October 22nd, 2008


Sticker books!

Hey all! I just walked by borders,and saw that they have a new Pokemon sticker book. The ones with the 600 stickers inside. It has a bunch of legendaries on the purple cover,including Jirachi and Darkrai!

They also had a new Pokedex data book and a quiz book. Just thought I would let people know.

(O^_^O) Pika~
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Packages sent!

Just to let you guys know that anyone who ordered and paid by Sunday has had their package sent out. :3 That only leaves castform and nsoroma79's bubble envelopes. :3

Also, if you guys who commented that you'd like to get something from me but who haven't replied, please let me know if you still want it! I don't want to hold them forever. D:

Also, added a couple Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine things to my shop. I was considering keeping them, but ... I don't need another line to collect. XD;


dice group auction update

Well...We won 8D
There are unclaimed dice, so take a look to see if you want any!
The dice aren't colored however, so take keep that in mind.

(took out other two pictures @_@)

Unfortunately, the internal shipping turned out to be VERY much more expensive than I thought I would be D: I'm pretty shocked and kinda disappointed in myself for not foreseeing this. After all SMJ fees, it came to a total of $68. I'll pay $3 for Charizard too (unless someone else wants it for higher) 

So if anyone wants to take another dice or add to their bid ($1 is enough to help) that would be awesome!
I'm so sorry this happened, and it's just another learning experience for me since I'm new to SMJ. I definitely won't do something like this again D:
Just kidding xD; Thank you, juumou for helping me with this. I'll just tag on shipping to everyone's bids. I think $2 is enough instead of $3. :] So even if you bidded on multiple dices, it's only $2 extra per person~ And then the other shipping cost.
(Shipping to your place will be $2-3 domestic, more for international (I'll look them up)

(total bid for all items you bidded on + SMJ shipping + shipping to you + paypal fee (sadly D: ))
If there's a different shipping method you prefer, let me know. Other wise, they'll be placed in bubble mailers with first-class postage.

kiraras_lemon : $33 PAID
iridescentfox : $7 PAID
ladylegsdarkrai  $9 PAID
chronidu : $7
iammyworld : $7 PAID
rentorar : $12
phaethon : $10

Still Available dice: Slowbro, Poliwhirl, Pinsir, Electabuzz, Beedrill
Please send the money to azuiru[@]gmail.com asap :] If you have any questions, please ask~!
Julian: Fox


No, seriously.

I had these guys (with some reluctance), on ebay yesterday.

But there's a reason I pulled them off so quickly.

Said reason? Below the cut, lovelies!


Collapse )

I have no idea how rare they are, but in all my time searching, I have never seen another set like them, and I've seen a LOT of Lati* plush around ebay and Y!Japan in the past 6 years. From images, they often look similar to the other set of Lati* plush

Expect some photostories later on, folks.