October 18th, 2008

Looking to the Sky

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There's a Daisuki Club Shaymin plush currently on Yahoo Japan (it was just listed) with a Buy It Now of 3000 yen if anyone wants to snag it!


Just thought I'd let you all know because Daisuki Club prizes are so rare and I know there are a lot of Shaymin collectors around here. :)

SOLD, but I'm leaving the entry up if anyone wants to get the picture off the listing for wishlists and whatnot. :3


First, I want to show off my (extremely small) main collections. I'll get more stuff soon, really!! ^^;;

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Okay, second, I wanted to know if any of you guys were planning on bidding on this lot?

I'm wanting the James, Jessie and Ash figures from the set, but I'm not interested really in anything else ^^;; I figure the lot will go up at least $10 in price, and I really don't have much money right now.. If anyone is planning on bidding on this lot, would you consider selling me those three? ^-^

Last but definitely not least xD There is still lots of goodies in my shop, including a new Mew painting ^-^ ~~ My shop :DD

See you around! ^-^
Dewott - Happy
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More floons!

Hi everyone!

I find these days, if I'm in the mood to work with Fimo, I have to just run with it, or in an hour it'll just feel like work. XD Once I start I can spend all day on it, thus, a new swarm! Well, mini-swarm.

lmao I just noticed that the shadows from my camera's flash made it look like the rightmost Floon has a huge eye. His eyes are the same as the others. XD;

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X-posted to pokemon, sorry if you get this twice!

Oh yes, if you have requests, feel free to ask. ^_^ Between school and commissions I can't guarantee anything, but I love new ideas!

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please look under the cut and give every entry one more look-over before choosing your personal favorite! while creating this poll i was blown away a second time by how much time and effort you guys put into your costumes. so please take the time to re-look over everything once!

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flygon windblast
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CT box!

I got some big boxes in the mail this week!! :D

KIDS and ZUKAN zomg

(Actually, I'd completely forgot I'd ordered some of these, mainly the zukan :X I waited so long to get them shipped from Crescent's warehouse that they totally slipped my mind, and I got the ones I wanted from other people in the meantime! Oops)

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So, there are a ton of kids and all the zukan left over! They've been added to my store here. :3

Also, I've sent out packages for everyone except nefhithiel (waiting for your mail to get here), chronidu (needed to find a box the right size), and truepromises (ditto). :3 Let me know if you get them! Thanks! <3
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Pokemon Questions?

Hey everyone, today instead of asking things or doing a new collection update(details bollow) I have a few questions regarding some stuff within the communtiy and outside?

1.How many members in the community are from Australia(mostly NSW)?

2.When the community has contests like the recent halloween contest, what prizes do you usually give out? Plushes, zukan or no prizes?

I hope you will be able to answer these questions:)

Also as you may or may not know it looks like my recent ebay buy which had my first lickilicky mechandise has become a fluke so it looks like my next collection update will be in November unless a miracle happens;)

Thanks again,

Pokemon_Time, Samu_PT

Jakks Shinx and Eevee Pokeball plushies

Hey everyone who is looking for these two pokeball plushies, K B toys has them.

I was quite surprised to see them to say the least espeically after trying Wal-mart and Toys R us. While they did only have one Shinx, they had about five Eevees. :3 (If someone wants an Eevee I could go and pick one or two up tomarrow if you like, providing that they are still there. ^^;)

I do know that not everyone has a K B toys by them, but I thought I'd give a little heads up in case you do. :) Good luck to those that are still looking for them. (I know how you feel as I'm still trying to find the Pixie plushies with no luck. ;_;)

Has anyone seen?...

I have a new Poke-obsession! I adore these little beanie plushies, which have buttons and button holes on their feet so you can join them together ^-^ I bought these two from community members here, but I'm looking for more! Has anyone seen any for sale anywhere, or has one they'd be willing to sell? ^-^ (or even some information about them?) I'd be very grateful! :D

I know there is a Treeko in this set, but I haven't seen any others - I'd love to try and get more!~

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Hooraaaay, I'm back at home and I've gotten STUFF!

