October 28th, 2008


Group Auction Anyone?

So I saw this auction on Y!Japan. I also know there are a lot of mew and mewtwo collectors here. so I figured I'd ask you guys if you'd like to bid on this auction with me:

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anyway. It'll be about $30 USD as long as no one else bids Plus shipping costs. I'm thinking about $40-$45

I'm willing to up to Pay Half of the Bidding cost [$15] and partial shipping.

1. Mewtwo EX -
2. Mew Ex- [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
3. Bubble Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
4. Vending Promo Mewtwo - [meirin ]: $5
5. Shining mew - [heenz]: $4
6. McDonalds Promo Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
7. Rotas Mew- [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
8. Mew -
9. Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
10. Baby Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
11. 10th Anniversary Mew - [chibisilverwing]: $5
12. 10th anniversary Mewtwo- [ann_chovi]: $5
13. Mewtwo -

Bid here and I'll update bids manually.
NO BACKING OUT IF WE WIN. I'll be very angry

So as soon as we get enough i'll place a bid and cross my fingers.

There's about 6 days left for the auction so you have that long to place your bids. I think thats about it.

Also I have a question about this mew plush
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Collection Post!

This will be my first real organized Collection post 8D! I've shown little bits and pieces but I finally took a few photos tonight xD 

Alright so, I'm almost finished moving in here in sanfran, and between homework and commissions, I managed to put together a mahoooooooosive 6 foot shelf to put my stuff on. While only a couple shelves are being used for my collection.... let's see what's inside c8


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hey! want the new megablocks? well to buy both sets on the shelf it costs $200, and that's without any shipping or crazy fees. so reserve your blocks today with gin, for the cheapest price possible for these cute little blockies.

because of the high price and the assumption that not every single block will sell, please only reserve a block if you are willing to pay around 10$ or possibly more for your block. shipping will be ridiculously cheap, around 2$ a person, so fear not the shipping.

on to the blocks!

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heeey everyone :DDD it's been awhile since i've posted woohoo. my mom bought this set of absolutely adorable pokemon magnets, but there ain't a pikachu one (i only collect pikastuff atm :D) so i've decided to organise an auction on the set as i'd rather they go to collectors than sit on my shelf rotting away. meanwhile, i've updated my SALES post too!

so here they are :D 8 lovely poke magnets! p.s. plusle & minun form a heart shaped gift when put together. SUPER ADORABLE :D

Auction Ends On: Friday, 31st October, 1400 GMT Extended to Sunday, 2nd November, 5 AM GMT
Each magnet will have a starting price of $3 each, and will have increments of $1 each time.

Plusle ($3) - _nofuturenohope
Minun ($3) - _nofuturenohope
Munchlax ($9) - iammyworld 
Jirachi ($4) - andyboyh 
Mew ($8) - nsoroma79
Lucario ($3) - penanna 
Lugia ($3) - chaosoftwilight
 Ho-oh ($3) - glacidea

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

New additions include Chou Get from the newest set as well as a couple of zukan! There are also still many other items still available. :3
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Collection update

After months of adding and adding to my collection, waiting for certain things and getting a new display shelf, I finally got around to doing that collection update I kept dreaming about.


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Well, thanks for looking! <3 This took forever and a day to type up xD; I probably made half of you fall asleep looking at this crap. Haha.
Buneary and lopunny

Sales Post.

- Paypal Only (sorry)
- Everything will be shipped out next Friday
- I do ship internationaly.
- My Feedback Thread is on the 6th page of the members Feedback.
- I am very Happy to haggle with prices.
- And finaly Thanks For Looking!

Onwards We Go...
Also I am willing To seperate any specific items that you want out of any of this. Just offer a price =)

Ash With Pikachu = $4.50

Hoothoot Pack = $7.00
(Plush Has No Tush Tag)

Jigglypuff Pack = $6.50

Electrode Pack = $4.50

Elekid Pack = $3.50

Heracross Pack = $3.00

Magnemite Pack = $3.00

Meowth Pack = $5.00

Mewtwo Pack = $10.00

Nidoran Pack = $4.50

Poliwhirl Pack = $8.50

Psyduck Pack = $4.00

Slowpoke Pack = $4.50

Snorlax Pack = $3.50

Granbull Pack = $2.00
Wobbuffet Pack = $2.00

Togepi Pack = $4.50

Clefairy Pack = $5.00

Chansey Pack = $4.00

*NEW* Pokemon Cards
All in Very Good condition.

All cards $0.50 each

Turtwig and Grotle = $1
Holo Torterra = $2
Or all for $4.50

All Cards $0.50
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Collection Update, Info Regarding Sales, and Other Things

I've been so busy the past few months, school and the addition of my new job's been DRAINING me.  I really should have gotten around to this sooner, but spare time isn't easily found any more.

Fist things first. I have new-ish collection stuffs.
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If you're planning on purchasing something from my shop, sorry for the delay, as I said, I've been really busy. Things should clear up this weekend, though.  Treasure Shop


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Holo/Promo Card Sales + Lowered Prices~

Hello everyone~! :D
I look at every post here, but I have been inactive for quite some time. *been a member since July*

I noticed I have too many cards, and decided to weed out my collection a bit. Also to make room for upcoming sets. <3 So here is a small sales post for those who might be interested in some rare or odd-looking cards. ;D


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I've lowered prices on everything in my store.
Most items are $1.00 or less, with Amada stickers and menkos at $2.00 for 10. I've also added many freebies.
Click the Drifloon to enter. :>