October 16th, 2008

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Last-minute contest entry!

I swear I have had this idea planned and even the supplies purchased since the contest was announced.. but I just finally crammed it in tonight. XD; This has all taken about the past.. six hours of my life? @_@ Really hope you guys enjoy. :3;;

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A QUICK NOTE! I forgot to post a reminder, and I feel that's a bit unfair, so the contest deadline has been extended by one day. Do not fret! You have an extra 12 hours or so (or until I have the poll up) to enter your photo!! Good luck everyone!
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apologies ;A;

I'd like to apologize to everybody on the comm who bought from my last sales post/was a member of the bootie kids group auction. It took me way too long to get your items shipped out and I'm very sorry it got to this point! @_@ I almost always get items out within the week but it's been almost two for most of the people from my sales post and I'm really sorry. Won't happen again, guys! I've just... had one of those months, y'know? One of those months.

Everyone waiting for stuff from me should receive it within the week, I hope. bugbyte you're the only one I didn't get out today, 'cause I didn't have the right size box, but it'll be on the way tomorrow. tortoises, 'Reeps are going your way! Sorry, you've had the longest wait of all.

...To keep this post from being totally useless, I have an Attack Jolteon kid for sale if anyone is interested, $10.
Luxio, Satoshi

Group Auction?

shiny_vulpix! I received your package! Thank you so much, everything was great (And that Charizard cup was indeed bigger than what I expected)! Please let me know when Knux gets to you <3

So... I've seen a couple of auctions, but I really can't afford them on my own this time. Those who look at both auctions might be able to tell why I want them, and also why I fear they may get high. Sadly only one of the auctions has really popular Pokes, but, this comm has done some amazing things before, so let's see if we can do it again!

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And off-topic of this post - I noticed someone recently won a lot of figures on JYA, one of which was a Tomy Mightyena - If you won it, would you be selling it, or the Larvitar/Zigzagoon? Sorry to ask, I'm curious XD;
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Lickilicky Plushes;)

Hey everyone, hows everyone's day;)

I was just wondering if anyone had these following items..

.Lickilicky Banpresto,

.Lickilicky Pokedoll(I would appreciate the tag with its a cute tag).

The reason I am asking for these items of this site is because on ebay they dont accept my payments and recently I have done an ebay deal and it looks like a fluke one(looks like lickilicky collection will be put off for a while). So as you all know my payments and me if anyone has these items please contact me!

Enjoy your day and if your in America enjoy the debate.



SO remember that 1/1Pikachu I got after chikorita....

Well....This is what I got.....

And to top things off....They sent me Jesus cards with it...wtf....Are you serious?

Needless to say, I'm pissed off.


I just got this, from the seller:
Oh Dear -I am very sorry!
Would you like to keep it and I can refund you $9.99?
It is a darling Pikachu!

Now I am even angrier. She new damn well she had sent me the pikachu, I mean how else would she have known it was "darling?"

Ok 1: I paid more then 9.99
2: You lied
3: It's NOT EVEN A CUTE PIKACHU! I never even liked this one when I saw it in the Targets by my house! TIS WHY I NEVER PURCHASED IT! ARGH!

Sorry I'm venting. :S

Raikou Reminder

Reminder that my MIP Raikou Zoukan auction ends tomorrow evening at midnight PST. The high bid is currently at $8.00. Small note: if you BIN I will be able to send it out to you tomorrow morning, if not I will have to wait until Monday to send it, sorry about that (I usually try to send everything within 24 hours). There are a few other items still available as well, including a Dragonite Model (best offer takes it!), BK toys and Pikaplush! Onto the auction:


P.S. the silly Munchlax was my boyfriend's doing.. I take no responsibility. :-)

search before purchase

I hope this image isn't too big (if so I'll put it under a cut).

Anyway I'm looking for this particular lickilicky now that I can afford to buy it; however, before I get it off site, where its a bit expensive, I would like to ask if any of you locals have it and how much all together (ship to Canada)?

