October 29th, 2008


this post is multi purpose.

So i've been here for a while and I haven't posted my collection.
For those of you who have paid attention i collect mews and what not. I basically have a tiny collection but i like it none the less.
I'm not big on figures that's why i only have a few. I love collecting cards. Don't know why but i do.

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Also for those of you who are interested please bid on this group auction. WE have enough but i don't want everyone's shipping to be outrageous. Just a few dollars helps a lot. So if you like Mew or Mewtwo there's some pretty nice rare cards.

[Auction is here.]


truepromises has posted today informing me of a mixup! She has received a Latias Pokekid, which I believe was meant to go to keiji_mashin.

I also shipped items out to two people in the US on that same day - If either of you have received a Pikachu lot, please let me know!
I will be paying for the shipping back to me, then I shall ship out your correct items free of charge.

ALSO! I received a payment from eosler@*****.net, but with no username or items ordered. If this is your email, please contact me as I have no idea what the payment is for!

New rule for future note with pokestaruk: Please state what you're ordering as well as your username. D:
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Hi! I just have a few questions regarding items ^^

One: Clear Tomy figures. I've seen a few around the comm - are they official Tomy figures, and if so, what are they worth?

Two: These charms!

I bought one from rinkatink a ways back, and it's so pretty I'd love to know more about them. What other pokemon are in the set? Where can I find them? Price? etc. I probably don't have the funds to actively seek them out right now, but I'd still really like find out more :3




Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for posting twice in a day, but this is pretty URGENT.
So I got home today and found this in my mailbox.

There was also a little note thanking me for the purchase (which I never made lol ><) written on Shaymin sky forme paper too!

But I didn't order this pokekid at all! Neither do I recognise the seller's name at the back of the envelope, which reads K. Courtney, xxxxxx UK. I don't roughly remember all the names from whom i've purchased from so far and none of them match this.

I think this was sent to me by mistake >< If you know who this person is or if you're this person please let me know by leaving a comment. I can help send the package back to who it was originally intended for. :)

EDIT: Finally found out what happened. Thanks to those who helped! :)


auction news and super sales!

Hello everyone! I bring good news to those who have participated in my group auction for a while ago... the diorama figures have finally arrived, and they'll be shipped to you all in the next few days!

That's actually just the tip of the iceberg! With these diorama figures came a slew of other delectable fruits plucked from the tree of Y!J... in a few days (or weeks ;_;) I will have another massive collection update to share with you all!

But for today, I have a wholly-revamped storefront for you. Why not come on down to...

(Warning: very image heavy!!)

It's my most massive sales post to date, featuring a ton of strange and wonderful items such as:


There's something for most everyone here, and there's nothing over $10--most are under $5! For those of you who already have pending purchases with me (and have already paid), you will not have to pay any extra shipping if you want to add to your existing orders, so take advantage and stock up!

I want to call special attention to a very unique set of items available...

They're a set of super squishy figures unlike anything I've ever come across before! Be sure to check 'em out!

Happy shopping, everyone!
pokemon: mamo!


This post is small and stupid, but today I got an essential part of my collection!

(And look at his cute lil feets!)
PILOSWINE TOMY!!! I'm sure most of you guys know how hard it is to get (legit) TOMYs... And I was lucky to get this guy, MIB too!

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I kind of... excitedly bought another Flaaffy TOMY when I saw one on Y!J when I already kinda had one heh. So I'm selling her for $12 shipped! (PayPal only plz)

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Group Auction plush are in!

I came home sick today - stopped to check the mail on the way home. Two packages! What a pick-me-up <3

truepromises, thanks for the figures, and I love the drawing to death <3 Thanks so much!

I'm going to repeat myself, that's officially the cutest Oddish plush I've ever seen. Also, Swampert's stubby body makes me ridiculously happy.

Latias, Tentacool, Turtwig- zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - resilientspider
Oddish - chrissii

kiohl! I totally forgot you were waiting on Groudon when you bought Chikorita a few days ago, so as soon as I find out how much shipping for the two of them together is, I'll refund the difference ^^

All of them arrived in good to mint condition. :D Although Umbreon is in loved condition. Between this and my sales I have a lot of packaging to do before Friday, but I'll do my best to get them all out. If I can't, they'll be out next Friday for sure.

Also, so sorry for the two posts in one day thing ._.; I didn't realize this was coming - I can get rid of my earlier post if it's a problem.

Sales and collection update

Today I got a huge box that I ordered from ebay!

In the auction, I was promised 13 plush(although I didn't get the Mudkip *sadface*) , but since I paid so quickly the seller was nice and threw in some mystery freebies. I didn't think any of them would be good, but BOY WAS I WRONG :O

Either way, I only wanted the Lugia Pokedoll that came in the set, so 99% of everything you see in this post is for sale right now. I'm not looking to make much of a profit, so I promise you these items will be cheaper than ebay

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Alright, I guess that takes care of all of the plush. Happy s--wait....wait, WHAT IS THIS?

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They're here!!~

First of all, I'm up to date and all packages have now been sent - so if you've bought anything from me, it's on its way! ^-^

I was so excited when the door went today, our big SMJ box arrived, containing my Captain Pikachu plush, and 400 kids!

I've got a lot of sorting and pricing to do, but expect a sales post soon! :D


Hi Im latias1212 and I have Like 14 pokemon toys.

I have a jakks manaphy, pikachu water bottle, Shaymin tomy, Latios pokedoll, Manaphy pillow, talking piplup, turtwig, grotle, dialga caddy with cards, Dialga plush 12 inch, Mudkip plush, and Shellos east and west.