That's right, you read me, STUFF!

So castform I got the Landmind Pokédex keychain, and lord it's ADORABLE!
g_manluver I got the Drifblim phonecharm! YAY for creepy ghost balloon! :D
ann_chovi I got the 10th anniversary zukans with the Lati's and Deoxys. Holy CRAP YES, I finally have them now :DDDD
And finally, lookpal I got the Chatot and Altaria Pokédolls. So small and cute!

If any of you wish of me to leave feedback then just direct me to the proper place.
Otherwise I'll lurk the feedback page later ;D

Right, enough with that and my many sentences ending with exclamationmarks. On to showing some horrible photos of my new addictions:

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Sorry for the delays on getting you guys' packages mailed
BUT good news
My mom said this week she'll start mailing out my packages
so YAY! She finally trust everyone enough xDD moms.
Anyway but I can only mail liek 5 packages per day because she has to buy envelopes and everything so if all goes as planned everyones stuff should be mailed out this week in intervals

Thanks again for being so patient with me! Oh and mroe good news I'll be getting a paypal soon so if there was somthing oyu wanted in my trades post but didn't have somthing to trade now if you want to buy it you can c:

or atleast you'll be able to soon

I'm actually hopign to start a little shop soon like in my journal c:
Im so excited
and I stil lcan't wait to post my first kids collection post
thanks again everyone whos tradign with me and thanks again for being so patient with me <3

SMJ wins, wants, and a question!

 First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who assisted me a while back in figuring out SMJ as well as Crescent shop, since then I have won 2 auctions, paid for one and waiting for shipping info on it, and just last night I won another.  With the help I've received everything thus far has been smooth sailing and the fee's have been right around what I was told to expect, in some cases lower.

Question: The first auction says it has arrived, and I've paid for it, but.... the option to Pay is still there. I was never prompted via email to pay for it either, Just noticed I had the option to pay and did it, was this a mistake?

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Basically, I'm looking for Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligator stuff, Plush especially, but also figures and the like OAO Not really looking for Cards/pan stickers/etc.
Also, looking for ANY Larvitar Plush, I'm trying to create an Army for... reasons.... >u>


Hey Baby!

You Know What They Say, She's A Tiger!

As some of you may have already known based off from my most recent sales post, I received another Crescent-Shop shipment just earlier in the week. Just thought I'd share some of the highlights I kept for myself! ♥

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Additionally, attention to Washington locals! It's a bit late into the month for this shout-out, but for those who don't already know, there's an upcoming anime convention called Aki-Con taking place November 7th - November 9th at the Holiday Inn located in downtown Everett. Pre-registration is still open and officially closes on the 30th of this month. I'll personally be there (and cosplaying) during that weekend and I'm curious if anyone else has already made plans to go or interested in going. Any takers? ;D

And in the case we do grab anyone other than myself, how does everyone feel about arranging a PKMNCollectors meet-up? According to the official forum posts, the Pokemon cosplay photoshoot takes place on Saturday, the 8th of November, at 4 PM, for starters.

Meanwhiles, thanks for looking everyone! ♥
PLUSHIES, Totodile

ye olde lugia collection, and figure lots for sale!

I really wanted to make this post a little more interesting by adding a collection image with the sales. Until I realised pretty much every one of my collections is waiting for an update of some sort.

I figured I'd just take pics of an older collection of mine - Lugia. Although I no longer collect Lugia as much, I pick up a piece of merch every now and then. Without further ado....

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And sales! I've put some Pokes in evo lines and bundled them together. You can ask to separate these, but I'm more likely to sell to someone who wants them all. I kinda need them all gone really :x

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Final notice for Pin Badge Group Auction! Ending tomorrow at 11am GMT!