October 24th, 2008

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So I'm sorting through my stuff to find things for a new sales post and I found something that looks kinda rare. It's a Banpresto Charmander plush, dated 1997. It has a yellow string through the head (which I thought only more modern plushies had) and a really vacant expression. The tail flame is soft, kinda feathery.

So how much would something like that go for?

Also, I have a Munchlax Kids figure that looks...well, it's see-through, but only sorta. Does anyone have a picture of what a clear one and a normal one look like so I can see which one I have? Because all the other clears I have are really pale and this one's still got Munchlax's dark colors.

Now we have pictures.

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RUNNER UP!!! miss_fuu_chan!!!

congrats!!! and wonderful job to everyone who entered :D i hope you all had fun doing the contest and participating in the voting, and be excited for our next contest, whenever it is!

winners please contact me in comments or on AIM (rem rom child) to choose and collect your prizes :D and congrats and thanks to everyone once again!

Zukan Arrival and Payment Request

Dragonite Zukan set has finally arrived! Thanks everyone for being patient (SMJ is just really slow with the shipping and what not)! Now the dreaded payment time, followed by the always exciting shipping/receiving time. So, here is the rundown:

Shipping from Japan $1.00 per person, Packing/fees/shipping within U.S. for each person w/in U.S. = 2.50 [$3.50 total]

If I'm not mistaken, here are the totals for everyone involved:

(1) Beedrill / Kakuna / Weedle : Teenbulma $8.50

(2) Diglett / Dugtrio :

(3) Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed : _nofuturenohope $23.00 total (for all 3)

(4) Shellder / Cloyster : _nofuturenohope

(5) Drowzee / Hypno : Trainer Irene $9.50 (extra $1 for shipping to Italy)

(6) Krabby / Kingler : _nofuturenohope

(7) Elekid / Electabuzz : olesvenson $8.50

(8) Mewtwo : ann chovi $13.50

(9) Unown :

(10) Swinub / Pilsowine :

(11) Delibird : Eggsterminatus $13.50

(12) Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite : iammyworld (all remaining)

My Paypal address is: considerately [at] gmail [dot] com. Please leave your LJ username and what you bought in the memo field.  Feel free to ask questions! As soon as I get the bulk of the payments, I be shippin' to yas. :0)

Edit: Please let me know if you'd like the Zukan insert as well! 
Pokemon - Mew - ^-^

Sales, and about plush commissions

Hello guys!

Just a quick post to let you know that I updated my Sales post with some new zukan!


There's some new 10th Movie Anniversary figures, including Darkrai, Entei and Mew, and some Mystery Dungeon gacha figures also!

I've also reduced the prices on some of the older zukan that I still have in stock, as well as the current price of postage! The Aussie dollar is pretty low at the moment, so that means that I can pass on the difference!

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Again, thanks so much guys :D

Sales Post!

Hola its me again c:
and Im back with more stuff for sale WOOHOO
I'm still taking trades though
but now I also accept paypal payments
I'm till verifying my bank account so I can't pay yet until i get money from you guys but yeah ITLL BE SOON
too bad I'm impatient


but if you dont have stuff on here dont be afraid to offer other things I like lots of stuff c:

Togepi line zukan w/ togekiss
Cyndaquil line Zukan
Cyndaquil non flat Items in general
Eevee nonflat Items in general
Ufo plushes

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A question... (and a possible Group Auction)

Is anyone from the community bidding on this auction on Yahoo Japan? I was going to do a group auction but I see that a SMJ user is winning it, so thought I'd check first ^-^

I only want one plush from the lot (the smaller lying down Pikachu at the front - its a grail of mine!) ^_^ If no-one is bidding on it, or if no-one posts to let me know before tomorrow night, then I'll organise a group auction on the lot :) I found out who was bidding on it , so I won't be doing a group auction ^-^

Now, back to writing a sales post! (expect a kids sale later on!~

Lots of PokeKids for sale!~

Firstly - a shipping update! This week, I sent parcels to techno4tomcats , buizelcollector , anamatics , heenz , growly , tamago226 , majoradrakken and binx345  - so you should all be getting goodies soon! ^-^ (I'll leave nice feedback for you all over the weekend too!) :D

Also - a big thank you to juumou for the fantastic kids book and mamoswine  for the ultra-cute PIka megablock and Raichu kid! I got them this week! ^-^ <3 <3

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Small Sales

I need space (and for some reason the Palkia's just ain't doing it for me lol!).
Some of these are doubles- I did love them but I feel they need to go to a better home. EDIT all of these are now on eBay so feel free to bid...at http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZraichu.hunter01

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