If no one has it or haven't responded in say... 72 hours I'll just buy it off site then ^^;

Thanks for the help ahead


pokemon tv episodes! :D

hello everyone! :D it's been a long time since i last posted. anyway i found this really cool site where you can watch all the pokemon episodes for free! up to before d/p i think, because that hasn't been english dubbed yet if i'm not wrong. been re-watching all the episodes! am at around 108 now. they are SUPER DUPER AWESOMEEE I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE. and i really really miss the kanto region pokeymanz. xD

i'm not sure if you guys have already seen/know about this, but if you do, i apologise for spamming this page >< hope everyone will enjoy watching them and reliving old childhood memories, ahhhhh. :)

Link 1: This one has all the episodes chronologically listed, but is hosted by Megavideo. So there's a limit to how many minutes of video you can watch per day >< Which is why I don't really use this.
Link 2: This one's LiveVideo.com! :D Just do a search: "pokemon episode (insert episode number)". They have all the episodes uploaded up, plus no need to wait for it to buffer because it loads really fast! I use this the most often. Quality's not the best though.

(Note: Keep your pop-up blocker on, there may be some unslightly adult pop-ups >< And kiddos, please exercise caution while viewing the sites, there may be some adult content links here and there, but DON'T CLICK! :D Thanks to miss_fuu_chan for the reminder!)

hope this helped everyone :DD

oh oh yes i've updated my sales post too with alot more stuffz like plush, kids and tomy figures :DD feel free to take a look!
oh yes. i'm open to trades too, so hit me with PIKASTUFF :D ('cept flat items) hehe.

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Kids Group Auction Update- and a few left for sale

The Kids have been received from this group auction! I have taken my own pics- please see below cut.
Could those who have reserved please pay to killerjaw01@gmail.com


Pachirisu: Zachary_Sparkle $5 shipped (as it's within the UK) PAID
Roselia: Shiny_Vulpix $6 shipped Cancelled- no such luck with getting that shiny...
Butterfree: myc $5 shipped (as it's within the UK) PAID
Abra: paddlefoot_wolf $6 shipped
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I still have some Kids left over- $6 each shipped worldwide- $5 if you're in the UK (will combine costs if more than one Kid bought)
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PS due to lack of interest I won't be going for the Flippos
PPS I know a few people were looking at an auction with a Wartortle plush the other day- well I found another auction!
Hardrock-Pokemon have Glaceon & Leafeon beanies!

Looking to the Sky

Plush lot, shipping update, and question!

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On another note, I still have around twelve packages that need to go out. I've been a little slow with shipping lately due to some bank difficulties and just plain being busy! I will be getting the rest of the packages out ASAP (this upcoming Monday at the absolute latest, though more likely in the next two days), though, and most if not all of the packages that were paid over a week ago have been shipped. Let me know if you bought something and you'd like me to hurry it up--I can certainly oblige. ♥ Also, please feel free to ask what the status of your package is if you're curious. :3 Thanks, and let me know if you any of you have questions/comments/concerns! Everyone is always welcome to drop me a comment or PM.

AAAND, FINALLY-- Has anyone else noticed the amount of activity on Pokémon items on Ebay recently? I swear, plush lots that would've sold for $10 six months ago are now going for $40-50 or more, there are more plush lots in general, there are bids on way more things than normal. It's not a bad thing or anything, but it's just surprised me to see how active Pokémon Ebay selling has been! Am I crazy, or has anyone else noticed this as well? And if you have, why? Is it just because the holiday season is kind of coming up, or is there another reason perhaps?

I'm just curious--I've noticed this over the last few weeks in particular and I just want to see what other people think. :)
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sales post!

Finally got around to posting this.  Whatever doesn't sell, I'm just gonna lump in a lot on ebay, but I'm hoping to sell a little bit here first.

Sales Policy:
- Feel free to haggle prices - I want everything to go!
- No trades.
- It's my right not to sell to you, so if you have tons of negative feedback, it's pretty much a no-go.
- I only accept PayPal.
- If you're paying with a debit/credit card, please let me know as there will be a $0.50 paypal charge.
- Domestic and International Shipping available.  I'm still quite new to this selling thing, and I still haven't managed to get the international shipping down to a science, so sorry if I sound like a newb and ask you silly questions.
- Will hold items for 3 days if asked nicely.

