October 21st, 2008


you can be a big pig too! oi!

the winners of the contest will be announced tomorrow, so get your votes in if you missed out.

ALSO GUYS! TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG YOUR ENTRIES! i just had to scroll past five entries before i found one with tags! TAG YOUR STUFF. =( =( =( this is why we can't have nice things. (PS: info on tags is on the community main page)


just a small lions update! but a very long anticipated one!


yaaaay luxio! even tho he wasn't in the anime (it makes no sense, why didn't aoi's shinx evolve?! aaargh) he has his tomy figure finally! next... a plush? yeah? yeah? :D:D

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I received a nice surprise in my mail yesterday -

I wasn't expecting my Sunyshore order so quickly!


Inside, were another Leafeon (I wanted two, since one is going in my purse X3), Skymin and some SHIRONA DOUJINSHI. *_* (My favourite pokemon character, aside from Steven Stone.)

I'm so thankful that Gin picked up the two books for me. *_*

Below the cut is one panel though, that... I'd like to know what's being said. XD We can all speculate, though.

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Also, I put up something quite rare from my collection.



These two are actually the same pattern as the American release, but they're made of a different material - the American ones are made of a material with more of a nap, whereas these are more smooth, but they also have more of a sheen, which is how the Laties should be, IMO. <3

A question I keep forgetting to ask and tiny sale

I keep forgetting this everytime I made a thread asking a question ;^;

I often see this plush on ebay from various sellers in China/Hong Kong. Other than knowing its size I have NO IDEA of anything about it. I have no idea what company made it or even if it was made by a company *could be a really good bootleg*.
So does anyone know anything about this?

Also I decided to sell my "Pokemon, The rise of Darkrai" manga seen here I'm looking for 5 bucks plus shipping for it (I payed around 10 for it just a couple of weeks ago). Shipping would probably be 3-5 bucks depending where you live. Paypal only (since its cheap).

Group Buy Update

This post is for the 8 of you who participated in the group buy of these bandanna's!

All is good! I got the SMJ package in the mail this past weekend, and I went to go calculate shipping and they were able to pass as normal letters rather than packages! So this means low shipping costs!  But I can't quite say the very same for SMJ. Oddly enough, the total for each person was pretty darn close to $5.  It cost precicely $4.26 for each person.  If you would like me to send back 74 cents to you, please let me know! Otherwise I will just keep it for "handling" and call it good. :P If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at Devi_White_x@yahoo.com or leave a comment.

Buyers include:

And yes, the bandanna's were send out today! I hope you all get them and enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine!
Also, thanks again for helping me! This was my first time ordering through SMJ and conducting a group buy, and each of you made it very easy for me.  Couldn't have done it without all of you!

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Small random lot sales

I've got random items I'd like to get rid of, so please look at my two lot sales. I've got a lot of random cards, and a lot of random figures etc. I want to try my luck here before I take them to ebay.

Items are sold in a lot, not individually. If for some reason you reaaaaally want just one thing, we may be able to figure something out. I can only accept paypal.

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Rait said Fred the custom Raichu & collection update

Well I had a go at my second custom plush- this time a Raichu.
I wanted to make a dangly head- so I did.
He has a bell & a bow, but no arms or legs- nicknamed Fred Armstrong :3


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Also Question regarding plushes- how do you sew round objects? ie heads etc? I made Raichu into a parcel before sewing but it came out messy and I know plush aren't made this way so has anyone got any advice?





I'll have my collection update soon, I've gotten everything from Regen (I'll leave feedback very soon) and Suikun and the others. Sorry for the lack of posts n.n;; I've been so busy with exams and projects x.x scars of sunlight, I have your Tentacruels and a few freebies and norkia, I have your beedrill magnet. Sorry for my ditziness >< Anyways, sales post. I'm in need of money, so some of this stuff is from my own personal collection. Anyways, I hope you find something you like here.

I accept trades on some items, just ask, I collect mainly Pichu and Ho-oh as a side, I also like Cyndaquil and Pokemon kids :3
OBO=or best offer, I haggle somewhat, just ask ^^

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Rambler is a jerk

New things and a partial collection post.

Hello. I've posted once before a while back, but I recently got something new and I wanted to post about it. I should lurk less. =^°^;=

(Lots of pictures ahead)

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And also, since I recently set a lot of my stuff back up after moving, here is the main part of my collection:

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And that's all of the pictures I have for now. Thanks for looking. =^°^=
Dewott - Happy

Fimo commish, want list

Sculpture, anyone?

Sorry, the waiting list was kind of a failure because as it turns out, when it's good for me, isn't always good for you. So.. I'm going to have to just accept the first confirmed offer (or possibly two) this time. I'm really sorry ._.;

On the bright side, after a couple of requests, I made a Natu <3 I forgot my camera at school, but I'll post it as soon as I can get pics.


A good place to check out my other sculptures is here - http://rachelled.deviantart.com

Edit: Added visual interest, and stopped raping your flist with a long entry ^^;

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