October 23rd, 2008

*waves* ^___^

I'd like to announce that I am back! xD (for real this time ;>>, new computer is finally all set up)

Though, due to the fact that this has been a hectic week and that I am obsessing over Fable 2 (OMGAMAZING), I only took a few updated pictures of my collection (as I packed most of my stuff since I am going to try and put some shelves up soon...that and I haven't gotten a lot of new stuff lately)

So...I took pictures of my Jumbos since they are the main thing I am focusing on right now (there are only a few other things I *really* want for my main collections [Mewtwo&Gallade]). ^_^ I should of waited since I have two more coming but, oh well xD

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Psychic sales! Deoxys, Mewtwo!

In the grand scheme of things, I realized how much I need to slow my collecting down. Right now, I'm working on coming up with money for new contact lenses. And figures, due to my crappy ass vision, my lenses are nearly 200 bucks for one pair. And that's for a pair that only lasts 1 year. The ones I have now are pushing 15 months old, and I'm to the point where I'm hardly able to focus my vision on things, merely because I have difficulty affording to go to my eye doctor. Well, I realized I have pretty much no choice at this point. I need to be able to see well again. I've got a few cards under the cut that may be of interest to some people. Take a look! Collapse )
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Auction lost, and Eevees have arrived! =D

Unfortunately, we lost the large Hasbro/Jakks group auction, because someone reeeeeally wanted it, and we didn't have quite enough bidders to win. But, there's some good news, too!

Sososo. I missed the package yesterday, cause I'm stupid. :3 But we got it today! o0_Kai_0o nearly raped the poor delivery man out of happy.

I'll be mailing all of them out tomorrow morning, since there's a doctor's appointment to take care of today. :3 They're all mint, and have their tags, and are oh-so-cute. Smell pretty good, too!

Does anyone have any tips on what to ship them in? I'm kind of reluctant to put them in a bubblemailer, since they're so expensive....

Hey Baby!

Final Call-out for Washingtonians and Discounted Sales!

Hello everyone! I made this announcement a few days back, with very little success, so I thought I'd make one final last call-out to community members. To my knowledge, there's quite a few of us located in the rainy state of ol' Washington, and I thought this upcoming turn of events would be a great reason to do a mini PKMNCollectors meet-and-greet of sorts. ♥

Said event in question is Aki-Con. This anime convention commences its first year in downtown Everett at the Holiday Inn during the weekend of November 7th - November 9th. Pre-registration is still open for all three days till the 30th of the October at a sweet deal of $25. I will personally be there the entire weekend, and to my knowledge, friskavk is also attending, and I'd love to see a few more familiar faces there!

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While I'm here, here's just another call-out that quite a bunch of goodies are still available at my past sales post! Most, if not all, items have been discounted accordingly and a few minor additions have been tossed in, namely zukan!

Again, thanks for looking everyone!
Hopefully we'll get more of a response this time around! ♥
Biohazard: 狙撃兵

My personal card holy-grail...

The term holy grail is something that gets thrown around a fair bit, but I feel it really applies to my recent get since I have simply been after them for so long- and have never seen them until this year.

Long-story short(ish) edition:
I used to collect the cards solidly as a kid. The shop keepers in my town used to tell you awesome and exciting things about cards from japan that they'd seen or heard about long before they had made an english translation. I had always dreamt of getting some of these elusive cards but my collecting flame dwindled and died not too long after Team Rocket was released.

Now I'm solidly back IN to collecting- I've been collecting cards for about two years again now and have racked up a number of sets and a number of rare cards. I had sworn OFF trying to collect the japanese cards, but I caved in finally and started buying sets and promos and boxes. Haven't looked back since.

The elusive beauties known as the 'Masaki Evolution Campaign' cards had always eluded me, I had never seen any on eBay for sale during my time looking up promos until a week and a half ago...

Other card collectors holy grails may rest in things like the illustrator pikachu card, and others amongst that, but mine was solidly with these 5 pretties.

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The scans of these will be crossposted to collectorviper, so apologies to anyone watching there as well for a mostly double post <3 but yay!
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An introduction and a custom mewtwo hoodie!

Hello everyone! I'm new, just found this community a few days ago, then re-found it last night, it doesn't come up in an lj interest search for me. Anyways, I already adore this community, I've seen Pokemon stuff I didn't even know existed, very cool. ^^

About me, I've been a Pokemon fan since about a year after it first came out in the states, and my favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo, though I also love Mew and the Eeveelutions. I used to collect tons of Mewtwo stuff back in high school, and need to go back to my folk's place to retrieve them so I can take pictures of them. Since I was raising a puppy, I never bothered putting up my plushes and toys, as he would have eaten them, nom nom! ;_;

For the longest time I was mostly out of the Pokemon fandom, then my boyfriend bought me Diamond for the DS, and it sucked me back in darn it! XD I've since been more interested in making Pokemon things, and locating some rarer Mew and Mewtwo items.

Anyways, until I can get pictures of my tribe of mewtwo plushies, t-shirts, toys, and that uber dorky picture of me with the Mewtwo mascot/actor from Pokemon Live!, here's something I made last week, it's a custom Mewtwo Hoodie!


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Also, I was wondering if anyone knew where to find this guy or has one they would be willing to sell:

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Thanks for any help and hello again! ^_^
Pink Leopard Print
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ebay finds I thought you might like :)

I was just browsing round ebay, as I do, and saw a few lots that I thought some of you here might like to see and possibly organise amongst yourselves :) I'm not sure on prices for plush and such things so if they're ridiculously overpriced then I do apologise lol! The shipping to the UK on some of them is big so maybe the USA peeps will get a better deal ^_^

I'm assuming that these are all legit, they certainly look like it to me anyway. And if any of these are your lots then yay for unintended advertising! :D

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If there's any that receive a lot of interest you could maybe start an auction or group buy or something. If not then I hope you enjoyed looking at some lovely Pokemon plush and figures ^_^

Surfing Pika

(no subject)

I have a nice big Ebay lot ending in the next twenty-four hours, if anyone is interested! It contains ten plush, four zukan, seven battle museum figures, and nine miscellaneous figures (including an Eevee kids!). There are no bids so far, which means you might be able to snag it for much, much cheaper than it's actually worth. Heck, even the Buy It Now is a bargain. :D


Good luck to any of you who decide to bid on it! ♥

Also, is anyone having SMJ troubles? I know there were complains about them several months ago, but so far I haven't had any negative experiences at all until now. It's been over two weeks on four of my items and I still haven't received invoices on them. D: I've even e-mailed them about it twice in the last few days, and all four items are on their way to storage in the US so I don't know what's going on or why I haven't received an invoice (or at least a response) yet. :( Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem? I just want to pay for my stuff! ;___;

On a random note, LJ comment notifications don't seem to be going through lately. :/