October 30th, 2008


New Stuff, Haitus?

Yay goodies! :D Jaime I think you sent me two Zapdos cards by mistake?

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Now for the bad news, my laptop screen was smashed the other day when a classmate knocked it off a table. Thankfully I have an accidental damage warranty, but I will still be without good access to a computer for maybe as much as two weeks. ;_; I'm sorry. D: I feel badly that I might not be able to get stuff done for the PPP. :(

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Stylus Group Auction?

...I seem to do a lot of group auctions. xD

Would anybody be interested in a stylus group auction?
They're $20 BIN for the set, so they'd be about $5 each shipped.
Both Giras are claimed, but Regi, Shaymin, Skymin, and Dialga are up for grabs.
They have more than one set available, so if enough people want them, I can grab another set.

We're now on the second set. :3 Claim what you want, and if we can get a full set, I'll order two~
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Collection update!

Collection Update!

ALSO, scarsofsunlight and mamoswine -- the Pokemon Time plush came today!! >w< More details under the cut~

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If anyone is, for some reason, interested in viewing my helter-skelter collection page, they may find it (updated!) here.


I have finally gotten to post all the feedback posts for: lineaalba , acidmimi , pheonixxfoxx , bureiru , kefanii , and ravestars85 (THANK YOU ALL FOR ITEMS ^.^)

I also just wanted to let glacidea , rinkatink ,yamadahachi , and caterpie know that all your packages have been packaged and are ready to go around monday or teusday, sorry for any delay ^.^

oh and does anyone have any other pictures of byron besides the stock image? just wondering.

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hey everyone! just wanted to say that the auction i'm holding's going to close in 12 hours time. so anyone with the highest bid then will automatically win the auction :D oh yessss anw my sales post is hereee too :)
and thanks kiohl , i've got the pikachu pokedoll <3 it's soooo cute & in perfect condition too! thanks so so so much. <333

yup, 'tis a lovely set of absolutely adorable pokemon magnets! :D follow the fake cut to the auction post!

( Auction here! )