October 11th, 2008




i am writing with another request. someone was able to help me last time (Snorunt kid). so i thought i would try again:)

i have two of my friend's birthdays coming up pretty soon. (October 25th and 31st). One of them LOVES Mudkip, Plusle, and Minun. The other friend LOVES Umbreon. Does anyone by chance having anything for sale with these pokemon? i know there have been a lot of sales post recently, and i have looked at them all and if there have been these pokemon, i have missed out on them. i don't currently have enough in my paypal to buy anything, but i would be able to add money to my account. i am looking mostly for figures and plush. but anything else but cards will work. reply if you have anything. thank you so much! :)

Nice to meet you! New to the community :)

Hi all! My name's Wendy, and I was encouraged to join the community after meeting Gin and Sarah at the grand re-opening of the Pokemon Center in Yokohama today :D

I've been collecting Jigglypuff - my favorite Pokemon - since fifth grade (I'm now a junior in college). In recent years it's been harder to find new and interesting things, and haven't been motivated to add much to it as of late, but now that I'm here maybe I'll give it a shot :) I have between 187 and 195 different Jigglypuff items from all around the world. I'm extremely proud of it!

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I have a few clumps of other random Pokemon things on display, too!

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Regarding collecting philosophies and feedback as a buyer/seller/trader...

In addition to Jigglypuff, I collect My Little Ponies. I believe that toys are meant to be played with and enjoyed, so I'm not always concerned about whether something is MIP or MINT MINT MINT. Sometimes just having the object is enough for me :) I am a bit more selective about my Jigglypuff, though - usually if I get it MIP, it stays that way (with a few rare exceptions from earlier on and the cell phone strap I can't get enough of).

I'm semi-active in the My Little Pony community, and have a good feedback record as a buyer, seller, and trader on the My Little Pony Trading Post (http://www.mlptp.net) under the same username as here. I also have a feedback rating of 100% as a buyer on eBay (username: dotraceysketchit).

I suppose I have one more semi-interesting thing relating to myself and Pokemon...I was featured in the Fall 2005 Pokemon Fan magazine for a silly cosplay I did of May at Anime Boston ^_^;

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So, that's that!! Nice to meet you all :)

Stuff Mailed, Sales, Ebay, Etc.

All packages have been mailed, with the exception of arceus and chrissi - yours will be mailed next week. ^_^

I've updated my sales thread - everything is now $1 off except the two newest items which are 'best' offer! :D (A nice Mew/Pikachu pencil box and Bianca/Kanon's Sketchbook!)


I've also got some Pokemon related stuff on ebay, including an Espeon pokedoll:


Are these real?

I have never heard anyone talk about *shiny* kids in here... only clears.

So, I was looking on ebay and found A Shiny Latias Kid and A Shiny Latios

Just wondering.

Also, mods - I need a feedback section. And, all packages have been shipped from my kids and zukan auction. I greatly apologize again to those who have gotten theirs later than expected. These past 2 weeks have been hell for me with firing my business partner and getting things straightened up with the business and being sick.

heenzI found a piece of Dialga that escaped. I will put it in an envelope and get it right to you!

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CROSSPOSTED!!! but this entry is more personalized, aha.

yesterday i attended the opening of the new Yokohama Pokemon Center!! (new as in it moved and got 3 times bigger)! it was aftertheheaven's birthday and the new laying plushies were out, so we were rather excited.

come check out some of the photos of the new place!

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It actually is my lucky day!! I was on ebay and I found this...

They are so cute and guess what was the price for these beauties!!!???


Im so excited to get some hard to get plushes at such a low price!!!

Unafortunately i wont be keeping all of these... i will be keeping lugia, blaziken, deoxys and maybe bulby!! i will be trading the others (i would sell them but i dont have the mods permission xDD) and well if anyone is interested please tell me xDD!!

Yay!! i got lugia xD

Very small, very sandy collection update + wants list.

Hello all the various people here I don't know!! I has me some business nobody cares about! : D

First of which is.... Sandy Burmy and Wormadam zukan get! (about a week or so ago actually, but I didn't wanna post for only one thing) It was hard to find and not cheap, but sandy burmy and womadam zukan are get! Of course now I have extras of the other pokemon in set 5..... but hey! Sandy wormadam is an awesome pokemon and you all know it!!! This was like, the closest thing to a grail I had so I'm quiet happycontent.

