November 6th, 2008



Weeding out my old card collection!

Most cards cost just cents, so come and pick out your favorites! :D

I have a bunch of cards ranging from various sets - though mostly around the time of the original Base Set. Many are in English, but there's the occasional Japanese too.

Not looking for cards? I have a few other things as well.

Everything's located in my sales comm, since i like keeping things organized..

Also, this is my first sales post, so lend me a hand if I do something wrong, please? ^^;;



*I accept trades*


Reversable pokeball pokemon plush win

Yesterday, I won a reversable pokeball Pokemon plush set off of ebay. :) One of the plush doesn't look like a pokeball plush, though. I wanted it anyway. :) Here is the set:

As usual, I only want the 4 Pikachu plush in the back. ^_^ The rest are up for grabs. I've never seen the Gengar one, so that was a bit of a surprise. They will be $5 each.  I will accept payment once they arrive at my home.

~I ship worldwide. Shipping within the US is $3. If you live abroad, please inquire about shipping to your country.
~I accept trades for Pikachu and Groudon items. You may show me pics of what you have and I'll let you know if I have/want it. :)
~I take Paypal (prefered), MOs within the US, and concealed cash (at your own risk)

Psyduck: kazooie64 
Gengar: heenz 


Auction Winners!

So I got the Invoice today from SMJ for the mew and mewtwo lot. It was a lot more then I expected. I'm still paying most of it but ughh I didn't think it would be that much. D=

So here are the totals. This includes shipping from my house to you when I get them, and paypal fees which always get me ><.
meirin - $10
heenz - $9
chibisilverwing - $10
ann_chovi - $10

Payments can be sent to
I', very sorry the prices are so high, =[ and if I had more money i would have you guys pay anymore then what you paied for the card.

Well you guys are great. We have about a week to get payment in but i'd like to get it in ASAP so hurry =]

New collector here! :)

Hi everyone! 
Nice to meet you all-I'm SilverBuizel, I'm17 years old and I live in Finland. 
I love many things, and one of them is collecting Pokémon stuff. I hope that one day Iican finally start shopping here 
(I'm underage, and my mom doesn't like the idea of me buying stuff from online...Luckily my birthday is only a few months away!^_~) 
Under the cut is my collection-However, the pics are really horrible because my camera isn't that awesome when it comes to quality. AND I don't have all of my collection shooted here. ( PICTURE HEAVY!)
So, if you got any questions, please ask...Whether it's about me, my collection or just about anything! :3  
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Some neat things!

browsing Flickr and found cool photos<3 mega awesome Latios, I wish I could have him ;-; POKEMON TIMMEEEE! -drools- win a year ago nintendo world had all those houndour! -dies-

Annddd just so this isn't a complete waste I'm going to nintendo world next Saturday, and I'm wondering if anyone had any special poke doll or any pokemon merch request, I mean, something that nintendo world would have ^^; just let me know and I'll be on the look out o:

have a good rest-of-the-week-almost-weekend!
tech - snappy

small sales post!

Tindalos the houndoom says "come look at the sales post or else I'll eat these helpless plush! >:O!!"

All name-your-own-price / make-an-offer. Whoever makes the highest offer isn't necessarily the "winner", it's up to my discretion. :)

Sorry for the terrible photography. I can try to get a better picture of something if you ask, but I guarantee that everything is in good condition unless otherwise noted!

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$5 shipping/paypal fee for UFO plush (they're on the large side), $2-3 for everything else. I can only take Paypal.

Possibly interested in trades for Feraligatr stuff, but mostly just interested in selling. Help me pay my rent? x_x

The storm has arrived!~

Firstly - a shipping update for everyone who bought kids from the huge kids sale ( - over half of the packages have been sent and the rest will be posted in the next few days :) I'm afraid they're not getting done as quickly as usual as I'm back at work now so I'm doing a few every evening. They will all be sent by the end of Saturday though :) There are still lots of kids left ^-^

Now the main event! We got some exciting collection additions today! andyboyh  's Ditto parcel arrived from SMJ, contining the big soft Daisuki club cushion, clear Ditto kid and reversible pikachu/ditto hand puppet (I love hand puppets! XD) - they soon made froends with the PiplupDItto puppet ^_^


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