October 12th, 2008


updated sales and a request ^^

I have a bit of extra money (don't you just love that? xD) and wanted to know if anyone was looking to sell their Ledyba line/Spinarak line Zukan?
It's this one ~
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It's just lovely and I'd really love to have it in my collection since my favorite bug Pokes are Ledyba and Spinarak ^^

Also, I've moved my sales post over to my journal, and added some more stuff :D You can see them here ~~
Sales Post :DD

Hopefully you can find something good. ;)

Espeon Pokedoll on EBAY ending soon!

I've got an Espeon Pokedoll ending soon on ebay, as well as several other pokemon items! ^_^


Espeon's less than $20 currently, so who knows - maybe someone can snag it for a good deal. XD;

Also, unrelated to my auctions, but --

I am lusting for the new Leafeon/Glaceon plush. I want them in my hands, right now.

I also quietly hope (probably in vain), for more eeveelution plush like this. (I'd die for Umbreon and Espeon. I'd just die and then buy 50 Umbreons.)

Up for trades anyone?! XD

I 've been thinking for a while if I should post this, since there are some things that I really want but I can't rememeber seeing in any sales post or elswhere (mostly I'm looking for squirtle, bulbasaur, raichu merch and some cards, zukan ....there's a lot  ^^" )

There are many things that I want and I'm willing to trade for it or buy it, or, if someone wants I can draw them something (links on my journal and on my webpage)  >: D
For most of these items I'm ready to pay a good deal or trade a lot for them!
If we trade something: I'll send the merch the next day but note that it may take some time to come from Slovenia, we have a crappy post office system -_-"

Let's start with what I have up for trades!
http://appleforest-poke.110mb.com/  (we're still uploading some of them)

The link to my webpage! On it there are all the poke items I have, they're up for trade if stated so but if you have something I want and aren't shure if I'm ready to trade the item you want  just ask, I don't bite ^^ Oh, and if you don't have any of the things I want and you would still like an item of mine we can trade it for something else but don't be mad if I may not be interested in what you have. Don't think this will be a problem though, since I normaly snag everything that looks collectible to me!
There are also some cards that I have but aren't on the page yet so ask me if you don't see some that you want, maybe I have them! Here are some of the ones that aren't on the page yet !
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That's it for now! ^^

Mussssst Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeee

As you may or may not know im startign a kids collection

ive found my first SUPEROMFGHOLYGRAIL grail well found it as in learned it exists

A Togekiss Kid
omfg togekiss is like one of my favorite pokemon ever
if ANYONE has pleeeeeease tell me
I probably cant pay with paypal but il lgive you ANYTHING from my trades post you want thats still avail MROE THAN ONE THING or i can like mail you the money
or i can give oyu somthing AND money
dsfjfh I want this so bad SO BAD


pokemon is an unheathy obsession :]

It really is. 8D Unhealthy for me and for my wallet~

But anyway. I spent a good amount of time the past week formulating my wanted list of items. AND IT'S DONE >D
Most of my wanted items revolve around the 5 pokemon that I love to death <3 (and of course, they're pre-evolved forms)

  • Arcanine, Houndoom, Mightyena, Raichu Kids
  • Growlithe, Houndour, Poochyena, Pikachu kids (-cough- lots of pikachus)
  • Houndour Pokedoll (T_T)
  • Umbreon Pokedoll
  • RAICHU DX UFO T_____________T
  • Poochyena UFO
  • whoops, I forgot: Pikachu line zukan, Umbreon/Espeon zukan, Houndour line Zukan, Poochyena line zukan
My list depresses me xD The plush are so hard to find at a price that won't kill my wallet or anger my mom D: 
SADLY, I don't have very many pokemon things to trade, so paypal is my only option if you're willing to offer a kid or a plush or...something.

-sigh- I feel better now :] Think I'm gonna go browse on Ebay for a bit.

Sales! Auctions! Oh my!


Update for everyone involved in the Dragonite Zukan set group buy: It's in the mail! So, instead of confusing it all up by collecting payments now and shipping fees later I thought I would just wait for them to arrive. Just want to keep everyone updated- they will be here soon! :-)

And now we have... Zukan! Pikaplush! Other stuff of equal or greater excitment value!


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pokemon code


I just got back from a long vacation at Disney World. Yes, Epcot's Japan pavilion still has a nice sample of Pokemerch. There's about 30 different TOMY's, DS straps, Pika-kites, pillows, a few plushes, very expensive statues of Ash and Pikachu and lots of Pokedolls! They even have that version of Hungry Hungry Hungry Hippos with Munchlax. I picked up a Mudkip and Mew. ♥
What a perfect vacation; I got candy from Miyuki and two adorable Pokedolls.

But these are special Pokedolls, they grew up with all that *Disney Magic*!
pixels,pokemon pokemon,pixels

When I returned to my room after a long day in the Animal Kingdom, I caught Mudkip and Mew snuggled up with Mickey and the towel bunny! They were curled up on my bed watching cartoons and eating my jellybeans.
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Trades update

Sorry i hope its okay I do this but I found a couple more things I have to trade c:

also I wanted to organize my post more
I would delete the other post but i need it to check for certain things in the comments

If i havent marked out somthing your offering for its not because i havent acepted your offer its either
A.) Im an airhead and missed marking it
B.) We havent exhanged adresses and made the transaction complete So im unsure if your 100% gonna follow though yet c:

ALSO everyone that has compelted emailing me and such I have everything boxed and ready to ship on tuesday (Mondays a holiday and the post office is closed)

Also I know have a wanted list:

MOST WANTED: Togekiss Kid omg D:
Poochy family kids
Slowbro & slowpoke kids
Cynda family kids (especially quilava)
Mareep Family Kids
Smeargle kid

BUT if you dont have those there are alot of other kids i want those are jsut my most wanted c: so don't be afraid to offer <3


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kamui x

collection update

Gah. I still haven't done an actual collection post; I need to work on that sometime.  But, in the meanwhile (I'm putting off studying 'cause this is infinitely more enjoyable), two updates!  (one overdue...)

But, first, I finally wandered up to NYC this past Saturday and located Nintendo World!  :)  I was definitely super-excited.

I definitely spent quite a bit while I was there . . .


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And a long-delayed update photo from Mitsuwa (late August...)


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:D  *crosses fingers*  hope the lj-cuts go through all right; they appear like they're not working right now as I type this . . .


Hoppip friends
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PokePlushProject Update!

Hey all!

For those who aren't familiar with it, the PokePlushProject is a Pokemon plush database that I put together with the help of the community and many others.

Please welcome Nefhithiel as a new administrator of the PokePlushProject! Nef has already started helping by editing the database's new entries and weeding out duplicates.

I finally bought a domain just for the PPP - So update your links!


Go check it out! It's a redirect, but I don't have the money to spend for an entirely new hosting plan just so the URL looks pretty. just for now, I just bought a package :D The URL should be consistent across the site within a few days!

We've also added:
DeviantART Club
New banners
Guestbook(Come sign it!)

I'm also thinking of hosting some sort of contest. The grand prize would be a small custom plush commission; runner-up prizes would be goods from my shop.

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