here catches your eye!

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randomflavor, stiiill no Dragonite. ;___; Why you do this, USPS? WHYYYYYYYYYY T_____T