October 10th, 2008

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Quick sales post~ ♥o♥

Heyyyo! Haven't done one of these in a long time and I am cleaning house again~! ♥
When replying please include your country, and which payment method you would like to use to pay. ^^ (I accept Paypal, Money Orders and [U.S.] Personal Checks~!)

Rare/Out of Print Pokemon Craft and Pattern Book!
Learn how to make Amigurumi Plushies, Bookbag, Hats, Scarves, felt mascots and a dozen more cute projects~!
SOLD $32.00 </b>

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Also! I am accepting Hoodie Commissions for the Nov/December Batch~!
Thankyou for looking! (o・v・o)v
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Collection and updated sales

These pics are a bit out of date now, but mainly I'm just missing juumou's package stuffs. :3

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There would have been a cute Cyndaquil suction cup figure and a Typhlosion figure as well, but... actually the dogs got to the package before I did. ;_; Both of them were in pieces on the floor... I was lucky that the Skymin got away unharmed! (though their boxes weren't so lucky)

Also, I've moved my sales to a more permanent place, and updated with kids and reduced prices! :)

(Yet another sales post, sorry!)

I am so happy I could just cry

SO for years now, I have been trying to get a hold of the Pokemon - 18" Tall Giant Stuffed Chickorita.

I have searched and searched,but never came across it,and the rare times I did it was going for a lot.

So today I open my email and see a post from PacificPikachu,that she has spotted it!

I rush to the site she sent me,and sure enough,there it is, bid only with 2 days left, starting bid $4.

Well now the only problem is,other people bidding on it,and ebay being a bitch to me about seller fees they say I didn't pay( I did so >O )

Anyway, I ask the seller if she can extend the bidding a few days till my payment goes through, which it ended up going through today :D, and what does she do for me? She puts a buy it now at 49$ so I can snatch it up!

Omg I have never been so happy. ;.; I have been drooling over the two people in this community that had managed to get a hold of her.
$62(shipping insurance etc) Was $20 more then what I was going to have bid,but hell, who's to say someone wouldn't have outbid me! I feel that I got it pretty cheap.

Anyway. As soon as she gets here I am taking millions of pictures. I'll even bring her to work.

Oh man I'm so happy!!!!!!!



Hiiiii, i'm new! [ Don't eat me. ;_; ]

-squeak- Hiya everyone! I'm Heather, but I prefer to be called Kai. I live in Brunswick, Georgia, and i'm sure that some of you know my BFFL. She's on here and she goes by Heenz. Ummm. I'm 17 years old and I have been into Pokemon since like, forever? o_o' I don't have a big collection like some, heck, I only own like, a handful of items. My favorite Pokemon are grass ones.  In particular, all of the grass starters and Leafeon.  Eeek. So yeah... I don't really know what to put now and I think i've almost posted this with nothing like, 4 times now? x_x'
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! Since joining this community I've gone through a stage I think a lot of us have - the slightly overwhelming "buy everything that strikes my fancy" stage. Unfortunately, I can't really fund my collection if I keep buying at random like this, especially now that school's started again and I can't work as much. So I'm going to thin out what I can, and try to focus more on what I really want ^_^

So I've decided to make a proper sales post 8D It's not huge, but it's what I've got.

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OMG NEW CARDS... crap my card collection is complete again >.

the cuteness is overwelming

Anyway my question is what set are these new licki cards from? Also how long do you figure before they're released to N.America? So its Galatic Conquest and should be in Febuary.

Furthermore I'd like to say I've received both my lickitung kid from Randomflavor and the lickilicky keychain figure... think from Iridenscentfox (I think that's your username). Thanks again ^3^
Pokemon - Buds

Multi-purpose post!

Contest Entry, Collection update, small story, and buying!

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Also, I got your package today Toz~
The Paras/ect pan stickers are happy on my DS now (DUNSPARCE IS NOT ALONE~)

I was most excited about this pencil board, though. 10 years ago I had one, but I was dumb and took it to school, and it wound up being stolen from me. I haven't seen one for sale since then.

Finneon Kid (box+sticker is a bonus). Paying around $2
Rotom, Finneon, Lumineon Pan Stickers. Looking to pay around $1 for each
(I also want a Rotom and Finneon Chou Get... but they're not that high priority right now)

Also funny story... I started this post 3 hours ago, and kept getting distracted

Kids Received... Finally!

