October 27th, 2008


Help w/ selling TCG cards? :3

I just bought a binder of TCG cards at my local Goodwill last week, about 200 in all. Complete Pokémon noob that I am, I ran every last one of 'em through Bulbapedia to see which was which, then through PokeOrder.com to see what was how much, and including the stuff probably nobody will want (any $1>n or less) I have about $480 worth of cards here. And I have no idea where or how to sell them. XD

Anyone in western WA willing to help me out a little? :3

EDIT: I'm gonna need PayPal, won't I?

EDIT 2: I hope I haven't dealt myself into a corner. I have nothing with which to take a picture of my cards. X_x

EDIT 3: The memorable cards (holofoil, maybe rare too?) worth $5+ are Collapse )

PayPal acct is still being finagled together.
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It's a bird... it's a plane... it's an epic SALES POST!

POLICIES: All prices in US dollars. Paypal only, prices do not including shipping (which is from the US, btw!)
No holding of items unless we have previously arranged something, trade offers are okay (no artwork please). This is what I'm after as far as trades go: http://grrrowly.livejournal.com/856528.html#cutid1
I reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And if I sold you something earlier this week, they will be shipped on Tuesday. I didn't have time this weekend, sorry!

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Let me know exactly what you want (copy-paste the URL so there is no confusion) along with your country. Zipcodes aren't necessary, just country. I'll reply to you with a total and the Paypal address as soon as I can :)
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Quick Sales

Just some quick zukan collection weeding along with some other things~ I'll continue to weed stuff out over the next week or so, so a few of these things will keep on popping up until I lump all the leftovers into an eBay lot.

-All prices are in USD
-Shipping is $2.50 to the US and $3.00 wordwide and may increase with bulkier orders.
-Paypal only
-No holding or haggling unless I say otherwise, and no trades at this time
-Please allow anywhere from one to three days for the packages to ship.

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Multipurpose post ahoy!

First, I've updated my shop, Unknown Dungeon, with Zukan figures and all-new European D/P stickers. As usual, everything is also open for Raichu trades. :) Go and see if there're any of your favourite Pokémon!

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Lastly, a couple of questions:
1) Do Japanese TCG sets have reverse holos? I'm not sure if I've seen any this far, so is this just some special thing for the Wester edition?
2) Are there reverse holo versions of EX or Lv X cards?

Thank you, prguitarman! ^^
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Mini Sale

Stuff will be mailed late this week - sorry for the delay! ^^; One of the cars is in the shop, so I don't have a way to the post office.

Doing some more collection weeding.

Below the cut are some really rare things - two of which, I don't really want to sell, and may not unless I get a good offer. ^_^;

Included are: Shiny Flygon Kid, and Super Rare Light-up Glacidia Flower Skymin Bracelet!

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marshal the slowpoke

it was my boyfriend's birthday this weekend and i crocheted him this slowpoke. i'm super happy with how it came out, and it was almost hard for me to give him away. we bonded.

i'm thinking of doing some of these for people on this community, like people who have slowpoke specific collections would probably want this? i'm doing two definitely, so if you want one speak up and i'll like draw names out of a hat or something.


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