November 2nd, 2008

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Special Golduck

I believe this is one of those special re-make legendary cards. I'm not interested in it because I don't care for Golduck, but I thought someone else might be. (: It's an auction, so I hope it doesn't go up too high!

link here~

Lol while I'm on this subject, does anyone have the Voltorb from this set? >>; .. or Clefairy/Clefable? I'd be willing to trade or something for them.

hard to find Charizard :]

Hey guys~ I was just browsing on Y!J and I found this awesome lot of Charmander/Charizard.
The charmander aren't anything too special I think, but the big diamond of this lot is that Charizard 8D He seems pretty hard to find, just like that smaller Charizard plush. I think this one's the DX D&P UFO...correct me if I'm wrong xD;

There's currently no bids on it with about 21 hours left. It's not exactly cheap, but some people are willing to spend a bundle sometimes :] I just want that green-eyed Charmander, so this lot isn't suited for me.

Pink Leopard Print
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how to look for Pokemans

I know how to look for items of a certain Pokemon on Yahoo!Japan (the whole getting the japanese name of the Pokemon from Bulbapedia and search for them thing) but how would I going about looking for kids and zukan? I could just search for the name of the Pokemon I want the zukan/kid of, but is there another way? I've tried getting the japanese for zukan and kid but I seem to be having problems with that xD

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yay, so this pokemon AG2 magnet auction just ended an hour ago, and here the lucky winners :)

Plusle ($3) - _nofuturenohope 
Minun ($3) - _nofuturenohope 
Munchlax ($9) -iammyworld 
Jirachi ($4) - andyboyh 
Mew ($8) - nsoroma79 
Lucario ($3) - penanna 
Lugia ($3) - chaosoftwilight 
 Ho-oh ($3) - glacidea 

Comment here if you've won and we'll settle the payment. Shipping will be $2.50 world-wide for each magnet, and for _nofuturenohope it'll be $4 in total :) I'll contact you guys personally too! I know you guys'll love the magnets! :D Thanks so much for participating in the auction!

Love, Chelsia :)
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(no subject)|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14

Anyone want to split this lot? I only want the Wooper, but Deoxys fans might be interested in the other half ;) Problem is, I live in Canada and they don't ship outside the US.

Thanks also for the link, iridescentfox!

Thank you so much, crimson_angel02! <3
Pokemon: Espeon Umbreon

[Absol needs a new home!//]

I posted this up a while back, I'm sure some of you remember. I'm really wanting to sell this now, as I've got quite literally no room left to display my plushes!

He's in good condition but unfortunately has no tush tag or hang tag. He's from the DX series of plushes, and stands around 9.5 inches high.

Depending on how many people are interested, I'll either auction him off or take offers on it. I'm looking for about $70-80 though, as this is an extremely rare plush.

Thanks guys! I'm due for a collection update, but I seem to have misplaced my camera ^^;;
pokemon: mamo!

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Kats has brought us awesome things! KATS IS AWESOME AND WE LOVE THEM despite coming back from being in the hospital just yesterday, they bring us awesome news! WE LOVE YOU KATS




ALSO! Cresselia and Rotom Tomy in December!
ALSO! The standing Glaceon and Leafeon TOMY plushies were delayed to December, which is when the Pokemon Center is saying they're going to reveal that Eevee line collection... Makes me wonder, are all of the Eeveelutions are going to get this kind of plush? WOULD BE SO CUTE

Introduction, new haul and collection posts all in one!

Hi all, I'm Fluor. I'm new here and all that. I've been a Pokémon fanatic ever since the fad got here, but never actively collected anything related to it besides the trading cards (which I also recently got into again), so this community was a huge inspiration to me. I absolutely adore Meowth and Persian and thought I'd start my collection with them, but then something happened and this is what came in the mail a few days ago...

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two items for sale!

Ok, I've decided since I need the money, I'm just going to sell these^^

1. Shaymin Lottery Pouch
2. Mudkip PEZ Dispenser

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I also may part with my Rotom pokedoll for maybe $20 (SOLD) and my Darkrai DX plush with legs so if anyone's interested, let me know!

ALSO: I might be able to get ahold of ~brand new~ Shaymin & Skymin DX kids, would anyone be interested? Probably sell for between $10~12?
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hello again, everyone. =D

Remember these? :3
Payment's due for those who claimed the first set! So I need payment from:
shesatiger - $5
bouquet_of_sky - $6
murderish - $5
If either of you who owe me $5 live anywhere outside of the US/Can, let me know, as it might have to go to $6. ^^;
All payments should be sent to hikari.h.takemoto[@]

We've got about half of them claimed from a second set, so if anyone is interested, please bid! I also still have an unclaimed Regi from the first set. xD They're still $5 with shipping from me to you. :3
Giratina -
Origin Giratina-
Regigigas -
Shaymin - Heenz
Skymin - nofuturenohope, frostdemn [2nd]
Dialga - happyjolteon

be gentle

About AAPF/Kats

i think this is important enough for its own post!

a lot of us have been worried about kats from AAPF. well, i just got email today, and it turns out kats was in an accident and fell off a ladder while painting a roof, and has been hospitalized all this time - but was discharged as of yesterday!

kats is an important member of our community without even technically being a member! and gives us all a fun blog to check everyday and really good news. please leave any messages or well wishes for kats here in the comments and i will make sure they are seen!

(and kats says AAPF will be back up and running again in a few days ;D)
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Two lots of stuff~

Hello everyone!

I now have a huge SMJ box headed straight for me (six DX plush, one 1/1 scale plush, multitudes of smaller plush), and as a result I really need room in my room again. ;^;

I'm actually pretty sad to part with some of this stuff, especially because I think both of these lots are worth a LOT more than I'm letting them go for, but I need to get this stuff out of here before I really have no room to walk. If you want to buy and resell for more profit, no hard feelings at all. ^^

If you buy and pay by tomorrow afternoon, your stuff goes out TOMORROW!

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I hope someone takes these! Let me know if you have any questions or want more information.
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