October 9th, 2008

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Auction reminder!


Just a reminder for the Pokedoll lot - most of the bids are still relatively low :D

Highest Offers:

Umbreon - Claimed! ($30, me)
Latias Pokedoll - $25, zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - $15, kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - $14, ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - $35, resilientspider
Tentacool - $15, zachary_sparkle
Oddish - $15, chrissii
Turtwig - $5, zachary_sparkle

If you're going to bid, please do it in the original post - thanks!

Oh yeah! Does anyone know anything about a sort of "lunchbox" that used to contain gum? I have a Lugia one, but I haven't seen any more since they were sold around the time of G/S. It's maybe 4 inches across... If it helps, I can take a picture of it later, but I'm at school right now.

I was wondering how much they're worth, and what others are in the series. Thanks a bunch~
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I JUST got a much anticipated package from Japan courtesy of a trade withaftertheheaven!

TOMY figures of Starly, Staravia, and Floatzel! (I think I now have all of the existing figures of Floatzel, except for the clear kid which I don't want anyways!) Plus, a Quilava sticker from Gin- something I've seen on Yahoo!Japan ALL THE TIME yet could never justify the deputy fees for~ You both ROCK! \o/ (And the Lady stationery? CUTEST EVER. ;-; Japan has so much adorable Disney stuff~)

BUT WAIT, there's something else in that yellow PokeCenter bag!

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Collection update soon! :D

What can I do?

I did a transaction with the user killerjaw01 over this community involving an adorable mewtwo drinking straw. Problem is the straw was sent on September 8th, 2008. A month ago. It usually only takes 2-3 weeks for a package to get from Canada to the UK so I'm worried now its lost in the mail (I don't know HOW, the thing was sent in a really big bubble envelope...).

So does anyone know what I could do at this point? Or is there anything I possibly could do to begin with?

group buy reminder <3

Just a reminder :]
Several of these guys are still up for grabs~

Go to original post to offer or find more info on it :]
Auction Ends Oct 10 5:21 PM Central time

chibichimp - Bulbasaur - $15 (Claimed)
pacificpikachu - Lapras, Seel - $30 MAX
alvagc122 - big Poliwhirl, Gengar, Marill - $22
kiohl - Butterfree$3
heenz - HootHoot, Talking Pikachu, Pika behind bulba :] - $9

I need the money right after the auction ends (I'll post an entry about it) for those of you who are using paypal~ If you're using M.O, send it to me ASAP after I tell you the amount :]

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Group Auction Kids, Flippos question; and other rambles...

Pokemon Kids Group Auction
According to the seller these are approx 3" tall- I have measured 3" and this is larger than a standard Kid- this is Jumbo Kid size according to Lineaalba the only one that looks Jumbo is Articuno- will measure these once received against my Kids. The only one I want is Raichu.
I will be buying these at a BIN price so the price would be $6 a kid SHIPPED WORLDWIDE from UK (Kids don't weigh much but UK to worldwide is about $4 for anything under 100g).
I will not ask for money until I have the figures in hand- but they should be here soon as it's from the UK.
I ship worldwide
I accept Paypal (and other methods from UK only)
My posting days are Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays
1st come 1st served.
Again $6 shipped worldwide per Kid

Raichu: killerjaw01
Pachirisu: Zachary_Sparkle
Roselia: Shiny_Vulpix
Butterfree: myc
Abra: paddlefoot_wolf

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Another plush group auction!

Absol and Torkoal are the only two I want. Any one else interested in the others? :D I'd like the minimum bid on each of the remaining plush to start at at least $5 each. I'm planning on going in $15 for Torkoal and $30 or more for Absol depending on how high the auction goes and bids for the other plush and whatnot. Auction states that the plush are in excellent condition and from a smoke-free home. ^^

Final shipping will be from the US, or if you're in the UK and don't mind waiting I can ship from within the UK, too.
Bidding will end 15th of October at 8pm EST (-5GMT).
Please bid as a reply to the comment above you in at least $1 increments.
PayPal ONLY. Sorry.

Current Bids
Absol: Claimed
Torkoal: Claimed

Rayquaza: $25 - zachary_sparkle
Buizel: $5 - No bids
Bulbasaur: $5 - emurii
Charmander: $5 - No bids
Nidorina: $5 - iammyworld
Pikachu: $5 - No bids


Omg If I was rich
well you dont neccessarily have to be rich
BUT if I had like 300$ to blow omg


thats crazy D:
the only thing that would be better was if it was like an eevee or flaaffy god <3

ANYWAY I just know its been forever since I've posted and I wanted to share somthing

I'll post acollection update soon too c: