October 19th, 2008

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Intro Post : )

Hello, I just got my request accepted to join this community!
My name is Alex I'm from TX and i have been collecting Pokemon since i was young, but well some of them had to go... and then for some years I lost my interest in Pokemon...
And a few years later i returned! The 3rd generation had just started so i was very exited with so much new pokemon!
Now years have passed and i have so much new stuff the 4th generation is so cool!

I have too much favorite pokemon: Ambipom, Luxio, Raichu, eeveelutions, Pachirisu, Manaphy, Luxray, Shaymin (both forms), Riolu, Buneary, Chimchar, Wartortle... etc... they are too much i will try to decide which ones are better so I can have less fav's

I love collecting plushes, actually i think i have too much so i always put in a bag the ones that have to go and wait for the best opportunity to sell them! I also collect pokekids but i don't have much of those...

I will be showing all of my collection as soon as i get my new camera, that could be in 2 weeks or less...
Anyways i hope i make some new great friends and i can't wait to show you all of my collection!! they are plushes from all generations! colorful :3

And thanks to the mods for letting me join the fun... i think i sent like three requests, i was very nervous...

Well Thanks! Cya.

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first of all: if i owed you anything off-sunyshore, its all mostly been mailed! all sunyshore orders will also be sent by monday if they havent already been.

now, epic tin auction time! get your epic tins here. also some pokemon pan stickers for sale! :D

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Quilava & Seadra collections

Hey! I thought I'd let everyone know that I slashed some prices on my previous bell keychain sales post and added some various figures (including Jumpluff zukan and a few kids figures) for sale- there's still several Pokemon keychains such as Totodile, Bulbasaur, and Lapras left. Tomorrow's my next shipping day, so please take a look! To those who've already bought keychains from me, they should have already arrived or be on their way to you in due time~

Also, to add some content to this post, the first of many long-overdue collection updates: my Quilava and Seadra collections!

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Next up: BIRDS. (I just need to reorganize my very crowded bird shelves! o.o)
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pokemon centre christmas plush bid! :D

Hey everybody! :D Have been wanting to get this rare x'mas Pikaplush for the longest time. When I finally found it you can imagine how excited I wasss xD

But these plush come in a pair, and I don't really collect Aipom although this Aipom plush has to be one of the cutest I've ever seen. :)
So I'll be holding an auction for this adorable rare Aipom X'mas plush. :DD

I would imagine payment + shipping for these to be about 34 USD in total. I'll be paying 18 USD myself for the Pika, so this is no means of earning profit for myself whatsoever. :) Leave a comment if you'd like to bid for the Aipom plush! First one to confirm payment gets it.

Pokemon Centre (if i'm not wrong :D) Aipom X'mas Plush going for 16 USD :DD the auction closed already ):
The auction closes in 6 hours time so I'm hoping to be able to bid for both by then.

Ahhh zomgggg. Look at those smiles and the little puff balls :DDDD Eeeeep.

OH YES, i've updated my sales post yet again, whee! do take a look :) i'm open to trades! especially for pika items hehe.
Juvia Gray trial

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What's up everybody? I just got my first car(yay!) and my keychain is a bit lacking right now since it has nothing on it. For the past year or so I've been driving my older sister's car which has a Pokeball keychain on it, which I've become used to. I feel lost without a pokemon nic nack to haul around, and I searched every toy store, walmart, target, wallgreens and miscellaneous store in a ten mile radius to no avail. (actually, they had DP pokemon stuff, but I'm an old school fan and don't really like anything past 2nd gen)

This issue has brought me here. Does anyone have any 1st-2nd gen pokemon keychains of any shape or form up for sale? Or can anyone direct me to someone who does? Thanks in advance!
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Boot Sale Poke-finds!~

Before I start - thank you so much to everyone who replied to my post asking about the cute button plushies - because of you guys, I found the Slakoth, Trecko and Spinda on Yahoo Japan ^-^

andyboyh and I decided to visit our local car boot sale today, and were surprised at how many Pokemon plush we found! ^-^ They're all in good condition too for first/second generation plushies! ^-^

I've been looking for the 1/1 scale Togepi for a while, so I was pleased to find one! :D Andy picked up the Gengar for his ghosties collection ^-^ I think we're going to go back soon to see what other things we can find~ :D Do many other community members visit Boot/Garage/Yard sales to scout for Poke-goodness? ^-^

We're only keeping Togepi and Gengar, so if anyone would to give any of the others a good home, I've put them under the cut :D
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oh! Also! I've reduced the prices of some of the zukan in Safari Zone (including the eeveelutions, which are now at $35) - if you're interested, head across to www.safarizone.co.uk :D

Lastly, a bit of an apology - its taking me a lot longer than I thought to leave everyone feedback, but don't worry - if you've sold something to me/bought something from me you'll have feedback in the next couple of days if you haven't had some over the weekend *promises never to to get busy and fall behind ever again* ^^;; *hands out cookies to say sorry for being slow*

Joining Here :)

So anyway, Hey Im Davidaipom.

I only joined yesterday

and I thought I'd say hello.

If any of you visit bulbapedia I'd like you to check me out there im David aipom there.

Im making my first Purchase a Manaphy Jakks :]

But I dont know how to pay.

Soon Im goin to uploa collection photos of my Hundreds of Kids and Zukans and my growing Plushie colection.

I found this through sunyshore.com

Thanks Gin ;]

Ive Mad a friend here ad she knows who she is ;]

I'll see yall later
Yay!, Cubone

Group Auction won, plus Canvas Drifloon plush up on eBay!

The more important news:


I haven't been billed for it yet, but I think we've just managed to scrape enough together to cover all middleman fees, and both shipping (I'll pay the extra for EMS).

As it's still unclear if the seller will be including many of the cases or not, I will take reserves on them. The seller states that not all of them have their cases, so it will be a first come first serve based on payment.

Now, payment - You can pay now or you can pay when they arrive. Although it would really, really help if you could pay now so I can pay them right away. Congrats to all auction winners!

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I may have missed something.... Please let me know if I did, or if there are any questions!
Thanks everyone, for making this group auction possible!

And also!

Mint Drifloon Canvas up on eBay!

MCM London Expo 25 & 26 of October

I know that there is a fair deal of UKers in this community and wasn't sure how many are planning to attend Expo this coming weekend? It was so much fun meeting several members at a convention in September (AWA) that I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to try and do something for Expo? :3 The steps outside the Excel centre seemed to have been a good meeting place in May but it depends on the weather for this Expo, really. (Very cold and/or pissing it down =/= fun)

I'll be toting around my Flareon plushie backpack that I've made or rather still needs completion so if you see someone with a Flareon bag please don't be afraid to say hi! I don't tend to bite too hard, but I may still be slightly jetlagged. ;D No clue on what cosplays I'm wearing or when, but at one point I will also be doing a form of Flareon gijinka.

So who's all going? Cosplaying? If so what as? :D
Challenger Buizel

Why, hello there!

Hey guys, buizelcollector here! I just joined the community and decided to say hi! I've been collecting Buizel/Floatzel related items for around a year now. My collection's a fair size, but I'm always looking for more. So, if you have any Buizel items, be sure to let me know!

I've known Pokemon since the beginning, and my interest in Pokemon never slowed down, even as it did with friends and classmates. I've gotten nearly every game and every system, so I've been able to play almost every Pokemon game. I did , however, lose interest in collecting the Pokemon cards until recently.

The community looks very lively and I hope that I can find a bunch of people on here who love the little orange otters!

I have pictures of my collection in my Scrapbook for right now, in case any of you wanted to see my collection.Collapse )