If you are bidding on something from my AUCTION, combined shipping will be available once the auction ends.

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Group Auction, anyone?

The Pichu is the only one I want and I'd be willing to go between $15-20 for it. :3 All others are up for grabs! All are plush except Jigglypuff and Bellossom which I believe are the larger PVC Tomy figures. No tags; Smoke free home.

Final shipping will be from the US
Bidding will end 22th of October at 8pm EST (-5GMT).
Please bid as a reply to the comment above you in at least $1 increments.
PayPal ONLY. Sorry.
I have the right to deny your bid/participation in this auction.

Pichu: Claimed
Pikachu (1/1): $30 - goku_the_saru
Treecko: $5 - NO BIDS
Torchic: $5 - NO BIDS
Pikachu (small): $3 - No BIDS
Mudkip: $6 - mizu_rei
Jigglypuff: $2 - NO BIDS
Bellossom: $5 - happyjolteon

Just a question

Has anyone heard from Meowthcollector in a while? They did an auction a few months back,and I wont this cute little marill,but haven't received it yet. I tried sending a PM,but I don't think they got it because I never got a reply back. Just wanted to know what happened.
I'm just hoping the item didn't get lost in the mail.
Biohazard: 狙撃兵

Galactic Conquest has landed! RWE Store update!

Quick shoutout!: Anyone who has had paid orders with the RWE have been shipped as of 10/10. The only exception is bitterwhite and ravestars85 whom I am shipping tomorrow before I go into work.

Time for a trip into the realm of the Galactic Conquest boxes! My big box I was waiting on arrived today, much to my excitement, much to the dismay of my package man who had it ripped from his arms with a gleeful giggle.

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Also, some pimping time!

Reverse World Emporium is updated!

New Galactic Conquest cards have been put up for sale! Please note that I am in the middle of updating my store and that some cards from older sets that have been up since last update are in the middle of being updated with availability. By all means request if they are still available, but just a forwarning that not every card from the older sets are available.

(no subject)

so, i can't get the poll up until tomorrow anyway, so it'll be weekend voting this time. i keep getting IMs and messages begging for more time, so you've got it! keep posting your entries. it's only over when i put up the poll, and that won't be right now.

i want to introduuuuuceee....

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Shipping Update, Collection Update, Other Update, etc.

I have most everyone's things packed at the moment. Before I ship them out on Monday, some people might be getting an e-mail from me asking about whether the address needs to change. If you know I owe you something, please feel free to send me an e-mail to bscyther at hotmail dot com with your lj username/paypal address and the address you want your package shipped to. It isn't necessary if you want it shipped to wherever you asked in your original Paypal invoice, though. ^^

Also! I like 4koma Pokémon manga. Anyone else here feel the same way? Because if you don't know, check out the cut for some of the awesome panels from my small collection and become a fan yourself:

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I got to update on my Scyther collection at themantisarmy today also. I've added a few cards, figures, a DVD, a new plush picture, and full pics of all the pieces of the Purakoro dice game everyone seems to be keeping an eye out for.

Here's the instructions (in comic form) that come with those dice games, and the C Pose Scyther. Maybe the pics will help people decide whether they want to buy the ones mentioned as an auction earlier.
bayleefWTF--by me

Gym Leaders (and everyone else) Behaving Badly

Ooh, postin' comics here now? Awesome, showin' off parts of our collections people don't usually think of.

Anyway, I realized there in fact *is* a book I have that isn't represented here, this one:

The ISBN is 4-334-80352-0 if anyone wants to look further into it (it also seems to have an original price of 657E Yen. The E is part of it. I don't know what it means)

Anyway, some random scans! Some should be easy to figure out what they're about, others elude me and I'm posting them because they're either so bizarre (Agatha randomly in a swimsuit! An Oddish so big it crushes the city!) or I like the art (Ekans looking like something Snow White would befriend in the forest! Brock with BULGING MUSCLES OF MANLINESS!).

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For more bizarreness, here's a previous post.
Also, it seems we don't have a "manga" tag even though some of us collect them...