October 14th, 2008

A question about custom plushing/commissioning.

The Grovyle plush I have in my room that I got on ebay, I'm really thankful I got him. :3

But I had a what-if in regards to custom plushmaking. The Grovy doll I have is great, but I also wish he could be bigger. I have a real affinity for the largest Pokeplushes; the bigger they are, the better, and the positive feeling I get from these characters through the items gets bigger. :3 That's why I love my Celebi plush so much, aside from being one of my favorite legends, she's one of the biggest plushes I own. That's why I hunt for the largest ones I can find on ebay.

So I had a thought: What if I could study Grovyle's seams, cut out the right shapes, and just scale them up, to make a double-sized Grovyle? Or even bigger? Grovyle's actual height is just shy of three feet... boy, you could just imagine how awesome that would be. :3 I know someone here said he/she would love a life-size 6-foot tall Blaziken, so I know the sentiment is shared.

But here's the question: Is that kind of cheating? I mean I hope to be able learn about what shapes and styles of seams make up these guys, but would scaling/duplication like that be ok? And what if I tried to commission plushes like that, would that kind of be going against some unwritten rule?

And is it even legal to commission guys like that?  I'm not entirely certain if anybody would be too happy about it...

That being said, if that's totally fine to do, I'm going to see if I can practice that. Maybe take one of my smaller guys and try to reproduce it twice the size or something.

So If this all checks out, is it ok if later I ask for some photos from many different angles, front-ways, side-ways, top-ways, underneath, etc, of a certain rare Pokemon that I've been looking for. Today I discovered he's only about 10 inches, and that's fine, but he'd be so much more well suited to be bigger, like 3-ish feet, and that much more adorable. But I want to see if the idea is even an ok one first.

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AAPF LJ feed

Hey guys!
I set up a feed for Livejournal for AAPF! It's over here: aapf
(NOTE: You might want to wait a bit to friend, it'll spam your friends page with older entries right now.)

I hope you guys find it useful!
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~Sales Post~ New Zukan and Kids (and a bobblehead XD)!~

It's time for a Safari Zone update! See under the cut for pictures of thenew kids and zukan (including Raikou, the Abra Line and the Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon Line) - if you see something you like, click on the pictures to take you to the right safari zone page! ^-^

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As usual, I'm open to haggling and trades on all Safari Zone items~ ^_^

My next job - to organise the new things from this week's SMJ parcels for a collection post extravaganza!~ ^-^ (and worry about where Im going to put the hige kids lot when they arrive! ^^;;;)


Kinda lookin' for a Garchomp Lv. X

Evenin', everybody!

I am sort-of searching for a Garchomp Lv. X. I am, however, cheap as heck, and can only expect a cheap-as-heck-chewed-on card for this. It's worth a try, though!

Basically, I need one of these cards to play in a deck. Condition isn't important to me at all as long as it's not marred to the point that it's not legal or playable in tournaments.

It's probably a long shot, but if anybody has/knows somebody who has a loved/nommed on Garchomp Lv. X card that they'll sell me on-the-cheap, let me know!

- Arch

Attention Shipping in morning D:

anyone who's tradign with me I just wanna know everything is being shipped tommorow!

Anyone who hasn't swapped adresses with me needs to now or I won't be able to mail your stuff until next week more than likely and I don't want anyone to have to wait that long

Or if you think you might wanna trade
theres my post ;D

But anyway I jsut wanna say thanks to EVERYONE who is trading with me you don't know how happy this has made me you guys ;u;
you are an awesome community and I'm so glad to be here!
I hope you guys like me as much as I like you all xD <3

But anyway I can't wait to post my first kids collection picture eeeeh c:

Oh and I have a couple new wants if anyone wanted to know

Snubbull Kid
chatot Kid
Dittochu Kid

But yeah
honestly I'm really nervous I hope nothing gets lost in the mail or anything
I'm sure nothing will but I'm paranoid about everything

Anyway so jsut thanks again and Please Email me At LILSEZHI@aol.com If we have yet to exchange adresses

thanks again so much D:
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Cute stories and a shipping question

Basically, the wonderfully thoughtful iammyworld noticed I really wanted a Cyndaquil pokedoll, and so has been sending me links off and on. I'm not too experienced with Y!J, so when Hardrock-Pokemon came up, I nudged the link in the direction of my boyfriend for a potential Christmas gift (he'd been asking what I wanted and I didn't want to just say "pokemon" ;P).

He used my paypal, the package is coming to my address, but I am not allowed to open the package. Also I'm not allowed to check the receipts and stuff rofl. So I'm PRETTY SURE it's Cynda but at the same time sort of not. I could find out but I have been forbidden. XD Maddening!

I find the entire process rather endearing and cute. Using my paypal for a surprise and all, hehe.

Any other really adorable poke-gift stories? Ones you've received or given :D

Also, sorry for being kind of OT, but I have a question for you more experienced packaging people out there.

I have this... ridiculously large laying dragon plush that someone has expressed interest in buying. It's about a meter and a foot long, maybe two feet tall - and reasonably heavy. Not difficult to lift, but still.

Even with the vague dimensions, any idea what that would cost to ship, and HOW I would even go about packaging it? x_x;
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auctioning off my personal collection...

Everything you see here is part of my personal collection. I take very good care of everything, and anything that isn't in good condition, I'll make a note of. I'm working on a massive sales post to try and get rid of the rest of my collection, so be prepared for that in the next day or so.

With that, here are my policies and auction rules.

Sales Policy:
- It's my right not to sell to you, so if you have tons of negative feedback, it's pretty much a no-go.
- I only accept PayPal.
- If you're paying with a debit/credit card, please let me know as there will be a $0.50 paypal charge.
- Domestic and International Shipping available. I'm still quite new to this selling thing, and I still haven't managed to get the international shipping down to a science, so sorry if I sound like a newb and ask you silly questions.
- No BIN prices so don't ask.
- Please reply to the person who has bid before you to keep everything nice and neat, and so said person will know they've been outbid.
- Bids must be in $1 or more increments.
- I will try and keep this post updated with whomever has the highest bids, but I can't guarantee anything, so check the comments religiously!

Auction ending around MIDNIGHT (EST) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17. I will post a reminder post on Friday evening.
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Happy Bidding!