Second of all, I made a list of non zukan wants. If anyone has anything on the list and would be willing to sell (or possibly trade, but, I don't have much in the ways of trading) it'd be awesome. I'm very very very low on money at the moment though so....yeah. I wish I could sell some stuff, buuut, no permission so ah well.

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  • koolhk

Shellos Zukan!

Hey everyone,

Recently while playing Battle Revolution I used my two Shellos and fell in love with them again. I have decided to start collecting Shellos as well as electivire and lickilicky. However I was wondering if anyone had the shellos Zukan(I would prefer the east one) but it dosent matter? Please reply if you have them;)
Also expect a collection update within the next two weeks revealing my new lickilicky sutff;)

  • sbwhite

Dragonite Plush

Hello guys! I heard that some of you were looking for a Dragonite plush!
I found these 2 JUMBO Dragonite's today. And they're like 20 dollars!!! wow!

I hope this helps some of you get your plushes!


Have a nice day yo!

(If this thing is a bother, please delete this post ...)

Update and mini sales!

Haven't gotten a chance to post in a while. Been pretty busy with school, but I realized I have an SMJ box coming soon, so keep an eye out for some sales from that! This includes the Shinx and Riolu DX plushies that were recently released!. There are also going to be kids and friends plushies as well. I hope the box comes on Monday. I'm getting impatient! I've gotten a ton of new stuff in the last week, but of course my camera batteries are on the verge of dying, so I think I'l make that post on monday. Meanwhile, I have some stuff for sale! Under the cut! TCG and figures Collapse )
Zigzagoon Ooyama

Unpacking Red/Green Vending Gift Set

Gather around folks! Today I'm going to show you a step-by-step unpacking and the contents of the elusive [ Japanese Red/Green Quick Starter Gift Set]. Pojo.com gives a qucik run-down on the entire set, but I've never seen pictures of its contents online.

From Pojo:
The cards listed below are part of the Japanese Red/Green Quick Starter Deck Promo Set.  This Set was made for the Christmas season in 1998.  It came with 2 "starter" decks (Red & Green) of 29 cards each plus energy , damage counters, A Blue Vending sheet, rule book, two battle coins, and a Playmat.  The two decks are made up of cards from the Vending series; the only difference is that the Red & Green cards have no rarity symbols on them which make the high prized indeed! 

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Hey Baby!

Calendar Pick-Up Offer & Zukan Updates!

I stopped downtown earlier today for my weekly visit to the International District, and I saw something quite spectacular that might peak some interest. Please forgive the crappy pictures, I was only able to sneak these shots in with my cell phone at the time. D;

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It ran a bit on the pricier side, but it was such a beautiful wall calendar that I had to pick one up for myself. I know a number of you may be interested in grabbing your own for the coming new year, so I thought I'd temporarily open myself as a deputy service for this wall calendar for community members at $28 shipped. Please note this total applies only to domestic US residents and will be a bit more for those ordering internationally.

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Please note that this service is by no means a way of making profit for myself. Simply put, I'm offering this service out of the fact that this community's done a lot for me and I'd really like to give back as an expression of my utter gratitude. I'll be revisiting the International District as early as tomorrow afternoon, so pipe away! ♥

Meanwhiles, just to make multi-purpose use of this post, I've had a bunch of parcels flock in, including zukan!

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I've still yet to figure out how I'm going to manage everyone into my already crowded shelf. At the moment, they're occupying the very top of my desk, but it makes it really difficult for me to see them. D;

Again, thanks for looking everyone! ♥

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So I want to start collecting pokemon kids c:
BUT I don't have enough money but I DOOO have unwanted figures I was hoping people would trade for

I pretty much dont have any kids so make an offer c:

although I probably wont accept pokemon i dont like
not that theres a whole lot of those xDD
I also accept pokedolls I dont have and UFO dolls but i doubtt I'll get alot of those offers c:

I dont accept money though because I don't have my own personal paypal and I don't know how reliable it is to send money through the mail D:

also if I accept Ill message you or ask for your email so we can exchange adresses and such c:

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