After almost three weeks of waiting, the children finally arrived on my doorstep today. ^^ There are still some leftover, so go ahead and browse. I will list the ones that have already been previously claimed/bought.

First, the kids I'm keeping:

Milotic is most definitely a runt in the litter of kids. The paint job on it's eyes is pretty bad and it wobbles forward. Plus, it's a bit dirty. =/ But I'm very excited about Manectric and clear Raichu. :3

Leftovers and claimed kids are under the cut...

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Surfing Pika

Good things come in threes. :D

Today has been...successful. :D

First, I was hunting around for big Pokémon plush on Ebay, as I regularly do, and I found a 1/1 scale Chikorita. I already have one (it was previously a grail of mine), but I know these are super-rare and I remembered that goku_the_saru was saying it was a grail of hers, too! So I sent off a PM and (as she already posted) thankfully she got the PM in time and snagged the Chiko! Yay! \o/

While that was good news by itself, while I was reading the item description the seller mentioned offhand something about listing a giant Marill later. After checking her current items for sale multiple times just to be sure, I concluded she hadn't put it up yet so I inquired about it. Long story short we haggled a bit and I have now purchased myself a 1/1 scale Marill, which I've been after for a long time! HOORAH!

I haven't the faintest why, because I've already got enough purchasing going on at the moment, but I randomly decided to check SMJ. Just, you know, in case. Of...who knows what.

Well, I started at the newest Pokémon plush listings in case something new popped up that no one had seen yet, and I found this brand new listing:


It just happens to contain the other pose 1/1 scale Pikachu I've been searching for, in addition to...supah-rare LOTTERY AMPHAROS, which I lost in an auction a few weeks ago due to some errors I made and was very disappointed about.

Now, that's great and all, but the really REALLY amazing part was the price: Buy It Now for 1500 yen. I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes, checked it and re-checked it, and won myself a lottery Ampharos and the other 1/1 scale Pikachu! Shipping is going to be some fugly number I don't want to think about, but worth it? YESSSS.

(Also, most/all of those other TOMY plush will be for sale when the auction arrives at my house.)

I'm happy today. :D

On a related note, I still need myself a 1/1 scale Totodile. If you have one you're willing to sell or happen to see one around, let me know! Drop me a PM or whatever, and this applies for as long as I don't have one. 8D So even if you see one in a few months, drop me a PM! I've got 1/1 scale Pikachu, Pichu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Celebi, Mew, Skymin, and a few others so I really have my eye on Totodile.

Also looking for a Vaporeon Pokédoll in good condition, as I have every other Eeveelution Pokédoll but her!
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Attention padlock buyers and Marill fans ^_^

For those of us who wanted those lovely padlocks I posted about on Yahoo!Japan, as you may well know the lovely shiny_vulpix offered to get them for us and discovered that it was a buy it now and went ahead and got them ^_^

Bellossom: cy4nide Paid!
Hoothoot: rentorar
Pikachu: chibichimp Paid!
Snubbull: friskavk Paid!

I know you guys have already been contacted about this but this is just so I know where we are with all this and to get myself organised ^_^

Payment is $7.50 each and is to be made to shiny_vulpix at becky_1229@yahoo.com please, comment here if you've paid and I'll cross you off the list.

And lastly, if anyone wants to buy the Marill padlock please post here because it's still up for grabs! =D



The final bid suddenly jumped to $53 though, but good thing I decided to up the max bid before I left to the football game

So! Take the amount you offered, add $5 for shipping to your place and send it to my paypal at azuiru [ @ ] gmail.com. If the address that you want me send your things to isn't the one on paypal, please email it to me at the same email as the paypal one.
Oh, pacificpikachu, you offered $30 MAX, so I'm not sure if you'd wanna send $35 xD;

annnd...if I missed anything, please met me know. I've never done a group auction before, so this is my first.

chibichimp - Bulbasaur - $13 PAID
pacificpikachu - Lapras, Seel - $26 PAID
alvagc122 - big Poliwhirl, Gengar, Marill - $13 M.O.
kiohl - Butterfree$3 PAID
heenz - HootHoot, Talking Pikachu, Pika behind bulba :] - $8 PAID

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