November 3rd, 2008

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I need to bust someone on Bulbagarden.

Someone's going around claiming to have all these goods...and then he shows a picture of stuff that's not only clearly bootleged, but it's also got a biiiiiig ol' watermark across it.

Here's the thread, and I'm pretty sure you can only see the attachment if you're a Bulbagarden member. But I've been up and down eBay and I can't find a thumbnail that looks like what he has...and frankly I'm *VERY* tired and I'd intended to go to bed about five hours ago, so any help is much appreciated.

Mondo group buy?

So there's a HUGE zukan lot on Yahoo!Japan and I was wondering if there was any way that we could get a group buy going. I am interested only in obtaining a Vulpix/Ninetales zukan so I was also wondering if there was any way that anyone here who knew Japanese could contact the member and ask them if they have one. Or, if someone has better eyes than me, can see one in the picture:

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EDIT Seems to be a lot of interest! If someone who can read/write Japanese could contact the seller and ask for a list, that's be great! If you can, please comment!

Also, I just wanted to let everyone know of this lot because I figured there'd be a lot of interest. I could not organize it myself for many reasons, not the least of which is a semester drawing to an end at a private college. But, if someone decides to organize it, I'd be interested in the one I mentioned.
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New Pokemon hoodie, Piplup!

I finished another Pokehoodie for a friend, this time Piplup.


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The eyes are embroidered, and his beak and tail are plush. The hands are flippers, but have openings on the inside of the wrists so my friend can use her hands when needed. She likes him, though there are a few things I'm not quite happy with, that'll learn me to sew with hardly any sleep. ><

Next up is Cubone, and possibly Zubat, for other friends, and an Espeon just because I have some pinkish purple fleece lying around. XD

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Group auction? :3

Jakks plush group auction? I want Zubat~

It has 6 days on it. Bidding starts on these at $2.50. (Shipping and PayPal fees will be $3 in the US and _should be_ $5 internationally.)

I'll try to keep highest bid updated?

Zubat - emurii reserved @ $3
Wobbuffet - Highest bid: None!
Manaphy - Highest bid: None!
Pink Shellos - Highest bid: None!
Riolu - Highest bid: british_male @ $5
Sneasel - Highest bid: None!
Munchlax - Highest bid: None!
Starly - Highest bid: None!

Please bid in the designated comment ~ ♥

Also, an eBay find:
American plush auction including Poochyena (!), Spinda, Tentacool, Cyndaquil, Oddish, Duskull, Sableye (all popular) and more

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Hello all! This is my first time posting in the community but I've been a lurking member for a while and have even purchased a few things from the members! Thank you guys so much by the way!

Well, I would love to show you guys a current picture of my collection but unfortunately the light in my room is broken at the moment so I can't really get a good pic! D: Here's what I can offer you for now though, something I find pretty cool! Anyone into Pokedexes? ((BIG pic!)):

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Ta-da! Yes, that's a D-arc in the pic too. I originally took this pic to show my friends the differences between some American toys and Japanese ones soooo that's my excuse!

I just happened to find the Japanese Pokedex (and as luck would have it, the D-arc, but that's another story) at a local Japanese festival for $3! I couldn't believe it! The Japanese Pokedex is so different from the American one... it talks and lights up and does a whole lot of other nifty things! Why oh why couldn't it have an English setting?! I'm curious to know, how rare are the Japanese Pokedexes? Does anyone else have one in their collection?

Also, on a completely unrelated topic, does anyone happen to know where I could purchase a somewhat cheap Lucario pokedoll or other form of Lucario plushie? I've been browsing ebay every other week but the prices seem so ridiculous! Do you guys think I could find a doll anywhere for under $30+? I'd love to own one!

Thank you guyyyys! I love this community so much!
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Collection Update!

Hey all!

So, I have some good news and some bad news...

The bad news is that I use (used to use?) AOL to upload my pictures, however they have decided to "shut that down" So...all the pictures that I did have uploaded on there are now lost (so if for some reason any of you go to an older post of mine, that's the reason why the pictures won't be there/show up)

However...I realized LJ has a thing to upload pictures on so...hopefully this will work...

Now, the good news is that I have a small collection update! Today I received two more Jumbo Cards to add to my collection ^_^ I believe them to be quite rare as (besides from this time/me getting them) I have only seen them two, maybe three, other times on ebay.

(please let me know if you can't see the picture x_x)
So, I am very please to show you: Collapse )
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*gulps nervously* I suppose I'll bring this up...

Oh, one quick word before I proceed: if you're sick to your stomach of the "suggested group auctions", then I'm sorry and I advise you to turn away now.

Okay, while browsing Yahoo! Japan Auctions, I noticed a really cool set of *clear!* Pokemon Kids. I DEFINATELY can't orgainze this even if this becomes a group auction, but I decided to post it just in case someone wanted to take it under their (monetary) wings.

Besides, there's a clear Shinx Kid there, as well as a Drifblim, which given the demand, would more than likely pay for the end price of the entire auction combined. XD
More information: I think it ends in about 6 days, the opening bid is 4,000 yen, and the "Buy it Now" is 4,500 yen. As of this writing, there are no bids. :D

Oh, and I'm so getting Phione if this goes through, but thats's practically a given.
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Anyone want to make a TCG trade?

At the prerelease this weekend, I pulled Regigigas Lv. X. I know there are some regi fans on here. I'm looking for any of the other Stormfront lv. X cards for my deck. Namely, Raichu, but I'd trade for any other one! I'm looking for just about anything from stormfront at this point. Let's make trades!
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cheapo sales

Hey hey hey I really need some cash, don'tcha know!

So it's a big ol' sale! Every item in these pictures is on sale. I will take most any offers. Seriously, everything is between fifty cents and 3 dollars. Which items are 3 dollars and which are lower? Oh my gosh, you get to find out! Consider their size and quality, then make a reasonable offer and I will accept almost any offer. Or ask for several items and I will make you a deal! Okay? Okay!

WARNING: A few of these figures are leftover bootlegs from that group auction I did. So I think about 5 of them (Drowzee, Igglybuff, Walrein, Clefairy, Torchic... think that's it) are bootlegs.

If you have any questions about what items are, ASK ME!

- Paypal or money order only, please
- Holds are okay for three days
- Please include what you are buying in your paypal invoice
- Be nice!

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